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My sweet slave/wife Serafina  has many outstanding features . . .

Her skin is lovely, sweet, smooth and pale.  Serafina’s a pretty girl too, her smile can light a room.  Those eyes will bore holes in your soul if not careful.  Her breasts are absolutely magnificent, no understatement there.

Can you say creamy smooth legs?  If you can imagine, Serafina’s so fucking fair and hairless, she doesn’t even have to shave them!  No stubble, not ever!  She plucks her pussy for me, and keeps it smoother still!  Did I say “No stubble, not ever?” – certainly not down there!

I don’t need to tell you that I know I’m a lucky man.

But, of all her assets, the one that’s my favorite is her bottom.  My slave has a great ass!

Now imagine being one of the recipients of the show she was putting on the morning this picture was taken.  It’s the “morning after” a recent escapade at the Hotel Jullien in Dubuque.  My friend Alpha and I were lounging around, enjoying the morning and the golden sunlight streaming in through the window.  Serafina was lounging on the bed in nothing but a thin silk shirt.

When inspiration struck, I told my sweet slave to put on a show for us.  She did exactly that!  Oh my!  Would you believe that she consider’s herself to be shy?  Certainly NOT for Alpha and I.

Bottom’s up baby!

bottom’s up

bottoms up

The Joy of Kink is joining Molly’s Daily Kiss in posting at least one image every day on our blog for the entire month of February – the February Photo Fest!
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