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Do you enjoy heavy breathing, screaming, panting, groaning, moaning, or any of the other sounds and love cries many people make during sex?

Maybe you associate certain sounds (or music) with arousal and sexual excitement?

If you do (and I honestly think there’s a little bit of this in most all of us) than you just might be an acousticophile.

Simply said, an acousticophile is a person who is aroused by sounds.  Acousticophilia is said to be an uncommon form of sexual paraphilia, yet I see a little bit of it everywhere.

The sound that causes your excitement can be most anything, from a specific type of music to the sound of a thunderstorm, or perhaps a babbling brook.

Maybe hearing spoken love poems makes you wet,  or it could be that the sound of verbal abuse gets everything all revved up.  Perhaps it’s your lover giving you directions, or barking commands, that trips your triggers.  It might even be a particular accent, or a special foreign language.

It doesn’t really matter what noise it actually is that makes you swoon, if there are sounds that make you aroused, then you have at least a mild form of acousticophilia.

The sounds of lovemaking stimulate both partners during lovemaking, they can be as effective as the spoken word at communicating pleasure. I do feel a very primal response when I hear coos and moans from my Serafina.  And, it should be noted that I’m not alone, the sound of a woman having sex is an almost certain attractant to the average heterosexual male.  

And, that response really does seem to indicate that there’s a bit of an acousticophile in all of us.  In fact, it’s the belief of some scientists, that the male human animal is hard-wired for the response to a female’s love cries.  So, it’s no great surprise that the highly adaptive human mind finds other noises to be attractive too.

Whether it’s the sound of love cries, music, or the sound of commands barked like a drill sergeant, there’s no doubt that a wide array of noises is a very real part of exploring the joy of kink.

“A” is for Acousticophile


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Blogging from A to Z Challenge “A” is for Acousticophile
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