It’s been a long tough summer for everyone in my leather family.  As I talked about previously in a post called #$@&%*! Sciatica!?!, pain from a vertebrae literally sitting on a nerve has left me in agony since spring.  When Master suffers it wears on everyone.  No matter how hard I try, there’s just no way around the fact that when I’m in severe pain it’s going to have an effect on my girls.

At the same time I was suffering, Sinnjara spent the better part of two months moving to a new place.  All the while she was spending between three and five nights a week here with Serafina and I.  The stress of the move got to be so much that I sent Serafina to help for a couple of weeks back in July.  I hope it helped, but know it was still a stressful time for all involved.  Serafina’s had her own issues with back pain too, and I’m sure all the extra work didn’t help her chronic problems.

So, for being such a diligent slave, and for helping me through the summer (her service really has been taken up to a new level) I felt Serafina needed a reward.  When a corset sale showed up in my “in-box”, it proved to be an opportune time to act.  Not only did I find a corset in my price range (under $60) – I found one that is easily the equal of most any others in her collection in terms of it’s beauty.

The current thinking is that we’ll be adding some new protocols to give her more excuses to dress up for me.  For instance, she’ll be dressing in one of her corsets every time I have a cigar.

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