I Accidentally Fell Into the Feeder Fetish Community

News link from Gizmodo / Munchies

I wrote a little about food play at SpiritualBDSM.com all the way back in 2011. While I would put all food-related fetishes into a single category together, there are actually many varied forms of “food play” … The act of feeding and being fed elicits conversation, forges bonds, and creates community. Food is exciting. I, myself, am a cute fat girl who accidentally came into contact with my first ‘feeder’,… Read More »

‘Unsafe and Just Plain Dirty’: Women Accuse Vice of ‘Toxic’ Sexual-Harassment Culture

It’s going to take a lot of time, and a lot more articles like this, to fully uncover the toxic culture of sexual harassment that exists today. it’s long overdue if you ask me… The Daily Beast talked to more than a dozen former and current employees about the culture for women inside Vice Media. They spoke of harassing behavior and company indifference. Source: ‘Unsafe and Just Plain Dirty’: Women… Read More »

Navy pilot draws a penis in the sky!

It’s not the 1st time something like this has been investigated...

A Navy pilot drew a penis in the sky. It’s not the 1st time something like this has been investigated. A penis in the sky? Are you serious? C’mon man!!!

Share Our Shit Saturday November 18, 2017

#SOSS Is the Share Our Shit Saturday Hashtag

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

There’s a huge project in the works at Chateau Samadhi. I just hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew!

Baby, It’s Freakin’ Cold Outside | Smutober

Perhaps you should think of Michael Samadhi like a big ramblin’ grizzly bear (my totem animal). When it gets cold, I’d just as soon curl up and hibernate.

Harm Reduction | Look into the Mirror | David

Look in the Mirror | Harm Reduction – for Wicked Wednesday. The story of a departed friend, who dared to ask a group of politicians to look in the mirror…

TMI Tuesday October 24, 2017

TMI Tuesday October 24, 2017 – This week, let’s have a look inside your relationship by playing TMI Tuesday.

Michael Samadhi | Travel Portrait | Smutober

I’ve traveled for work, for activism, to kink events, as a BDSM presenter, and for pure pleasure. I’ve slowed down, but I’m still a ramblin’ man…

Quotations for Writers by Joyce Carol Oates

Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul. ~ Joyce Carol Oates

It’s National Sweetest Day | Show Some Caring

Today is National Sweetest Day. Yes, it’s a real holiday. Well, sort of… It may not be the kind of event you know. In fact, it’s more of a regional tradition than a true national holiday.

Streaked Iridescence | Sinful Sunday Week 341

The streaked iridescence on the glass was a thing of beauty. I developed a real fetish for glass showers that day. Ya, it’s that good…

Is Vanilla Just Another Spice? | Smutober

Technically vanilla is a spice. Said to be the second most expensive spice, after saffron. But, I have trouble with calling vanilla another sexual spice…

A Man With Many Hats | Smutober Day 19

There’s something special about a stylish hat. I look younger and better in a nice chapeau, feel better with a lid covering my head…

Olympic Sex | Are the Brazilians Waxed?

The sex appeal of the modern Olympics is undeniable. Perhaps you already knew this, but competitors in the original Olympic Games were nude…