Image du jour | 8-28-17

The image used to create today’s piece of transformative is certainly well traveled.  A quick Google image search found examples of this pic by the dozens.

Because the image has been reposted so many times, I couldn’t find the original photographer.  Its own popularity made that task nigh on impossible.

I even used the original once at

It was a (probably unrealistic) example of what I desired in office attire from a personal assistant/consensual slave.  I’m thinking that particular post may eventually migrate here, as I attempt to curate all my old material here to Michael’s Way.

Image du jour | 8-20-17

power exchange is my ultimate aphrodisiac

the exchange of power

It’s said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Nothing is absolutely universal when it comes to human sexuality.  The diversity of desire is amazing.  One size certainly does not fit all.

And, it is certainly true that playing with power is a potent turn on for many.  It certainly speaks to me.  My particular sensibilities are keenly wired to react to power and authority exchange.

Is the exchange of power an aphrodisiac for you too?

How does power affect your sexuality?

The picture used to create the artistic images in this post was sourced from a Training of O shoot filmed for

Image du jour | 8-19-17

simply spectacular suspension ~ Sky Shibari

sky shibari

Sky shibari…

Stunning.  Evocative.

Sexually suggestive.  Yet, redolent with potential religious connotations.

To be honest, further attempts to describe, more of my words, would only distract.

A picture created by Lew Rubens is the image my “transformative art” is based upon.  An artist with both rope and camera, Rubens is a self-described…

Lewbari Master – Lew Rubens

Bondage freak, lover of people who love bondage. Bondage is my life. I have been making my living tying up girls since 2002.

Lew Reubens

I’ve titled my image “sky shibari”.  But, Lew’s inventive fusion of Shibari and Western Bondage styles is more properly known as “Lewbari“.

I probably don’t need to tell you, I am a great admirer of his work.  I first followed Mr Rubens back during his time producing episodes of Water Bondage for  

Image du jour | 8-18-17

The Kneeling Cruisequeen

I call her the Cruisequeen.

She’s in your cabin.  On her knees.  Waiting.

Dressed in only panties.  Just as you instructed.

She’s awaiting your next command…

How would you enjoy a ship bound adventure with the “Cruisequeen”?

Do you spend the entire cruise locked in your cabin, enjoying her charms?

Or, do you dress her up and take her out, to better show off your prize?

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