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The Mostest Hostess – Serafina Samadhi

my slave, wife, partner in all things, my beloved Serafina

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The idea behind the Dramatis personæ series is to introduce my readers to the wonderful cast of characters in my life. This blog was originally intended to portray the story of my love affair with BDSM.  I believe the blog does that pretty well. And, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty difficult to discuss my life without mentioning Serafina. She really is my partner in everything. So, more than anything else, the Joy of Kink… Read More »

Dramatis personæ Samadhi

My Life Is A Dramedy - Meet My Cast of Characters

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dra·ma·tis per·so·nae noun plural \ˌdra-mə-təs-pər-ˈsō-(ˌ)nē, ˌdrä-, –ˌnī\ : the characters or actors in a play, movie, etc. There is no other way to describe the folks I hold near and dear to my heart, my friends and family, than to portray them as a “cast of characters”. Of course I don’t mean to imply that we are all just playing roles, I don’t use the term “character” in that sense at all.  I mean… Read More »