After Feeling Ill For Weeks I’m Finally Back Among the Living

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Survived The Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Our Celebration Was Very Nice

Update On Michael & Sinnjara

I’m finally starting to feel normal, after my bout of bronchitis / laryngitis / sinusitis…

Of course, there’s tons of work to catch up on. And, this is my busiest time of year, at least thru mid-December. Then, if it makes any sense, it’s my quiet time until after the holidays.

Sinnjara and I celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday with her family. It’s a kinky group, no doubt about it. Sooner or later they will all get a write up over at the Joy of Kink, some will be authors there, I expect.

For now, just know that the night I met Sinnjara at a local munch she was there with her eldest son, who is (obviously) also kinky.

With all the work and festivities, there’s been little or no time for anything besides work, eat, sleep. Eating’s even been a bit of an issue, no one’s felt much like cooking or eating.

The Thanksgiving Celebration was the exception, food was delicious. Good enough that appetites showed up!

I didn’t participate in this week’s #SoSS, I simply hadn’t found the time or energy to look around the web at other’s posts. I feel a little bit ashamed that I haven’t been a good sex-blogging netizen, but I have to put work and relationships first, before blogging.

Michael's Musings After Feeling Ill For Weeks I’m Finally Back Among the Living
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