Projecting Chi

Projecting Chi

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Are you familiar with “Chi”?

I understand it as our lifeforce energy.

In other words, Chi is the universal energy that surrounds living things.

While it’s not easily explained by science, Chi is often accessed by martial artists as a part of their craft.

You may find it interesting to discover that Master projects the same energy with his floggers . . .

It’s a technique he learned from author Janet Hardy last year at Twisted Tryst.

Master says that using Chi as a part of our play makes giving the flogging almost as intense as receiving.

Projecting Chi



Feeling sinful this Sunday – just click on the Sinful Sunday banner and find other delightfully sinful images.

Sinful Sunday

Those Distinctive Stripes

Those Distinctive Stripes

Don’t those distinctive stripes from the mark of my cane look so much more dramatic in those grainy shades of dark and light, black and white?

I’m working and training my eye with exercises from a photography text at the moment.

But, to be honest, none of them have provided the inspiration that I get from Molly’s prompts.

Those Distinctive Stripes


Sinful Sunday


Those Distinctive Stripes – Cane Marks for Sinful Sunday Week 167

I usually find Molly’s monthly prompts inspiring.

Take the Triptych Challenge as an example. Prior to Molly’s Triptych Challenge we’d never created an image of that sort.  Now, upon occasion, I’m finding that Serafina shoots images in series of three, all with the idea of creating new inventive triptych images.

Of course this month’s challenge was a black and white image, converted from color.  After initially forgetting the date was June 1, I submitted a pic of myself, hard at play (the expression “hard at work” seems backwards to me – I certainly play harder than I work!) with our new love Sinnja.  The post was called, Getting It Right This Time.

Then I posted a far more erotic image at my SpiritualBDSM blog, in a post called Sinnful Shaving . . .!  I really like that image.  It’s far more striking in black and white than it is in color.

And that got me to looking at more and more of my pictures in a different light.  Although perhaps it’s not the light that’s changing, but the colors and tonality.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m seeing instead of colors, in shades of dark and light, black and white.

Inspiration is a wonderful gift!

Thank you once again, my dear Molly, for everything, and especially for making my Sunday’s Sinful!!!


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Sinful Sunday

Iced Boobies

Iced Boobies

This entry is part 23 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

It was a hot afternoon at the Kinky Kabin,

Sinnja decided Serafina needed to be cooled down with a little bit of ice . . .

The result?

Iced boobies!

iced boobies



Feeling a little sinful this Sunday – just click on the Sinful Sunday banner and find other delightfully sinful images.

Sinful Sunday


Beautiful Breasts in Bondage

Beautiful Breasts in Bondage

This entry is part 22 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

It was just another afternoon @ the Kinky Kabin with Alpha, Serafina, and Sinnja.

In other words . . .

It was fucking magical!

While not the most artistic breast tie I’ve ever woven, it’s not my ropework that catches the eye anyway.

If SinfulSunday is all about the image, this image is all about Serafina’s natural beauty!

She wears her role as an erotic slave quite well, don’t you think?

beautiful breasts in bondage



This post was made for Sinful Sunday Week 165.  Every Sunday these days seems to be Sinful round here.  Why not join in on all the Sinful fun yourself?

Sinful Sunday

Getting It Right This Time

Getting It Right This Time

This entry is part 21 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

It seems I failed to realize that today was actually the first day of June.

As such, I failed to note that there was a prompt for this week’s SinfulSunday!

Oops!  My bad!  Mea Culpa!

For some reason I was thinking next week was the prompt.

Honestly though, I do have an excuse . .  . I’ve been spending unbelievable amounts of time in “top space” lately.  Blame Serafina and Sinnja for that!

Individually they are both enthralling women.  But, when we are all together, the effect is nothing less out intoxicating.

Life right now is a blur of new relationship energy for all three of us.  Not exactly the prescription for extremely lucid thinking.

Still, a SinfulSunday prompt only comes around once a month, ya know.

It’s a terrible shame to miss even one . . .  And, I already had a picture in mind!

Getting It Right This Time

Not only is the title literally true, in that this post is to make up for the fact that I missed the lovely Molly Moore’s SinfulSunday prompt, it’s also a perfect metaphor for the relationship Serafina and I share with Sinnja.

Although I’ve been poly since 1989, and can say I’ve enjoyed every moment of my journey, I’ve never felt anything like the energy that happens when we three are together.

It’s like magic! Yes indeed, there’s no doubt, we really are getting it right this time! getting-it-right-master-samadhi Sinful Sunday   MSS_8591   getting it right - art

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