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It’s Wednesday . . .  Again . . .

Time to get wicked!  Again!

Here is the week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt:

Together… what does this word mean to you?

Do you think of two people when you see the word? You and your lover, maybe? Or do you think of a group of people engaging in the same activity at the same time? Do you like to do things together with someone else, or do you prefer to do things alone? Or does it depend on what activity you are engaging in?

Share what the word ‘together’ means to you…

Some prompts I struggle with.  But not this one.  I’ve got this topic down without any real thought . . .

together with tribe & triad

I love my friends.  I really do.  I care about them passionately.  I want to help them all fulfill their fantasies. I’d like to enable them so that all their sexual dreams will come true.  They are my tribe, they are my family.  The lengths I’d go to for family are extraordinary.

But, to be very honest, when I think of the word – together – I think of time spent with my Serafina.  The times we spend with friends are truly extraordinary, because our friends enhance our lives together.  And, while I never want our time spent with friends to be at an end, when Serafina and I are alone together again, at the end of it all, is when the experience becomes golden.

Everything is better with her.  I just don’t know any other way to put it.  And, I really do mean that! Life is just that much better when Serafina is near.

We’ve been unusually close from the beginning.  I think I’ve mentioned before that Serafina originally joined me to be part of a triad?  Our former partner, BlissfulTorment, once commented that talking to Serafina and I was like speaking to two halves of the same whole.  It wasn’t meant as a compliment.  But I took it as one.  Serafina and I tend to think pretty much alike, and that makes everything so easy.  Well, most of the time.  I mean we are human, everyone has their moments.

It’s like Serafina was made for me.  Oh, I understood the concept of soul-mates before her, in fact I thought I’d found one in Ms Torment.  But Bliss was always restless, not to mention being very much bisexual.  We always had a girlfriend (or two) and we were always looking.  Well, until we met Serafina.  I’ll never forget Bliss coming home from her first visit to Serafina.  “Michael, she’s the one!” Bliss said as she stepped off the plane.

Ironically, Bliss turned out to be right, just not in the way she thought.  Serafina was “the one” for me, not for Bliss, and that became quickly apparent.  I’d pictured us happy together as a trio, it was Blissy’s dream perhaps more than my own.   It never quite came to pass.  Serafina and I ended up with each other, alone together.

alone together again

Serafina and I ended up with each other, alone together.  It’s been 12 years since we first met, and closing in on a decade since she freed herself of other commitments to come to me.  It’s been a glorious journey, and I look forward to more.  No matter how long it lasts, it will be too short.

Serafina is my slave, have no doubt about that.  But, she’s also my best friend.  She’s my lover.  She’s my wife too.  I have no doubt, she is my soul-mate.

That doesn’t mean I love my friends and playmates any less, it just means that I’m just not “home” without Serafina there.

Our time with our friends is marvelous, exciting, terrific fun.  I think that’s obvious from some of the pictures I post here.  But, you should know that it’s rare for those moments to actually be recorded.  The camera isn’t always at hand.

And that’s the same reason why our best moments as a couple are usually memories not captured on film (so to speak).  The very best moments come when Serafina and I are once more, alone together again.  Those times when I get to say, “I can’t wait to get alone together with you, girl.  Oh the things I’m going to do with you!”


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Wicked Wednesday Alone Together Again
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