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Happy Independence Day – Please Be Safe and Sane

And, Holiday or Not - Always Keep It Consensual

It’s the 4th of July, which equates to Independence Day here in the USA.  The 1st of July was Canada Day.  That’s a similar celebration without an armed revolution to motivate the festivities. Of course, my thinking today is less about the holiday itself, and more about the tradition of telling folks to have a “safe and sane” 4th of July.  Yes, the BDSM community motto has been taken over… Read More »

It’s Steak and Blowjob Day . . .

Every March 14th

Occasionally I go off on a tangent about the odd holiday (or two.)  The last time was at my blog, and that instance was about National Handcuff Day.  Well, it’s a new dawn, and it’s a new holiday too.  Today, March 14, 2014, is officially Steak and Blowjob Day. Like I said about National Handcuff Day: I wouldn’t kid about such a thing.  Really, I wouldn’t.  Seriously.  I mean,… Read More »

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day from me (and mine) to you (and yours.) May it be a joyous day for you, filled with love, passion, and lots of kinkiness! I wish we could share our dungeon today with all our friends and readers.  We do have a friend coming to visit.  By the time you are reading this, he and I will be doing deliciously naughty things to Serafina.  It’s not a… Read More »