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I not only enjoy photography, I also enjoy playing with photographs . . .

By that, I mean I like to use image editors, illustrators, and the occasional Photoshop technique to turn my photography into something more akin to artist’s renditions.  I’ve always been better at using pen and ink to create imagery with words, rather than to try my hand at illustrating the visions that manifest themselves in my mind.

To be very honest, my best artwork was mixed media starscapes, imagining the chaos near the center of a galaxy.  The handful that I created we made under black light with paint, markers, and crayons (yes crayons) that glowed under a black light.  Shredded glowing crayon is an interesting media to work with, everyone should try it once.

But I digress . . .

That’s the way my art was made back in the age before computers.

Digital photography, along with the wide variety of image editors available, has allowed me to become a bit different kind of artist.  It’s nothing serious, just something I play with.

In the end, that’s all my previous attempts at artistic creation were anyway.  Just something I played with from time to time.

Back at the start of the 28 Days of Serafina, I decided to attach one of my artistic impressions to each post as a feature image.  Occasionally, I included the artwork in a posts photo gallery, but often I did not.

So it seems fitting, as a final part of this series, and as an homage to my wonderful partner/wife/submissive/slave to have a mosaic gallery of the different artistic impressions that accompanied the posts of this series. The “Art of Slavery”.

And, to conclude my writing for this series, I’d like to simply include a short heartfelt note.

When I look back, it’s a marvel that we ever became a couple. Yet, at the same time, it all seems preordained, like it was completely inevitable.
From the first day we met, it seems I’ve loved you with all my heart. You compassion, poise, and grace impressed me long before we ever actually met. I think I knew it was real before we even made it home from the airport. We went thought so much the first few years together, it seems as though the reality we share today is our reward. We certainly don’t have everything we could ever want, but there’s no doubt in my mind we already have everything we’ll ever need – each other.
You are everything to me, everything I could have hoped for in a partner and wife, and far more than I’d ever dared dream as my playmate. You are the one I will always come home to. In fact you are my home, it’s simply a shelter over our heads, because my home is in your heart.
I love you, and don’t be surprised if someday there’s a bit more than just 28 days of Serafina – next time I do this it’ll be 365!

the art of slavery


The Joy of Kink is joining Molly’s Daily Kiss in posting at least one image every day on our blog for the entire month of February – the February Photo Fest!

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