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Submissive by nature.  Submission is a choice as much as it is my nature.  Submissives have certain vulnerabilities to want to be compliant, and to make the world a better place

There is an external reality that each person needs to be treated a certain way in order for the relationship to thrive.  When you spend a clear night under the stars, most would probably say they feel uplifted, serene, dignified and yet humble.

Submission with dignity comes in part from a consciousness of your place within reality. Slavery sets the standard that much higher.  For me, having dignity goes hand-in-hand with having humility. Humility, as CS Lewis famously said, is not thinking less of oneself but rather, thinking of oneself less.

I have dignity because I recognize that I have value to my Master, while not degrading myself except at rare times in the limited context of a scene. I do not need to be a doormat or trash in order to be a slave; quite to the contrary. By thinking of him more, and myself less, I demonstrate both humility and dignity.

serafina portrait of a slaveThe submissive has intrinsic value as a human being with needs and wants which must be considered if the relationship is to be healthy and lasting: I need to feel loved, desired, cherished, safe and protected.

To be an insatiable craving for him. To be controlled, dominated, used for his pleasure. To be praised when deserved, corrected when needed. To belong to him and to always feel totally and completely owned. To be allowed to express my feelings of devotion and love for him.

Master Michael is the source of those needs. He is a person and needs to be attached to for who they are, not for what they bring to the table. I want to serve him, to give him my everything, and to have him offer me the protection for the soft, fragile or Dyslexic sides of me that I want to share with him.

I need to be pushed to be more, better, to reach for more inside myself to give. I need to be controlled, not totally because I do need some independence. I need to be able to make my Master my World, as much as I need to be His.

I need to accept that I am worthy of his attention and love. I need him to take me out of my head when I think too much and over analyze. I need to feel his Dominance and his strength and protection

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