Bottom’s Up

Bottom’s Up

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My sweet slave/wife Serafina  has many outstanding features . . .

Her skin is lovely, sweet, smooth and pale.  Serafina’s a pretty girl too, her smile can light a room.  Those eyes will bore holes in your soul if not careful.  Her breasts are absolutely magnificent, no understatement there.

Can you say creamy smooth legs?  If you can imagine, Serafina’s so fucking fair and hairless, she doesn’t even have to shave them!  No stubble, not ever!  She plucks her pussy for me, and keeps it smoother still!  Did I say “No stubble, not ever?” – certainly not down there!

I don’t need to tell you that I know I’m a lucky man.

But, of all her assets, the one that’s my favorite is her bottom.  My slave has a great ass!

Now imagine being one of the recipients of the show she was putting on the morning this picture was taken.  It’s the “morning after” a recent escapade at the Hotel Jullien in Dubuque.  My friend Alpha and I were lounging around, enjoying the morning and the golden sunlight streaming in through the window.  Serafina was lounging on the bed in nothing but a thin silk shirt.

When inspiration struck, I told my sweet slave to put on a show for us.  She did exactly that!  Oh my!  Would you believe that she consider’s herself to be shy?  Certainly NOT for Alpha and I.

Bottom’s up baby!

bottom’s up

bottoms up

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The First Time Serafina Was Shared

The First Time Serafina Was Shared

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Everyone’s version of a master / slave relationship is different.  That’s actually one of the things I like about kink, it’s like a giant smorgasbord, and folks are free to sample what they like, and leave the rest behind.  So, to me the diversity of kink is one of the beauties of the lifestyle.

I just wanted to say that up front, because some people might be appalled by the prerogatives I take as Serafina’s Master.  For instance, I believe a master has the right to use his slave as sexual property, and to assign her service as he see’s fit.  I guess that’s my way of saying that it is my prerogative to choose any other dominant she might serve.

Of course, it’s not as one sided as all that might initially sound.  In reality it means I’ve coordinated a few mfm three ways for my slave.  It means I found a quality dominant (Alpha) whom Serafina enjoys and respects for play and training.  And, in all honesty, she’s loved every minute of the adventure.

There was a lot of communication and discussion in advance.   Our conversations on the topic started about a year before we actually even began to meet other individual’s in person.  We went into the experience with our eyes relatively wide open, and feel enriched for the experience.

And, just so our friends and readers are aware, the image that accompanies this post was actually picked by Serafina.  She originally picked it to be included in the February Photo Fest series of posts.  With Wicked Wednesday’s theme today being firsts, it was proudly re-purposed.

Serafina is proud of the inhibitions she’s overcome, and she’s proud of the pleasures she’s both given and received.  And, I think her choice for today’s post illustrates that point very well.  it’s the first time serafina was shared, her first mfm 3-way, and the first time she ever experienced a “double header” with 2 cocks in her mouth.

the first time Serafina was shared (her 1st mfm 3-way)


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Hot Tub Fun

Hot Tub Fun

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When Serafina and I travel, there are two elements we tend to look for in accommodations:

  1. As I pointed out in a previous post, we very much enjoy the style and elegance of historic hotels.
  2. The other element I very much desire is an in room Jacuzzi, or similar whirlpool bath.

Most decent hotels have a hot tub in their pool area.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  Those can be suitable for relaxing and soaking too, but hotel pools are also frequented by loud children, and sometimes equally loud parents.  As such, even for just relaxing, they are sometimes less than prefect.  

And, we all know that even in the most liberal hotels, you just can’t hang out naked with your slave and friends in the pool area.  We’ve shared that sort of hot tub with our friends Dee and Gatekeeper.  It was nice to soak the aches away, and the company and conversation was outstanding (when children in the background weren’t screaming too loudly for me to hear.)  But, when there are public pools involved, it’s just not my idea of proper hot tub fun.

The only way to go then, is to grab a room with a Jacuzzi.

To be honest, I’ve always associated Jacuzzi rooms with the swinging and swapping side of adult and kinky lifestyles.  That’s not a very good description of Serafina and I, but we do consider ourselves to be polyamorous. So, it wouldn’t be unknown for us to, for instance, share our Jacuzzi room with our friend Alpha.  Serfaina enjoys occasionally having two dominants to serve.  (She’s a giver she is!)  I enjoy Alpha’s company, as well as his assistance with her training.  And Alpha’s even commented here calling her the “perfect slave”, so clearly it’s a good fit all around.

And, to be honest, none of us is getting younger.  Not only is a Jacuzzi a wonderful place to hang out with close friends, they really do help soak the ache out of sore muscles and backs.  As long as we don’t get too relaxed and fall asleep, it’s all good hot tub fun as we continue our explorations of the joy of kink.

hot tub fun


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More Than Service Submissive

More Than Service Submissive

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Submissive women1 come in a wide variety of shapes, attitudes, and demeanors.  Some wish to be submissive only in the realm of the bedroom.  Some are also littles or baby-girls.  Others are brats.  Some are more bottom than submissive, and still others tend more towards masochism than submission.

Serafina is pretty unique, she’s the closest to a “pure” submissive that I’ve ever encountered.  She wants to serve and please in all ways.  If Serafina feels as though she is being pleasing to me, she’s quite happy and content.  If she fears that she’s displeased me, nothing is quite right for Serafina, and it won’t be right until that feeling has been resolved.  She’s not the least bit bratty, nor does Serafina have a little girl inside waiting to break out.  Pleasing me is simply her most fervent desire.

From my perspective, her desire to serve and please pretty well subsumes her entire personality2.  So, at least in part, Serafina’s desire to serve ends up being expressed in the form of being a service submissive.  In a service oriented D/s or M/s relationship, the focus tends towards the resources a submissive can contribute for their dominant partner.   It’s not as much about sex, as it is about providing for their dominant’s needs, or advance their dominant’s goals.

My Serafina provides real service, but she’s far more than a service submissive.

Now for us, it is about the sex, very much so in fact.  The basis of our M/s is a very sexual relationship, without even the slightest whiff of vanilla present3.   Serafina’s among the most sexually submissive creatures I’ve had to pleasure to know, in addition to being one of the most sexually responsive.  So, there’s no doubt she’s an erotic slave too.

As a couple, we wouldn’t be satisfied with our relationship being based solely around service.  With that said, there’s no doubt that there is a strong service aspect to Serafina’s submission.   Does that make her an erotic slave with a service side?  Or is she a service submissive with a strong erotic element?  I guess, in the end, that’s largely an argument about semantics.  So it’s more of an academic than a practical discussion.  When it’s all said and done, she’s far more than a service submissive, and she’s far more than a pure erotic slave too.

She’s beautiful, she’s unique, and she’s mine!

more than service submissive

service submissive Serafina

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Have a Cigar (Service)

Have a Cigar (Service)

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Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
You’re gonna go far, fly high,
You’re never gonna die,
You’re gonna make it if you try;
They’re gonna love you.
Well I’ve always had a deep respect,
And I mean that most sincere.
The band is just fantastic,
That is really what I think.
Oh by the way, which one’s Pink?

  ~  Pink Floyd / Have a Cigar

In this week’s Sinful Sunday entry, Serafina talked about being Restrained and Waiting at the Kinky Kabin.  One of the highlights of her tale, was waiting for Alpha and I while we smoked.  With today’s February Photo Fest entry, I just wanted to document the cigar I enjoyed that day.

It enjoyed Serafina’s special attention.  While it’s not the traditional way to wet a cigar, I’m not the only dominant I know who prefers their smoke to be wet by their submissive.  Cigar play and cigar service are increasingly popular activities in some BDSM communities.

I’m a former cigarette smoker, so I approached cigar play with a hint of trepidation.  Quitting smoking was the most difficult thing I’ve ever accomplished, I wasn’t anxious to revisit the addiction.  I discovered, however, that my worries were a little overblown.

I can allow myself the pleasure of a single cigar, once a week, or perhaps even once a month.  Smoking so infrequently doesn’t seem to expose me to the same possibility of addiction as cigarettes.  It’s an infrequent pleasure, but no doubt cigar smoking is a true pleasure.  Hopefully, that’s true for everyone involved, including the sweet submissive who provides my service.

have a cigar (service)

cigar play serafina

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Love Bears Valentine

Love Bears Valentine

This entry is part 16 of 28 in the series February Photo Fest

A few years back, not long after Serafina first came to live with me, my Mother was hospitalized.

As we age, those kinds of occurrences become more and more common for most folks.  Of all the different facets of the human condition, health seems to be, by far, the most impermanent.  Mom often used to say, “We are all just temporarily able bodied individuals.”  No doubt I had a relatively unique childhood, as that’s a good example of the kind of wisdom I heard pretty much daily while growing up.

As was my custom at the time, when Mom ended up in the hospital, I stopped by the facility’s gift shop to look for a small stuffed animal to take up to her room.  I’ve always felt that good morale is an essential for getting a body healed, so a small gesture like a stuffed critter has real healing powers.  Love can’t heal everything, but it does matter. . .

Serafina and I were there in the gift shop together, as I’d asked her to help me shop.  Then my slave casually mentioned that she never, in all of her life, had ever been given the gift of a teddy bear.  Now that struck me as truly sad, but also typical of Serafina’s past.  How such a beautiful creature could have been so unappreciated is beyond my comprehension, but it’s a sad fact.  Serafina had been robbed of many of the things most women experience while they are still “girls”.   I’m pretty sure I gave a stuffed animal to a girlfriend before I turned sixteen.

Now, upon hearing Serafina’s sad tale, my first reaction was to find something for her, right then and there.  Then I thought better of that gesture.  A woman’s first teddy bear shouldn’t come from a hospital gift shop.  So, I made a mental note to make sure that my sweet slave/wife got her own stuffed bear on an appropriate occasion.  Now, what’s more a more appropriate holiday for such a gift than Valentine’s Day?

What’s better than a single bear?  Why two bears, of course.  And what’s better than a pair of bears – a pair of “love bears”.  At least that’s what I call them – the “love bears”.  I think they are adorable.  Of course the “love bears” are even more adorable sitting on a bare Serafina’s lap.  They are Serafina’s “love bears valentine” for 2014.

Oh my darling beloved, I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s day 2014!  Everyday with you is a day to remember!

love bears valentine
love bears - Valentines day 2014

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Fun with Dee

Fun with Dee

This entry is part 15 of 28 in the series February Photo Fest

I think I’ve mentioned before that Serafina and I are blessed, not only with each other, but also with wonderful friends.

And, Serafina’s playmate in this picture was also mentioned in a previous post in this series, Alpha Slave.  It’s none other than our good friend Dee – who goes by Dione12 at FetLife.

Doesn’t it look like the ladies are having fun?

It won’t be long now, and we’ll have known Dee and her husband Gatekeeper for two years.  I know that time flies when you are having fun, but it does seem as if we’ve known them even longer.  A good friendship is like that sometimes, you meet folks and feel as though you’ve known them forever.

This picture is from Dee’s birthday celebration in 2013, which is a story itself.  The year before, Dee had gone skydiving for her birthday, her way of celebrating the event.  Last year, her choice was to come spend a weekend of play in our dungeon.  I’m pretty honored that a day in my dungeon is considered to be as epic as a sky diving experience, at least in Dee’s estimation.

Dee’s back is red because I’d been flogging her.  I don’t remember when the breast press got placed on Dee, it was probably some time after the flogging.  Serafina is taking advantage of the opportunity the breast press presents, to create some additional sensations for the birthday girl.  It’s a lot of fun watching them interact and explore.

I’m very glad to have grabbed this image.  Quite obviously, the picture shows a shared tender moment between Serafina and our friend.

Having friends who can share in exploring the joy of kink is a priceless thing.  We aren’t able to get together with Dione12 and Gatekeeper as often as we’d like, obligations and distance (not to mention a severe Iowa winter) can interrupt.  But when we do get together, sparks usually fly.  That kind of friendship is always worth waiting for . . .

fun with Dee

Serafina has fun with Dee

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Alpha Slave

Alpha Slave

This entry is part 14 of 28 in the series February Photo Fest

In addition to being blessed in our own relationship, Serafina and I have developed a wonderful circle of friends in the lifestyle.  I also do my best to give back to the BDSM community.  So, I actually mentor a small handful of folks who are newer to kink and BDSM.

Our good friends Gatekeeper and Dee are a wonderful couple, members of that “inner circle” of folks we are very close to.  And, as today’s feature image portrays, they are certainly lots of fun in a playroom or dungeon.  While the picture doesn’t really do them justice, I can’t help mentioning that Dee’s breasts are absolutely beautiful.  To borrow a line from Sienfield – they are real and they are magnificent!  Obviously, even Serafina couldn’t resist teasing and tormenting them . . .

Serafina doesn’t consider herself to be a switch.  If she has to “turn on” her dominant side it can take her out of the submissive headspace she so very much loves.  But, when we play with others, she does very well in the role of Master’s assistant.  That’s the side of her you see today.

While my sweet slave is a truly submissive creature, when she has the opportunity to cut loose and express a little dominance in our play with others, she does so with relish.  There’s also a little bit of a sadistic side to Serafina.  So, while she’s not likely to partake of those pleasures unless she’s under my direction, she does enjoy tormenting other submissives.  And, she helps me in all ways when I am playing with, and training others.

That’s why Serafina is considered to be my alpha slave.

In terms of the BDSM lifestyle, an “alpha slave” is normally only found in a poly arrangement.  By definition, an alpha slave can only exist in a household (or family) where there are multiple submissives.  Normally an experienced submissive who has authority over all the other slaves and submissives in the household/family, in some cases the alpha slave may even be responsible for their training and punishment as well.

The alpha slave definition mostly fits here.  Nobody else lives with us, so it’s not a house full of other slaves that Serafina’s responsible for directing and correcting.  With a little luck, that might not always be the case.  My dream would be to own a Victorian mansion and acreage, with an additional live-in slave or two, as well as comings and going of other servants unable to live on grounds.  Perhaps it could be a partnership with another BDSM lifestyle couple or individual, that part of the plan is flexible, as the overall vision would include the property being a sort of BDSM bed & breakfast.  I’d love for it to include extensive flower and vegetable gardens as well, although those are luxuries.

What would be absolutely essential to the vision for the property is a large dedicated dungeon (perhaps in a barn or outbuilding.)  Not just for my use, and the use of my guests, but also as a meeting place for community BDSM groups.  It’s a wonderful vision, but managing and running the thing would be a full time effort.  If it’s ever going to come to pass, I’d need an alpha slave at my side, dedicated to my vision, willing to do whatever it takes to make things work.

I don’t have the property, nor do I posses the legion of partners and slaves necessary to run such an endeavor.  But, I do have my alpha slave.  Even if none of the other parts of the vision come to pass, I still have the greatest prize of them all – I have Serafina.  My alpha slave is priceless to me.  She is my partner in all things, and she serves me well.  Really, what more can a man ask for anyway?

So today’s post is about my alpha slave.  It’s about the memorable adventures we’ve shared, and will share.  And, it’s about the wonderful friends we’ve made along that journey.

Alpha Slave

Serafina with Dee
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Ten Years Ago

Ten Years Ago

This entry is part 13 of 28 in the series February Photo Fest

Just a little more than ten years ago, Serafina and I met in person for the first time.

In all honesty, there was a good likelihood that our one meeting would also be our last.  The cards weren’t really stacked in our favor, but we had that moment, and we meant to make the most of it.

Despite the fact that we knew we might never meet again, or perhaps because of it, some of the play was captured on the digital camera I’d just purchased.

In all honesty, today’s cell phones have more megapixels than the camera used to shoot these pictures ten years ago.

Despite the poor resolution, what does show through was the joy.  Serafina’s most fond wish was to be desired and played with, to have her sexuality appreciated and explored.

I think I delivered . . . Lord knows she didn’t eventually leave the Pacific Northwest to come here for my money!

As a final aside, here’s what Serafina said over at FetLife about one of the pictures from the gallery . . .

Wow! Does that bring back memories!! I remember the weight of that beautiful cock like it just happened! Especially the way you thwacked him on me! That was the first time we met in person. Such incredible memories!

I don’t know the original author, but it’s been said that: “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”

Serafina, loving you gives new meaning to not just love, but to everything!  You have opened my eyes, protected my heart, and served my needs with joyous passion.

I’m so glad we met, just that once, some ten years ago . . .

ten years ago


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Not Breath Play

Not Breath Play

This entry is part 12 of 28 in the series February Photo Fest

One of the things I love most about playing with Serafina is her incredibly expressive nature.

She’s no drama queen.  I’ve got no patience for that sort anyway.  No, my slave is better described as the queen of drama.  She’s got a natural way of adding expression and drama to our play.  And, that’s a very good thing to my eye.  It’s fun.  Exciting too.  She can turn average play into something very special.  And, scenes that are already full of excitement and drama, can become transcendent when Serafina’s involved.

Of course, when looking at pictures of my slave/wife, it’s good to keep that in mind.  Sometimes, something that appears to be edgy in a photograph, is not so dramatic in real life.

That is very much the case with today’s photo.  What looks like breath play, while Serafina is bound to a baggage cart, is really significantly less dramatic.  It’s not breath play at all.  The other end of the rope around her neck isn’t tied off to anything at all, it’s just looped overhead on one of the cart’s bars.  While edge play isn’t unknown at House of Samadhi, breath play isn’t really a kink we actively explore.

I’ve nothing against breath play itself.  I just feel it’s more the domain of younger submissives.  Breath play of all sorts has it’s element of risk, but the dangers increase significantly with age.  I’m not a gambler.  I spent the better part of 30 years of my life looking for a lady like Serafina.  So, I’m not feeling terribly partial to putting anything at risk with my slave.  The picture looks dramatic, but it’s not breath play . . .

It’s just Serafina, adding a little extra drama to our day.

not breath play
not breath play

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February Photo Fest