The story is timeless, whether encountered in politics, business, education, religion, etc. People with power often use that power to take sexual advantage of others.

I’m not sure what the end result will be of the current movement to expose those who take sexual advantage of others. Certainly change is in the air, and that’s to be celebrated…

There are multiple categories of creeps and creepiness that female aides, interns, and even members quickly learn to look out for.

On Capitol Hill, as in other work environs, not all sexual misconduct is created equal. Some predators are more seductive than others. Some are more aggressive. Some let it all hang out, while others operate sub-rosa. Some are chillingly systematic in their hunting. Some present (and may actually fancy) themselves as caring mentors imparting invaluable wisdom and nurturing close relationships with promising young up-and-comers.

For women looking for help navigating this tricky terrain, Congress’s existing processes are beyond worthless—more concerned with shielding the perps than aiding their targets. Regardless of age, rank, or party, Hill women are essentially left to their own devices when it comes to handling the wide assortment of men behaving badly—a particularly difficult feat in a culture of omerta that would impress Tony Soprano.

Source: A Taxonomy of Capitol Hill Predators

Michael's Musings A Taxonomy of Capitol Hill Predators
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