“C” is for Christmas Card

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By | April 3, 2014

I’ve already completed a proper post for today’s “A” to “Z” Challenge, but I’ve had some pics waiting to be added to this blog for some time.  “C” may be for cuckold, but there’s no denying that “C” is for Christmas Card too!

The topic “Christmas Card” might not seem, at first glance, to be part of the world of kink.  But, that’s just the surface.  In addition to showing off my Serafina, and adding another Scavenger Hunt challenge location to her list, today’s post is also meant to show that most any activity can have a kinky edge added.  Even the making of a Christmas Card!

The story starts with my desire to create a Christmas Card to my FetLife friends.

It sounds simple enough, right? Well, as my friend Alpha has commented, I’m rarely one to go about doing something half assed. I’m a full bore kinda guy, it’s all or nothing quite often for me.

What I had in mind wasn’t too elaborate of a production, but I did have some requirements. I wanted to get a nice picture of Serafina. I wanted it to be from someplace special. And, I wanted it to show both the spirit of the season and some kink at the same time.

The result was quite nice . . . I was pleased. But, sometimes the story that goes with the picture is better than the image itself, and this might be one of those occasions.

I found the location, a historic mansion on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi river in Davenport that’s now been converted into a group home for low income senior citizens.  It’s on the National Registry of Historic Places too.  There’s even a former chapel (see final pic) that’s been converted into an entertainment center for residents.

With snow on the ground and a frozen Mississippi River in the distant background, it was an appropriate Midwestern winter day, with single digit temperatures and negative wind chills. It seemed to work well for setting the proper mood for our mini Christmas scene.

Because I wasn’t able to cart along much camera equipment for a quick surreptitious shoot, the nice gray overcast sky worked in my favor too. It helped to prevent harsh shadows in an exposed location that I knew would otherwise be in direct sunlight.

We arrived, parked, hiked around a bit, and looked up at our shoot location . . .

The climb to our location, up four flights of steps (still the original staircases from the mansion’s 1872 construction) was more than a little exertion. While Serafina caught her breath, I shot a couple of pictures out the window to set the scene.

High on the bluffs overlooking the frozen Mississippi River.
Not a bad view for a vanilla Christmas picture . . . Flat out fucking exceptional for a fetish shoot!

So I catch my breath, Serafina catches hers, and I have her sit on the loft’s sole chair. I produce a length of jute rope, and bind her hands together. Then I quickly secure her feet to the chair’s legs . . .

Grabbing my trusty Nikon, I shoot my first portrait . . .

Even in the relatively small space of a “widow’s watch” tower, I see that Serafina is sort of lost in in the foreground of the tall windows . . .
I zoom in a little closer. The picture’s framing is better, but Serafina doesn’t get the expression quite right . . .

At this point, I’m feeling a little pressure to get things right and get out. While I had secured permission to sight-see and shot a few pics, I’d certainly never mentioned rope or bondage to the kind folks who let me tour . . .

I shot several more pics, none of them quite right. Then just before I called it off, Serafina nailed the expression and the camera cooperated in capturing it all nearly perfectly . . .

But we aren’t done, as Serafina needs a little play too. So that means I need to get her breasts out . . .

Oh my, what lovely breasts my slave has!

And she pouts nice too . . .

At that point, I decided to leave well enough alone, and call it a successful day. Serafina got to show her breasts off on the widow’s watch of a historic mansion built in 1872, I got my pictures, and Fetlife got the Samadhi Christmas card it deserves . . .

Oh, and I got a story to tell too . . .

“C” is for christmas card

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3 thoughts on ““C” is for Christmas Card

  1. curvaceousdee

    This is beautifully shot, with both a lovely model and a great view! Really like the explanation you put in of it all.

    Incidentally, as this is your third location, you’re now on Silver 🙂 From now on it’s a little harder…

    xx Dee


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