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In simple biological terms, the word cuckold is used to refer to a husband with an adulterous wife.  In evolutionary biology, the term cuckold is applied to males who are fooled into parenting offspring that are not genetically their own.

The term is derived (believe it or not) from the cuckoo bird, as a reference to some cuckoo specie’s common practice of laying it’s own eggs in the nest of others.  Although not commonly known, there is a word for the opposite – the cuckquean – a woman with an unfaithful husband.

The word cuckold has been generally used as a nasty put down.  My dad always called those kinds of terms – “fighting words”.  And, the word itself has always been intended to be derisive, it implies victimization and inadequacy.  Also implied is deceit, that the husband is unaware of the wife’s adultery.  The ultimate implication is that the wife would actually bear the other man’s child, not her husband’s.

Of course, the kinky definition of the word turns the traditional definition on it’s head.  In our world, the cuckold is a willing participant.  The “cuck”, the person being cuckolded, usually gets some sort of perverse pleasure from his partner’s infidelity.  Often, the cuckold is the one who, at least initially, instigated the experience.

With that said, it’s very common for there to be at least a pretense that the cuck is a victim of their partner’s infidelity.  The illusion that it’s being forced upon them by dominant partner who leaves them little or no choice is central to the fantasy aspect for some folks.  That’s often the basis for the oddly masochistic pleasure some derive from this particular kink.

As I’ve implied, this fetish is most commonly practiced by a couple where the female is dominant.  Although it’s not totally unknown for the roles to be flipped, for a male dominant to cuckold a submissive, it’s far more commonly practiced in female led relationships.  Within that lifestyle, the wife who actively enjoys cuckolding her husband is often called a “hotwife”.  I’ve also seen the term “cuckoldress” used, although that terms is far less common in usage.  The male who plays the stud role is often called a “bull”.   Bulls are often dominant, but not always.

I’ve long been aware of this particular type of play, but had little personal experience.  I recently started playing with two different couples with a fetish for cuckold play, so this is relatively new territory for my personal experience.  My friend Alpha, who’s been pictured here playing with Serafina on more than one occasion, has far more experience in this domain.

Alpha describes cuckolding as a particularly intense form of BDSM play.  Cuckolding is very psychologically intense, although it has physical aspects as well.  One of the cuckold couples I’ve played with invited me in specifically to teach her how to punish and hurt her masochistic cuck/slave more effectively.

I’ve whipped him to the point of using his safeword on more than one occasion, only to tell him (truthfully) that I’ve seen girls half his size take far more.  My statements embarrassed him, yet strangely excited at the same time.  Within days, he was asking for more . . .

“C” is for cuckold


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