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normal? average? yeah right!

It must have been a Sunday, because (quite obviously) that day is more sinful.

So that means it was your normal average Sunday morning round these parts.

Except for the fact that nothing is ever quite normal here at the House of Samadhi.

Not to mention that we strive to be far from average as well.

And, the day was actually Saturday.

So, let’s forget the calendar, and just call it a typical Sunday morning here, and leave it at that!


If you can get together with me in agreeing to call it a typical Sunday morning, it shouldn’t be too big a stretch for the next leap I’m going to ask you to take.

You see, this is the Scavenger Hunt posting that’s not really a scavenger hunt post.  You are still with me, right?[ 2. for the impatient please note that there is a sweet pic of Serafina flashing her snatch in my backyard that accompanies this post – good things come to those who wait – right?]  See how easy it is once we decide we can suspend reality . . .

the setup

Sinnja is with us most every weekend these days.  She comes to visit later on Thursday, and departs Monday morning.  That still gets her a good share of quality time with her youngest son, while also giving her three full days a week here.  With some scaled back work obligations, I’m not working Fridays or weekends, it’s a perfect fit all around.

Sinnja and I tend to be up earlier than Serafina, so most weekend mornings nowadays finds us in my backyard, sitting on the patio, conversing and smoking.  Serafina then joins us once she’s also awakened, and we lounge together for a while before breakfast.

Our typical Sunday morning started just like that.

location, location, location!

They say the first three rules of real estate are:

  1. location
  2. location
  3. location

Sadly, we’ve got none of that.

In terms of location we are nowhere special – it may even say that on google earth!

We live in the midwest, in an average home (where nothing average happens – remember?) that sits on an average lot, with neighbors surrounding us on every side.  Yes, there is a street on one side of the house for access, so neighbors to the south are an extra 25′ away.  Big whoop!

the act – exposing her bodacious backyard beauty

So, it was more than a little risque of me to ask Serafina to expose herself there in my backyard early one Sunday morning.

There she was, looking cute (as usual.)  Yes, Serafina’s beauty rolls right out of bed with her.

What?  You don’t believe me?  Well, certainly, have a look for yourself!

bodacious-backyard-beauty-dressedOK, so she’s scowling a little.  I think she knows I am up to something!

“Master!” she says.  “Really?  So early in the morning?” she asks.

“Oh, you know I can ask what I want from you when I want it from you.  Can’t I?” I reply.

“Seriously?” She asks.

“Yes!  Now!” I say indicating that I’d like my sweet slave to give us a nice look at her pussy.

“Fuck!” says Sinnja, under her breath, knowing Serafina must comply.  It’s never a wise move to start the day disobeying a request from one’s Master.


So, while it may not be worthy of achieving an actual scavenger hunt location, there was real risk of unwanted exposure in our own backyard.

And really, when I think about it, I’d prefer the risk of exposure in front of strangers, not the very people who live next door.

It’s almost enough to make a girl go pale!


Well, except where it counts!

My sweet slave really was able to bear it all quite well, as she bared herself to Sinnja and I.  That’s the story of my sweet Serafina, exposing her bodacious backyard beauty!

Come on over to visit, and you can be next!


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Scavenger Hunt Bodacious Backyard Beauty
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