Blindfold Beauty

28 Days of Serafina / Day 23

By | February 23, 2014
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I’m far better with standard prose, than attempting to write poetry.  Very occasionally (and I do mean very) I feel inspired to wax poetic.  Today is one of those infrequent days . . .

 I take away her vision,
Silk tied round her face,
But even without seeing,
She doesn’t loose her base.

My blindfold beauty,
in submissive space.
She counts on her Master,
to direct her pace.

Sometimes I dress her in leather,
Other times in lace.
But no matter how she dresses,
She’s always in her place.

She serves me with beauty,
With quiet dignified grace.
So, whenever my slave’s with me,
I’m always in my place.

   ~ Michael Samadhi 2/23/2014

blindfold beauty


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Author: Michael Samadhi

Experienced, safe, sane, and consensual dominant. Mental aspects of BDSM are most important to my style of play. Nothing is quite as satisfying as really getting inside a submissive's head. I am a bondage aficionado, and a sensuous sadist. Other passions include floggers/ impact play, as well as sensation play of all kinds. Serafina, my devoted slave/wife, is alpha slave for the House of Samadhi leather family. Sinnja, our new love, is my slave in training.

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