Pavlok – Exercise Band with a Sadistic Twist

the mind wobbles at the potential kinky applications

Meet the Pavlok “Naturally, I believe that an authority figure should have real authority.” ~  Maneesh Sethi – inventor of the Pavlok Called the Pavlok, it’s a shocking new way to stay fit.  Like a mechanized personal trainer, except it has a special electric twist.  This is actually an older story, having been published at first back in February, then picked up by the Daily Mail in July.  But, it’s not old… Read More »

Got “Torture Sticks”?

not exactly what you might think . . .

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Could it be that 50 Shades of Grey really opened the floodgates? Has kink/BDSM really become that mainstream? I ask those questions because there’s a new line of cigars of which I’ve just become aware.1  Not only is the brand name of the cigars intended to play to the BDSM mentality, the individual cigars are named in a provocative fashion to appeal to folks into BDSM, as well as those… Read More »

What does it take to be a Samadhi slave?

All it really takes . . .

What does it take to be a Samadhi slave? All it really takes . . . is all you’ve got! My dear friend Alpha, is prone to saying that Master Michael doesn’t do anything half-assed, and that’s probably even more true than he knows.  The sweet ladies who are my submissives, Serafina and Sinnara, can also confirm. I don’t want their submission on a part time basis I’m not interested… Read More »

If Orange is the New Black Then Black is the New White

Wickjed Wednesday Prompt #121: White

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what white apparently doesn’t mean to me I’m going to be honest here, I’ve got nothing.  It’s not so much writer’s block, as it is a difficulty changing gears. I’ve been obsessed with cigars of late.  It’s a hobby of mine since last summer, but it’s really blossomed of late.  My cigar obsession really took off since I started sampling a variety of different offerings from online vendors. I was… Read More »

Welcome to the Clitourethrovaginal Complex

Science attempts to redefine the pussy . . .

I woke up one morning, earlier this week, to discover that my wife’s g-spot was gone. Sinnjara’s disappeared too.  Gone! Poof !  Their G-spots (apparently) disappeared without a chance for me to even say goodbye! At least that’s what I’m told.  I certainly don’t agree. You see, earlier in the week  I read an article at with the following headline - The truth about the “G-spot”: Why it’s time to put this sex… Read More »

Sending Smoke Signals

Wicked Wednesday Prompt #120: Communication

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Communicate! There are lots of ways that we, as humans, communicate with each other. Obviously there is verbal communication, that’s what naturally springs to mind for most of us when we hear the word.  Once we are past a couple years of age, words shape our perception of things, and the spoken word is king.  As children we spent hours upon hours listening to our teachers talk, likely far more… Read More »

Review – Victor Sinclair Serie ’55′ Sampler

Perfectos with 5-year-old tobaccos from 5 different countries

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Reviewing Victor Sinclair Serie ’55′ Perfecto Sampler While I’ve had a long and checkered relationship with tobacco throughout my life (so far), I’ve only been a cigar smoker since 2013.  So, I’ve not yet found my personal “holy grail” of cigars, if such a thing actually exists. With that said, I’ve tried my share of different cigar varieties over 2013 and 2014.  I’ve sampled some classic brands like Padron, Ashton, and H Upmann, as… Read More »

Another Reward for Serafina

I really ❤ corsets

It’s been a long tough summer for everyone in my leather family.  As I talked about previously in a post called #$@&%*! Sciatica!?!, pain from a vertebrae literally sitting on a nerve has left me in agony since spring.  When Master suffers it wears on everyone.  No matter how hard I try, there’s just no way around the fact that when I’m in severe pain it’s going to have an effect on… Read More »

A Glutton for Punishment

Sinful Sunday Week #177

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Count for me . . . No, you missed one! Sorry . . .     We start over now. What’s that? You missed one again!   Over and over, Until it’s perfect, A glutton for punishment.   You know I wonder, Did you do it deliberately? Pain Slut . . .   S.A.M. I Am, A rose by any other name, Would still prick just the same.   a glutton for… Read More »


Sinful Sunday Week 174 redux

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BDSM is an enthralling dance between partners. At times, it’s outright magical. The submissive inside Serafina never fails to seduce my inner dominant . . . The masochist inside Sinnjara never fails to seduce my inner sadist . . . Both are beautiful ladies.  Different yet similar. For a man who’s made embracing and understanding kink to be his life’s greatest quest, these two wonderful women are perhaps the greatest… Read More »

What Do You Doubt?

Wicked Wednesday Prompt #114: Doubt

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doubt  -  /dout/ verb (used with object) to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe. to distrust. Archaic. to fear; be apprehensive about. verb (used without object) to be uncertain about something; be undecided in opinion or belief. noun a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something. distrust. a state of affairs such as to occasion uncertainty. Obsolete . fear; dread. Everyone has… Read More »

#$@&%*! Sciatica!?!

no doubt about it, I"m NOT a masochist!

I’m disappointed. That’s the bad news.  The good news is, that my disappointment is internal.  I’m upset with myself. I haven’t been reaching the writing goals I’ve set for myself.  In fact, I’m nowhere close to writing as much as I’d prefer.  Now, it should be noted that I have a good excuse.  I’ve been in excruciating pain since late April. My problem is a sciatica issue.  I’ve got a… Read More »