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cum into my kitchen

I am happy to have some friends here in the kitchen.

Charles Olson

This transformative art was created from an image by Luc Vandorpe titled Kitchen-queen ……

No Google Referrals for NSFW Tumblrs

Tumblr tells crawlers to bug off

So it is now official. The ghetto walls are up and the gates are closed. The adult-Tumblr community is no longer part of the open web. The #pornocalypse has claimed another social media victim. Eros Blog

NSFW Tumblrs Hidden

Late last month, I found out (via that Tumblr has blocked web-crawlers from its blogs with sexual content.

To be honest, I’m not surprised.  It seems to follow a general trend on the web these days.

The current business atmosphere has become less and less friendly to sexuality and adult content.

Now, the Internet itself is beginning to turn a cold shoulder on folks who create and/or share images with nudity and sexual content.

It’s actually my thinking that the real problems for sex bloggers etc. aren’t truly coming from service providers like Tumblr.  Although those providers are certainly being forced giving in to outside pressures.

it’s the bankers

I’m no expert on the business side of the adult-entertainment industry.  However, I do know that finding institutions to process credit cards has been a long-term problem.

A few years ago, I heard a lot about BDSM toy vendors having issues with PayPal.  It was a hit and miss thing.

Obviously, there are kinky vendors still successfully using PayPal for payment.  I never understood (and I’m sure many vendors didn’t either) what did or didn’t cause problems in such widely scattered cases.

I know of a pair of toy makers that simply closed up shop.  Some vendors migrated from PayPal to FourSquare.

That may mitigate their problems for now.  But it’s no guarantee the problem won’t simply rear it’s head again.

FetLife’s Financial Follies

Several months ago, FetLife began having issues with their merchant accounts.  Big trouble.

Suddenly credit card contributions to the site weren’t being processed.  This created panic, (at least for a day.)  Then, it elicited changes in the Fetlife’s rules of conduct.  It was necessary to comply with their bank’s requirements.

That crisis elicited changes in the Fetlife’s rules of conduct.  We were all told it was necessary to comply with their bank’s requirements.  If I’m remembering correctly, another round of changes to Fet’s rules followed a short while later.

And still, the bankers weren’t satisfied.  The demands eventually became too much to bear.  Now, FetLife no longer accepts contributions via credit card.

Q. Why doesn’t FetLife accept Credit Cards or Paypal?
We understand that it’s a major inconvenience for many of you. But due to the number of content restrictions that come with accepting credit cards, the community as a whole has decided it’s best for our long-term health and viability not to accept them.

If we wanted to accept credit cards we couldn’t allow kinksters on FetLife to discuss watersports, hypnosis, period sex, blood play, edge play, consensual non-consent, and many other kinks commonly accepted by the kinky community.

Ummm, by period sex, does John Baku mean roleplaying the 1700’s?

Probably not.

wave buh-bye to search engines

The summation is simple.  Search engines will no longer index NSFW Tumblr blogs.  There’s a giant note on the service entrance where web-crawlers would enter – No Bots Welcome! and may be somewhat more friendly to web crawlers.  However, there are a number of features available to most bloggers, that are unavailable to sex bloggers.

That’s growing more and more common everywhere it seems.

For instance, there’s Google AdSense.  It can be a nice source of supplementary income for some folks with a web presence.  It is, however, no longer available for blogs with sexual content.

Google+ has been notorious for taking down the profiles of sex bloggers.  I think that’s also true with individuals involved with the adult entertainment industry.

For that matter, Google Play has never really been open to any sort of adult content apps.  I’m told the same is true for the Apple store.

Facebook seems permissive sometimes.  Other times, not so much.  Enforcement of their unseen rules seems arbitrary at best.  At worst, it looks completely random.

With the current political climate in the United States, it’s quite possible these trends will only get worse.

Sadly, the culture we live in is not sex-positive.

Society says “Don’t talk about sex, just do it.”

Bangambiki Habyarimana

The Great Pearl of Wisdom

last word

This news about Tumblr blogs isn’t likely life changing for anyone.  Some folks will need to adapt.  For others, it probably doesn’t matter at all.

These changes could even provide some peace of mind for individuals with an exhibitionistic streak.  They are now free to post on Tumblr knowing they won’t show up among a friend’s Google search results.

For me, I made one minor adjustment.  I started an “image du jour” feature on this blog.  In the past, I would have shared that “art” over at Tumblr.

I found myself pondering the changes over at Tumblr.  And, I decided I may as well share everything here…

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