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Michael Samadhi – your humble narrator – making faces

I am expressive but secretive about my emotions.

Alia Bhatt

I am told that the time is far overdue to create and post an “about” page.

That’s the post where I am supposed to distill the essence of who I am.  It’s the point where I tell my readers everything they need to know about Michael Samadhi, not to mention laying out my vision for the blog.


This isn’t going to be that post.

I’m a lot better at telling stories about my life than I am at trying to explain what I’m all about.  I’m better at talking about what’s right in front of me than I am about explaining what’s underneath it all.

Refining what I am, and my vision for this blog will have to wait for another time.  So, for today, I’ll just post two images of myself.

Of course, neither is my normal visage.  That would be too simple…

isn’t that what equality is for?

Patrick Mulcahey | Quote of the Day | 9/17/2017

It may be that for the first time, a majority of LGBT Americans — I’m talking sheer numbers now, without reference to class, race or any other factor — feel assimilated into the mainstream. Even our celebrities: Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Laverne Cox, RuPaul, they’re everyone else’s celebrities too. We sometimes hear older gay folk complain that millennials take equality for granted, but isn’t that what equality is for?

Patrick Mulcahey

First, Be a Human Being

go into chaos

Orsho | Quote of the Day | 9-16-2017

When you are making love don’t control. Go into uncontrol, go into chaos. It will be fearful, frightening, because it will be a kind of death. And the mind will say “Control!” And the mind will say, “Jump in and keep control, otherwise you will be lost in the abyss of it.” Don’t listen to the mind, get lost. Abandon yourself utterly and without any technique you will come to see a timeless experience. There will be no two in it: oneness. A consciousness will be there, a lucid passive consciousness will be there, you will know what is happening because you will be fully aware. But you will not be there; awareness will be there. You have to imbibe the Tantra spirit – it is not a technique to be learned.


This Very Body the Buddha, Vol. 1, Talk #8

Dreamscope Effects Tutorial (part 1)

Dreamscope Effects Demo (pt. 1)

I’ve recently taken up creating digital art from photography for this blog.  I use a good number of different image processors, too many to name them all.  For today, I’m going to focus on just one of the processors that can provide a wide variety of filters.  It’s called Dreamscope.

Anyone can try Dreamscope for free.  Just be aware, free users go to the back of the line when waiting for images to be processed.  In all honesty, that pretty much means overnight.  Submit 5 photos on Tuesday afternoon, and the finished product will show up on Wednesday morning.  Slooooow.  For $9.99 a month much quicker results are available.

The size of the free images is more than satisfactory for a lot of purposes.  Once again, paid users will get bigger images with slightly better detail.

There are many dozens of effects.  Far too many for me to always know intuitively which effect would best serve my own needs.  This demo will (hopefully) help familiarize my readers with the powerful effects that can be created with Dreamscope.  At the same time, it will be a reference for my own purposes, a sort of guide to potential effects.

I often use more than one image processor for the “art” I’m currently creating.  However, for this project, I’m simply using 4 images that came across my Tumblr feed in the last few weeks.

In addition to simply providing a demo of the different Dreamscope effects, the four pictures themselves are also somewhat varied in size and subject matter.  I hope this is effective in showing the different filter’s effects on a small variety of subject matter.

the pictures


Thick Oil Paint


Fire Prayer

Purple Dawn

RWB Cubism

Oil Pastel Portrait

Picasso I

Picasso II






Monet III

play the grey areas in life…

Melanie Lynskey | Quote of the Day | 9/3/2017

I like to play the grey areas in life – that’s the most uncomfortable place to be. Nobody likes to be in that in-between state where there don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of tension in that, and a lot of stuff to play with – where it’s uncomfortable and awkward and sad and scary.

Melanie Lynskey

beyond going commando – flashing

Flesh Gordon: All right, keep your panties on.
Rhobunda Hooters: Oh I never wear any.

Flesh Gordon 2: Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders

flashing – beyond going commando

I wrote about going commando for a Kink of the Week prompt ~ Forever Going Commando.

I even posted a prior Image du jour with the same theme.  Obviously, it’s a favorite kink of mine.

So, I couldn’t help putting together one more image of the day on the subject.  Not dedicated just to going commando, but focused also on it’s cousin – flashing.

Flashing is another level of difficulty beyond merely going commando.  Not only does it require going naked under clothing, it also means wearing revealing enough clothing to show it off.

And, it requires the audacity to show off that nakedness.