In addition to being blessed in our own relationship, Serafina and I have developed a wonderful circle of friends in the lifestyle.  I also do my best to give back to the BDSM community.  So, I actually mentor a small handful of folks who are newer to kink and BDSM.

Our good friends Gatekeeper and Dee are a wonderful couple, members of that “inner circle” of folks we are very close to.  And, as today’s feature image portrays, they are certainly lots of fun in a playroom or dungeon.  While the picture doesn’t really do them justice, I can’t help mentioning that Dee’s breasts are absolutely beautiful.  To borrow a line from Sienfield – they are real and they are magnificent!  Obviously, even Serafina couldn’t resist teasing and tormenting them . . .

Serafina doesn’t consider herself to be a switch.  If she has to “turn on” her dominant side it can take her out of the submissive headspace she so very much loves.  But, when we play with others, she does very well in the role of Master’s assistant.  That’s the side of her you see today.

While my sweet slave is a truly submissive creature, when she has the opportunity to cut loose and express a little dominance in our play with others, she does so with relish.  There’s also a little bit of a sadistic side to Serafina.  So, while she’s not likely to partake of those pleasures unless she’s under my direction, she does enjoy tormenting other submissives.  And, she helps me in all ways when I am playing with, and training others.

That’s why Serafina is considered to be my alpha slave.

In terms of the BDSM lifestyle, an “alpha slave” is normally only found in a poly arrangement.  By definition, an alpha slave can only exist in a household (or family) where there are multiple submissives.  Normally an experienced submissive who has authority over all the other slaves and submissives in the household/family, in some cases the alpha slave may even be responsible for their training and punishment as well.

The alpha slave definition mostly fits here.  Nobody else lives with us, so it’s not a house full of other slaves that Serafina’s responsible for directing and correcting.  With a little luck, that might not always be the case.  My dream would be to own a Victorian mansion and acreage, with an additional live-in slave or two, as well as comings and going of other servants unable to live on grounds.  Perhaps it could be a partnership with another BDSM lifestyle couple or individual, that part of the plan is flexible, as the overall vision would include the property being a sort of BDSM bed & breakfast.  I’d love for it to include extensive flower and vegetable gardens as well, although those are luxuries.

What would be absolutely essential to the vision for the property is a large dedicated dungeon (perhaps in a barn or outbuilding.)  Not just for my use, and the use of my guests, but also as a meeting place for community BDSM groups.  It’s a wonderful vision, but managing and running the thing would be a full time effort.  If it’s ever going to come to pass, I’d need an alpha slave at my side, dedicated to my vision, willing to do whatever it takes to make things work.

I don’t have the property, nor do I posses the legion of partners and slaves necessary to run such an endeavor.  But, I do have my alpha slave.  Even if none of the other parts of the vision come to pass, I still have the greatest prize of them all – I have Serafina.  My alpha slave is priceless to me.  She is my partner in all things, and she serves me well.  Really, what more can a man ask for anyway?

So today’s post is about my alpha slave.  It’s about the memorable adventures we’ve shared, and will share.  And, it’s about the wonderful friends we’ve made along that journey.

Alpha Slave

Serafina with Dee
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