favorite blue blouse shredded…

Sinful Sunday Week 334 | Blue

Naked from the waist up.

Her favorite blue blouse lies shredded on the floor.  Cut off with a razor sharp knife.

The remnants of a good brassiere lie there too.

Now her dominant has begun methodically cutting off slices of her pretty skirt…

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Sinful Sunday

Fun Creating Nipple Rockets

Sinful Sunday Week 333

Suction Creates Nipple Rockets

Suction cylinders create nipple rockets.  At least that’s what the images feel like to my sensibility.

Today’s SinfulSunday contribution is a triptych of sorts.  Three horizontal images together.

Before.  During.  After.

I’ve given demos to local groups using suction for BDSM fun and games.  Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite forms of play.

The model for today’s SinfulSunday is a lovely who goes by the scene name switchlove. She, along with her partner Justine, visited Chateau Samadhi a while back.

It was great fun.  I very much enjoyed creating “nipple rockets” for her.  I think we played and socialized that night from early evening until 3 or 4 am…

Sinful Sunday

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St. Andrew’s Cross in My Livingroom?

Sinful Sunday Week 332

My St. Andrew’s Cross was a gift from a friend.  Covered with something like 10 coats of hand rubbed black lacquer, the cross is massive.  It’s built into an elevated base, about 5’x5′.  It’s arms reach upward almost to the height of my ceiling.

Of course, the cross isn’t what you likely notice about this Sinful Sunday’s image.  I’m sure your eyes were drawn to the lovely submissive who is on the cross.

Her scene name is Dee.  I have played with her off and on since 2012.  I’ve become more than a bit of a hermit of late, so it’s been ages since I’ve seen her.  But she certainly remains a valued and dear friend.

I hope you find her as lovely as I do…

Sinful Sunday

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I was supposed to LOWER the towel?

Sinful Sunday Week 331

The towel was supposed to provide at least a hint of modesty.

I’m told this was supposed to be a candid shot of me drying off.

It was not supposed to be NSFW.


I saw the photographer ready to shoot.

I knew she was taking a picture to send to Serafina, who was 2000 miles away…

So I raised the towel instead.


Now it’s fodder for Sinful Sunday…

(fyi – the pic is from my archives – it was taken by BlissfulTorment.)

Sinful Sunday

“Kiss the whip before it kisses you…”

Sinful Sunday Week 329

I have a ritual.

Before I use a whip, crop, belt, strap, or flogger on a submissive, they must kiss it.

Kiss it with respect.

Kiss it with reverence.

Sinful Sunday

Is that a machete in your pocket?

or are you just happy to see me?

I’ve always had a fascination with the machete.

A good knife.

A sharp sword.

Really, anything with a sharp edge.

So, it was perfectly natural to incorporate knife play into my kink.

Then my friend Alpha taught me how to use a machete, as part of a scene, to cut-off a consensual slave’s clothes.

The rest, as they say, is history…

Sinful Sunday

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