BDSM Education ~ Smutober Day 3

 Michael Samadhi providing BDSM education

Some days, no matter how hard you might try to write, inspiration escapes.

I want to write about BDSM education.  Why it’s important. Fuck, it’s more than important, it’s essential. Some of the shit we do is dangerous. Some of it can kill you. Despite all of the day’s distractions, I got a great introduction written.  Then, an internet hiccup swallowed it…

Coming back, what little inspiration I had gathered was now lost. So, what if a little kinky sex might get you hurt, there are so many other things in life that can kill a person.  Things like a gunman shooting people at a concert.

More than 50 dead, 10 times that many wounded in Las Vegas.

What’s more important? Being taught how not to set yourself on fire in a dungeon, or learning how to run from gunfire at a concert? I’d like to assure myself that you, my dear reader, will be far more likely to need the former more than the latter. Unfortunately, I am not convinced. Since I’ve not heard of any fatal dungeon accidents so far this year, it’s a pretty tough sell.

I shut off the news when they asked the question – “Is this the new normal?”

Fuck me! The new normal? I mean really… What the fuck? That means it’s better to take your chances with uninformed breath play than it is to go to a concert or nightclub. Perhaps I should title my next demo, “Put a plastic bag over your heads kids, it’s safer than going out on the streets…”???!!!???


BDSM can be likened to “graduate level sex”.  Many of the things we do for fun are slightly safer than skydiving.  Would you go skydiving without instruction?

I’m telling you that reading how-to articles isn’t enough.  Would you skydive based on watching “50 shades of parachutes” and reading a blog? Even after reading 100 blogs? I sure hope not.

There is only one answer. Venture forth into the world. Attended events with instruction and demos. Join groups. Find a mentor. Get first-hand instruction. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to edge play.  Like it, or not, something as simple as using a gag can kill your partner if used improperly, or without proper caution…

Please hold your loved ones close tonight.  Practice safe sex in all it’s guises. When it comes to BDSM, to be honest, the only way you’ll ever even know what “‘safe” means is to go forth and learn from the experienced.  Just do it!

A 2nd unofficial Smutober post on Education ~ Sexual Education ~ Sheryl Lee Ralph, Piers Anthony, Victoria Wood, Karl Kraus, Rod McKuen

“don’t say I never gave ya nothin”

Dan von Hoyel presents…

Call me a lifelong learner.  It’s a moniker that actually fits a large percentage of the kink community.

We are the folks who (among other things) attend events and classes to continue to develop our skills and knowledge.  I think of it as a sort of “continuing education” for kinksters.

Today’s topic is not one that will give you a new skill.  Instead, it’s a history lesson.  While some folks find history to be boring, I’m the exact opposite.  I’m of the mind that you can’t understand the present if you don’t know the past.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a lively (not to mention informative) presentation by the incomparable Dan von Hoyel.  If you’ve heard of the “Two Knotty Boys”, you already know of Dan, he was 1/2 of that unit  Professional riggers who freely shared their knowledge and skills, J.D. and Dan are no longer a team, but their educational efforts teaching rope bondage are legendary…

It is unthinkable for a Frenchman to arrive at middle age without having syphilis and the Cross of the Legion of Honor.

André Gide

killer spirochete

Dan’s presentation is entertaining, not to mention full of facts most of us probably never knew.

But, that’s not the only reason I shared the video.  I also must admit that syphilis is a topic of special interest due to family history.

My paternal Grandfather died in a sanitarium.  Cause of death?  Syphilis!

Yes, even in the 20th century, if left untreated, the little sexually transmitted spirochete bacteria could kill.

My Swedish sex toy was made in China?

Nea sounds like Neo? Really?

90% of toys are made in China, which technically makes the Chinese elves.

Sean Lock

A version of this post was originally published on October 13, 2011.  It has been edited and updated for

no deposit – no return

There are few guarantees when purchasing adult toys.

For public health reasons, returns are almost always forbidden by local law.  I think even my most staunch libertarian friends would accept that role for government regulation.

Who really wants a used dildo anyway?

(Btw – don’t answer that… you don’t want to go there… there are people who pay for used panties after all.)

Most adult toy makers offer no warranty on their goods.  But, there are a few higher end manufacturers offering a year (or perhaps two) of limited protection against failure.

This also makes sense to me.  Would you be ashamed to return some cheap ‘Johnson’ made by Doc Johnson?  I would.

Some toys are like a really bad one night stand.  The kind where it’s best to cringe, walk away, and pretend nothing happened.

Some things aren’t worth returning…

Sex toys have long since graduated from the floppy rubber things you hide in your bedside table to beautiful works of interactive art

Gwyneth Paltrow

it’s made where?

I recently had an experience with a warranty return on one of those higher end products.

It’s a really nice piece from an established and respected European company in the $100+ price range.

The toy’s name sounds a lot like a role once played by Keanu Reeves. (See subtitle.)

Please note that this particular company proudly advertises manufacturing all of it’s products ‘in-house’.  (edit – At least that was the claim when this article was first written.)

That leads me to believe, for instance, that if this particular company is headquartered in Sweden, then it’s gear would also be manufactured in Sweden.

Suzhou – Shanghai – Anchorage

Imagine my surprise then when the FedEx tracking for my warranty replacement originated in Suzhou, China.

That is not a typographical error either.

My package then transited through Shanghai.  Then to Anchorage.  Before finally making it to the mainland USA, and on towards the humble abode I call Chateau Samadhi.

this is Sweden – it’s a part of Europe

this is China, it’s not a part of Europe

We live in a day and age where good numbers of Chinese exports have been discovered to be tainted with heavy metals.  Poisonous chemicals, like diethylene glycol, have also been found in products from China.

For no other reason than that, I do my best to avoid purchasing products that wear the “Made in China” label.

And, health concerns are not my only worry.

political and religious prisoners

I’m also concerned about the common use of forced labor (i.e. political and religious prisoners) in Chinese manufacturing.  Estimates of the total number of Chinese political and religious prisoners run as high as six or eight million.

The use of those prisoners in manufacturing is both well documented and common.

Some of those individuals are imprisoned simply for their faith.

Most famously, this includes practitioners of Falun Gong.  But, they are not alone in suffering from Chinese persecution.

That’s a pretty disturbing thought for a blog author who believes that BDSM can be a spiritual activity.

As if being inducted into the “Made in China Prison Industrial Complex” wasn’t enough…

It’s said that religious prisoners receive the longest sentences, and worst treatment, once inducted into the Chinese penal system.

You may be reading this on a smartphone, while flying on a plane, or while nibbling on a bit of chocolate. And therefore, a new study asserts, it’s entirely possible that you’re enjoying the products of slave labor.

Jay Busbee

Yahoo News

like blood diamonds

I knew a girl who wouldn’t accept a $10,000 engagement ring without certification.

She had to know it was not a “blood diamond” used to fund some evil insurgent or warlord before ever wearing it.

Her poor unknowing fiance had to return the first ring he bought her…

Do you really think folks like that are going to take kindly to the possibility that the “Sweedish” toy humming in their vagina was made in China?

Can you imagine how she might respond if she found out the vibe was some kind of “prisoner dildo” fostering Communist repression?

Somebody’s got some ‘splaining to do!

God made everything that has life. And the rest is made in China.

Kcee Cunanan

Michael’s Way 2017

Outside of some relatively minor editing, everything above this point was written in October 2011.

I added a few links, illustrations, and made some formatting changes.  Shortening a few of the original’s run-on sentences was another goal of the revision.

I remain especially concerned today about human rights violations in China.  It’s a country where there are only five officially sanctioned religions.

Any spiritual/religious practice outside of those five ‘state’ religions is forbidden, not to mention punished.  Tibetan Buddhism is among the persecuted practices, which is a serious problem for me. 

You can be sure that it was made to look like an accident.  That it was a set up.

Peng Ming

Chinese dissident - predicted his own death in prison

made in China

I’m told that most of the world’s vibrators are made in China.  It’s said that the reason is economics.

I can’t say that I have direct evidence that adult toys are being produced by slave labor.  It is, however, very certain there are huge economic advantages for the Chinese economy in employing slave labor on such a massive scale.

When millions of individuals in your labor force are a ‘captive audience’, it’s relatively easy to produce a product that’s inexpensive.  Especially compared to the wages and benefits necessary for workers in European manufacturing.

Once upon a time, I collected nearly every offering produced by a certain Swedish sex toy company.  Since I discovered that their products were made in China, that’s no longer true.

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