A Fruit Gag for Art of Erotic Slavery #4

A Fruit Gag for Art of Erotic Slavery #4

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Art of Erotic Slavery

fruit gag Over at my other blog (yes I have two, don’t ask me why) I wrote a series of posts about gags called Keeping Her Quiet. I included info on a variety of gags and elements associated with gagging . . .

But never, not ever, did I even get close to thinking to write about a fruit gag! Well, perhaps that’s not perfectly true.  I did write about Sitophilia:

Food play, aka Sitophilia, is a form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food.

I don’t remember anything even remotely approaching a fruit gag in that posting.

But, it could be argued that it’s not a great leap from the subject of food play to actually inserting food into a submissive’s mouth! I mean come on, it’s just begging to happen when put into that kind of context.

Yet, it’s something I rarely ever see done by other fetishists.

I guess that edible gags do pose a bit of a problem.  Especially if you are an aficionado of fruit like my Serafina happens to be.

A fruit gag isn’t going to be very effective if it’s sweet, succulent, and tasty . . .

Just be careful of the pit!

Fruit Gag – Keeping Her Quiet . . .


With A Nectarine?

Dione12 – Putting a Smile on a Masochist’s Face

Dione12 – Putting a Smile on a Masochist’s Face

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Art of Erotic Slavery

Our history with dione12 (I’ll just call her Dee from here) and her hubbie Gatekeeper goes back to 2012.

As such, they were among the first folks we met in coming “out” into the local BDSM community after my mother passed.

And, we’ve shared a good number of “firsts” together with Dee and her hubby too.

  • The first couple Serafina and I played with.
  • The first couple I’ve ever mentored.
  • The first couple I’ve ever sceened with in a hotel.
  • The first new folks we ever introduced to a munch.
  • The first person I’ve ever had to tell they were a masochist.
  • The first person I’ve ever discovered who was a true Smart Assed Masochist (S.A.M.).
  • The first time a woman choose a scene with me for her birthday celebration.  (The year before she had been sky-diving. When I asked her which was more fun, she said it was our scene.)
  • The first woman I ever choose to accept my birthday spanking for me. (A Riverbound tradition allows a dominant to select a submissive to accept their birthday spanking, I choose Dee.)

I’m sure I could come up with several more, if I allowed myself the luxury of anything more than the quick brainstorm session that generated the previous list.  There are a good number of firsts she’s shared with Serafina too, but it’s not my place to tell the girl’s secrets.

Needless to say, Dee is a special lady to us.  So is her husband Gatekeeper, he’s special to us as well.  We’ve shared every one of those moments together, we never play separately.

That’s one of the rules I taught them back at the very start of our relationship with each other.  I believe that the couple who plays together will likely stay together.  It’s not a universal truth (what is really?) but it’s been consistently successful for me over a span of time going back to 1989.

That’s what makes our friendship/relationship so complex.  I mentor both Dee and Gatekeeper, yet I’ve also become a play partner of Dee’s.

Ya, I know, not by the book.  But, I’ve been extremely careful not to make any claim or make real demands of Dee.  I don’t even ask her for sexual service.

That’s right.

As play partners I whip and flog her.  I make her cum.  I make her moan, and shake, and quiver, not to mention cry out with both pain and pleasure.

And I ask for nothing in return.  Well, nothing beyond the pleasure of helping them both learn.

And that is quite a gift.  To see our community thru fresh eyes.  To have the opportunity to help others cut their teeth, learn, grow, and become part of the kink community in good standing on their own merits.

Oh yes, and I also get the opportunity to put a smile on a masochist’s face.  Like they said in the old MasterCard commercials . . .


putting a smile on a masochist’s face



Those Distinctive Stripes

Those Distinctive Stripes

Don’t those distinctive stripes from the mark of my cane look so much more dramatic in those grainy shades of dark and light, black and white?

I’m working and training my eye with exercises from a photography text at the moment.

But, to be honest, none of them have provided the inspiration that I get from Molly’s prompts.

Those Distinctive Stripes


Sinful Sunday


Those Distinctive Stripes – Cane Marks for Sinful Sunday Week 167

I usually find Molly’s monthly prompts inspiring.

Take the Triptych Challenge as an example. Prior to Molly’s Triptych Challenge we’d never created an image of that sort.  Now, upon occasion, I’m finding that Serafina shoots images in series of three, all with the idea of creating new inventive triptych images.

Of course this month’s challenge was a black and white image, converted from color.  After initially forgetting the date was June 1, I submitted a pic of myself, hard at play (the expression “hard at work” seems backwards to me – I certainly play harder than I work!) with our new love Sinnja.  The post was called, Getting It Right This Time.

Then I posted a far more erotic image at my SpiritualBDSM blog, in a post called Sinnful Shaving . . .!  I really like that image.  It’s far more striking in black and white than it is in color.

And that got me to looking at more and more of my pictures in a different light.  Although perhaps it’s not the light that’s changing, but the colors and tonality.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m seeing instead of colors, in shades of dark and light, black and white.

Inspiration is a wonderful gift!

Thank you once again, my dear Molly, for everything, and especially for making my Sunday’s Sinful!!!


Feeling a little sinful this Sunday? Just click on the Sinful Sunday logo and find many other delightfully sinful images. 

Sinful Sunday

My Whip Isn’t All Sinnja Kisses

My Whip Isn’t All Sinnja Kisses

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Art of Erotic Slavery

My whip isn’t all Sinnja kisses . . .

I’m sure you’ll see more and more of her here at the Joy of Kink blog as time passes.

Sinnja is a beautiful and delightful lady.

There’s no denying that she’s already a fixture in our hearts.

It’s gone so far already that there’s no denying that she’s a fixture in our lives too.

It’s hard to explain, how deep the affection has grown.

It’s all happened in such a short period of time.

At times it feels just a tad bit overwhelming.

But, there is never a time when it doesn’t feel right.

Yes, that’s my sexy, beautiful, and delightful submissive Sinnja.

She’s training to be a consensual erotic slave.


We joke about it, but it’s really true.

There’s no turning back now.

Our hearts are committed.

My Whip Isn’t All Sinnja Kisses

And, my skin isn’t the end of her reach . . .

She touches my heart!


She is Sinnja Samadhi.

She is also mine!

Celebrating Boobday with Greens!

Celebrating Boobday with Greens!

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Boobday

The theme for this boobday is green.

That seems to be a very timely prompt.

Officially it’s the last few days of spring here. Summer solstice will arrive this very weekend.

The passing of seasons are beautiful and powerful moments in nature.

So everything in the landscape is green and lively.

Full of life, and full of color!

Is there a better way to celebrate the passing of spring into summer, then by barring my breasts to share all the color, all the life . . .

All the lovely green . . .

Celebrating Boobday with Greens!


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