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Boobday is a place for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

National No Bra Day | Breast Cancer Awareness

I hope you enjoy the view again, and I hope you will join me in any way you feel appropriate, in promoting No Bra Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Friday, October 6th, is Boobday! | My First…

I’m really not the soft and cuddly type. I have my lil’ girl teddy bear moments, for sure. My fantasies, on the other hand, go much darker. I hope my Boob Day debut is OK. Believe it or not, this is my version of a tender moment with Master Samadhi.

Celebrating Boobday with Greens!

Celebrating Spring - Celebrating Beauty - Celebrating Green - Celebrating Life

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The theme for this boobday is green. That seems to be a very timely prompt. Officially it’s the last few days of spring here. Summer solstice will arrive this very weekend. The passing of seasons are beautiful and powerful moments in nature. So everything in the landscape is green and lively. Full of life, and full of color! Is there a better way to celebrate the passing of spring into summer, then… Read More »

My Boobs Bound for Trouble!

Boob-day June 13, 2014

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I chose this image for this week’s Boob-day because I am more than happy to show off my boobies, being a bit of an exhibitionist. Don’t you think the lines of the ropes are beautiful? I hope that fit’s this week’s theme as well as the ropes fit me . . . Master Michael Samadhi is the tie-guy and also the photographer. Michael rigged my breasts so they are now… Read More »

Hyacinth Could Be Her Middle Name

celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Boobday

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After a mild winter, some varieties of Lilly would often be starting to show by now.  What we’ve had this past season has been anything but mild.  It’s been the harshest winter of my lifetime.  Only within the last week have the final piles of snow really started to melt.   I’d love to picture my sweet slave/wife with some fresh Lillies grown in our own garden, but they are… Read More »

Lovely Lace Lingerie

bondage & black lace bra for boobday

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I never remember to actually get my entry up in time to make it an official submission to Boobday, but that doesn’t change the fact that Friday is officially (at least in some circles) Boobday. This week’s theme is “lace”, so Serafina is featured (in bondage of course) in lovely lace lingerie.  She’s wearing a beautiful black lace bra, while conveniently attached to a baggage cart. You in the moonlight… Read More »

Beautiful Breasts!

Boob Day 2/21/2014

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Oh, by the way – they’re real, and they’re spectacular. ~ Sidra (Teri Hatcher) / Seinfeld – The Implant (25 Feb. 1993) I wish we could have this conversation in person, so you could see the look on my face and the expressions I make, that’s really the only way to convey my enthusiasm for this topic.  As if I don’t sing the praises of Serafina enough, I’m here today to… Read More »