Is that a machete in your pocket?

Is that a machete in your pocket?

or are you just happy to see me?

I’ve always had a fascination with the machete.

A good knife.

A sharp sword.

Really, anything with a sharp edge.

So, it was perfectly natural to incorporate knife play into my kink.

Then my friend Alpha taught me how to use a machete, as part of a scene, to cut-off a consensual slave’s clothes.

The rest, as they say, is history…

Sinful Sunday

Corseted Beauty

Corseted Beauty

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Somehow, she doesn’t see herself as beautiful . . .


What mirror has she been looking into?

A self portrait from my lovely submissive Sinnjara . . .

(Posted with her permission – of course.)  

Photo effects, with love, by Michael Samadhi.unnamed

Sinful Sunday

A Glutton for Punishment

A Glutton for Punishment

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Count for me . . .

No, you missed one!

Sorry . . .



We start over now.

What’s that?

You missed one again!


Over and over,

Until it’s perfect,

A glutton for punishment.


You know I wonder,

Did you do it deliberately?

Pain Slut . . .


S.A.M. I Am,

A rose by any other name,

Would still prick just the same.


a glutton for punishment


With Dee and Gatekeeper – circa 2013 (photo by Serafina Samadhi, photoshop and text by Michael Samadhi)

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Sinful Sunday



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BDSM is an enthralling dance between partners.

At times, it’s outright magical.

The submissive inside Serafina never fails to seduce my inner dominant . . .

The masochist inside Sinnjara never fails to seduce my inner sadist . . .

Both are beautiful ladies.  Different yet similar.

For a man who’s made embracing and understanding kink to be his life’s greatest quest, these two wonderful women are perhaps the greatest gift I could possible receive.

I would not trade them for anything, or anyone for that matter.

On my worst day they provide comfort . . .

On my best day . . .



(Michael Samadhi & Sinnajara Samadhi – photo by Serafina Samadhi)


mas·och·ism — magical!

Sinful Sunday



Silhouette – Baggage Cart Bondage

Silhouette – Baggage Cart Bondage

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Molly’s prompt for this month – silhouette – left me with a serious dilemma.

In all honesty, it’s the kind of problem you want to have, in that it’s always better have too much material rather than too little.  I simply couldn’t decide between two different kinds of silhouette styled photos I have taken of my sweet erotic slave, Serafina.

I absolutely love the image I used for Silhouette – An Erotic Slave’s Profile.  It’s quietly reflective, a beautiful representation of my Serafina’s overall personality.

As important, or perhaps more important when considering the picture as a portrait of an erotic slave, is the way the previous entry features Serafina’s slave collar.

The collar is, at least to my eye, the only element in the image that speaks of kink.  Without the collar, it’s really just a vanilla semi-silhouette styled portrait.

That’s not true at all for the second image, the one that accompanies this post.

With her hands bound overhead to the cross-bar of a baggage cart, there’s no mistaking Serafina’s silhouette in the 2nd picture for anything vanilla.

Silhouette – Baggage Cart Bondage


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Sinful Sunday



Sinful Sunday