I’m a dominant.  I’m also a sadist.  Give me the power to control, that’s all the dominant wants.  The sadist brings an entirely different pallet of desires to the table.

I love to create sensations.  Sometimes the sensations are totally pleasurable.  I love giving orgasms.

Of course, I love delivering sensations that aren’t quite so obviously pleasurable too.

It’s about finding the thin line, the razor’s edge, between pleasure and pain.  That’s the territory where I like to live and play.  I enjoy creating sensations strong enough to make my partner struggle.  In their minds, I want them to wonder if they can take any more, yet not dare to ask for it to stop either.

That is the “balance” my sadist seeks, balancing pain and pleasure.  It’s a place where time seems suspended, where reality and fantasy meet.  It’s a place where orgasms are extended and amplified, where limits (internal and external) are tested.

Struggle, gasp, and moan all you want.  Scream profanities, or scream out my name, it’s all the same for me.  It’s the sensations that matter, and watching your internal struggle.  If we stop now the game is over, you don’t want that, do you?  You’d never discover the pleasures on the other side . . .

Oh you do want those pleasures?  Well then, just give me a little patience, bear with those sensations a little longer.  I know you can do it for me.  Take it for me girl, that’s the gift I want today.  To watch you suffer for me, as you get wet to your knees.

That’s right, now beg me for more!

balancing pain and pleasure


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Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Here’s the inspiration for this post – the Wicked Wednesday prompt for this week (in case you missed it) . . .

Balance… what does balance mean to you? Do you think of physical balance, or balance exercises in a yoga class? Or do you think of a weighing device and at the same time your thoughts travel to a diet you might be following or want to follow? Maybe you think of a stable mental/psychological state or emotional stability. Or maybe you think of something that is left over, the balance of the big sum? What does balance mean to you?

Whatever thoughts are triggered in your mind, we look forward to reading your (sexy) post.

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Wicked Wednesday Balancing Pain And Pleasure
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