No Google Referrals for NSFW Tumblrs

Tumblr tells crawlers to bug off

So it is now official. The ghetto walls are up and the gates are closed. The adult-Tumblr community is no longer part of the open web. The #pornocalypse has claimed another social media victim. Eros Blog

NSFW Tumblrs Hidden

Late last month, I found out (via that Tumblr has blocked web-crawlers from its blogs with sexual content.

To be honest, I’m not surprised.  It seems to follow a general trend on the web these days.

The current business atmosphere has become less and less friendly to sexuality and adult content.

Now, the Internet itself is beginning to turn a cold shoulder on folks who create and/or share images with nudity and sexual content.

It’s actually my thinking that the real problems for sex bloggers etc. aren’t truly coming from service providers like Tumblr.  Although those providers are certainly being forced giving in to outside pressures.

it’s the bankers

I’m no expert on the business side of the adult-entertainment industry.  However, I do know that finding institutions to process credit cards has been a long-term problem.

A few years ago, I heard a lot about BDSM toy vendors having issues with PayPal.  It was a hit and miss thing.

Obviously, there are kinky vendors still successfully using PayPal for payment.  I never understood (and I’m sure many vendors didn’t either) what did or didn’t cause problems in such widely scattered cases.

I know of a pair of toy makers that simply closed up shop.  Some vendors migrated from PayPal to FourSquare.

That may mitigate their problems for now.  But it’s no guarantee the problem won’t simply rear it’s head again.

FetLife’s Financial Follies

Several months ago, FetLife began having issues with their merchant accounts.  Big trouble.

Suddenly credit card contributions to the site weren’t being processed.  This created panic, (at least for a day.)  Then, it elicited changes in the Fetlife’s rules of conduct.  It was necessary to comply with their bank’s requirements.

That crisis elicited changes in the Fetlife’s rules of conduct.  We were all told it was necessary to comply with their bank’s requirements.  If I’m remembering correctly, another round of changes to Fet’s rules followed a short while later.

And still, the bankers weren’t satisfied.  The demands eventually became too much to bear.  Now, FetLife no longer accepts contributions via credit card.

Q. Why doesn’t FetLife accept Credit Cards or Paypal?
We understand that it’s a major inconvenience for many of you. But due to the number of content restrictions that come with accepting credit cards, the community as a whole has decided it’s best for our long-term health and viability not to accept them.

If we wanted to accept credit cards we couldn’t allow kinksters on FetLife to discuss watersports, hypnosis, period sex, blood play, edge play, consensual non-consent, and many other kinks commonly accepted by the kinky community.

Ummm, by period sex, does John Baku mean roleplaying the 1700’s?

Probably not.

wave buh-bye to search engines

The summation is simple.  Search engines will no longer index NSFW Tumblr blogs.  There’s a giant note on the service entrance where web-crawlers would enter – No Bots Welcome! and may be somewhat more friendly to web crawlers.  However, there are a number of features available to most bloggers, that are unavailable to sex bloggers.

That’s growing more and more common everywhere it seems.

For instance, there’s Google AdSense.  It can be a nice source of supplementary income for some folks with a web presence.  It is, however, no longer available for blogs with sexual content.

Google+ has been notorious for taking down the profiles of sex bloggers.  I think that’s also true with individuals involved with the adult entertainment industry.

For that matter, Google Play has never really been open to any sort of adult content apps.  I’m told the same is true for the Apple store.

Facebook seems permissive sometimes.  Other times, not so much.  Enforcement of their unseen rules seems arbitrary at best.  At worst, it looks completely random.

With the current political climate in the United States, it’s quite possible these trends will only get worse.

Sadly, the culture we live in is not sex-positive.

Society says “Don’t talk about sex, just do it.”

Bangambiki Habyarimana

The Great Pearl of Wisdom

last word

This news about Tumblr blogs isn’t likely life changing for anyone.  Some folks will need to adapt.  For others, it probably doesn’t matter at all.

These changes could even provide some peace of mind for individuals with an exhibitionistic streak.  They are now free to post on Tumblr knowing they won’t show up among a friend’s Google search results.

For me, I made one minor adjustment.  I started an “image du jour” feature on this blog.  In the past, I would have shared that “art” over at Tumblr.

I found myself pondering the changes over at Tumblr.  And, I decided I may as well share everything here…

Trump Tweets Transgender Armed Forces Ban

their willingness to put themselves in harm's way somehow isn't enough?

Before any American points a finger at President Putin and calls him nasty names, they should recognize that a lot of Americans agree with Putin on his stance against homosexual and transgender people.

Henry Rollins

It turns out the statement by Henry Rollins, a long-time human rights activist, was prescient.

There are indeed a lot of people whose beliefs are similar to Vladimir Putin when it comes to transgender and homosexual individuals.

Sadly, one of them is our own President.

Reacting to Trump’s Transgender Twitterstorm

I’m sure you’ve already heard about Donald Trump’s twitterstorm…

OK.  Considering the frequency with which “the Donald” tweets, I should probably be more specific.

I’m referring to the three tweets from July 26th, 2017.  The tweets where he announced a ban on transgendered individuals serving in the armed forces.

It’s pretty clear, from all indications, that this is a political move on Trump’s part.

This is an issue that was already settled for our armed forces.  Transgendered people are currently serving in the military.

As many as 15,000 patriotic transgendered citizens currently serve in the military.  The sky hasn’t fallen.  National defense has not been compromised.

no reason… none

Trump’s tweets seemingly jumped the gun on this issue too, catching military leadership unprepared.

Only a month ago, Defense Secretary James Mattis called for a six-month study of armed services policies regarding transgendered persons.  Action on the issue was to be deferred until the study’s completion.

For those who believe the real reason was cost, check again.  The US military spends more on Viagra/Cialis alone than it costs to support their transgendered population.

There are already 15,000 patriotic, transgender Americans serving in our military, and this ban will cause a huge disruption. Furthermore, this puts the careers of patriotic transgender Americans on the line who want nothing more than to serve their country.

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

Our armed forces are 100% volunteer.

That means the brave transgendered who are in the military stepped forward for duty.  They chose to serve in defense of their country.

There is no good reason to deny them that opportunity.



The counter reaction to Trump’s tweets was swift and vigorous.

Chelsea Manning (perhaps a catalyst for Trump’s move) replied quickly.  So did Caitlyn Jenner (who had been a vocal Trump supporter.)

The United States armed forces even pushed back.

I know there are questions about yesterday’s announcement on the transgender policy by the President.  There will be no modifications to the current policy until the President’s direction has been received by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary has issued implementation guidance.

Marine General Joseph Dunford

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Admittedly, the President does have his defenders.

They are the people referred to by Henry Rollins.  They are the people who voted for Trump.

Because of their religious beliefs and/or conservative values, they refuse to accept the transgendered.

Not in their schools.  Not in their churches.  And certainly not in their military.

It’s that political constituency the twitterstorm plays towards.

But it’s not what it seems.

Trump’s tweets are not meant to give our country a better military.  No, they are meant to paint the Democrats into a corner in the rust-belt states.  Places where supporters of transgender rights are not the majority.

The whole thing is designed to put Trump’s opponents on the defensive.  It’s all political…

As a veteran, Senator Ernst served alongside fellow service members from all different backgrounds and parts of the country.  While she believes taxpayers shouldn’t cover the costs associated with a gender reassignment surgery, Americans who are qualified and can meet the standards to serve in the military should be afforded that opportunity.

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)

- spokesperson - Brook Hougesen

politics suck

I never imagined I’d feel a great need to write about our armed forces.

Perhaps a special greeting on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.  But, that’s about it.

It’s not a topic that generally jives well with a sexuality blog.

I want to say up front, that it absolutely sucks to have to put anything dealing with politics here on my blog.

I didn’t want to do it.

And, I still don’t want to get political.  Life, however, doesn’t always present easy choices.  This is one of those times.

I’ve been inside politics.

Worked as a press secretary, campaign manager, a Chief of Staff.  Even managed to get myself elected once.  Before that, I spent close to a decade as a community organizer.

Then, close to ten years ago, I walked away from it all.  Left in disgust.

All too often, politics these days involves betrayal.  I was having none of that.  It was all making me ill.

Wanting no part of that circus anymore, politics was dead to me.  And, I swore not to drag that carcass here.

Whether you’re transgender or not, most of us get to a point in our lives where we can no longer lie to ourselves.

Laverne Cox

reality bites

Then the realization hit.  Sometimes staying silent would be a greater injustice than sullying my blog with politics.

In this case, the topic intersects with the blog’s mission anyway.

I’m here to write about kink.  Fetish.  BDSM.  Exploring paganism.  Tantra.

I want to explore all things sexual.  Revel in the exotic and the erotic.

I’d like to pass on some of what I’ve learned about kink.  And, share a little bit of the history of sexuality that I’ve studied.  Perhaps pass along relevant news from time to time.

I want my words to paint pictures in your mind.  I hope my illustrations and pictures can speak to you like words.

In order to explore these topics, I need to work from a place of sexual freedom.  I have to strive for an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance.

I loathe the thought of making politics a regular part of Michael’s Way.  But, there’s no escaping the topic.

Political issues and decisions affect the atmosphere I work in.  They impact my sexual freedoms.  Ultimately, the laws of the land even determine my ability to be a sex blogger.

With that in mind, I cannot afford to be silent.  None of us can…

You know, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender – people are people.

Judith Light

OMFG It Stings! – The Spider Bite Stiffy

now THAT's a love bite . . .

Phoneutria nigriventer

It’s a truly wicked looking spider.  Even a quick glance at this creature seems to signal it’s bad intent.

For individuals with arachnophobia, there really is something here to fear.



Highly venomous.

In fact, calling this little beast ‘highly venomous’ is a significant understatement.

It’s currently listed by Guinness World Records, the official site of ultimate record-breaking facts & achievements, as the most venous spider on the planet.

The scientific name for this spider is Phoneutria nigriventer, but it goes by many others.  A good number of arachnids are known as ‘banana spider’, this is one of them.

From the word armadeiras in Brazilian Portuguese, it’s also one of the species known as ‘armed spiders’.

And, it has another common name that’s quite descriptive.

aka the Brazillian Wandering Spider

If the illustrations I’ve provided of the Brazillian Wandering Spider make it look imposing, that’s because it is a spectacular creature.

They grow in size until they are between 5″ and 6″ across.

Unlike other spiders that build webs, or hunt from lairs, this little beast wanders the jungle floor at night.  Hunting for prey.

During the day they like to hide in dark moist places.

In nature that means termite mounds, under rocks and downed tree limbs.  Inside bundles of bananas, and some favored species of plants.

It also means they are drawn to human dwellings.  They hide under buildings.  In houses, cars, clothes, boots, and boxes.

Anywhere it’s dark and damp.

In the Brazillian and Central American jungles, the habitat where these arachnids live, most everything is damp.

Front legs raised, Phoneutria nigriventer in it’s characteristic defensive posture. 

it may not kill you, but …

Yes, the bite of the Brazillian Wandering Spider is potentially deadly.

The venom will cause paralysis, and ultimately asphyxiation.  Tragically, there are confirmed cases of infant mortality.

The first bit of good news I can offer — Phoneutria nigriventer‘s jaws are not well adapted to piercing skin.


Meaning, despite the venom’s extreme toxicity, this spider’s bite is rarely fatal.

But the side effects of even small amounts of Brazillian Wandering Spider venom come with a very real kick.

It may not kill you, but …

The erection is a side effect that everybody who gets stung by this spider will experience along with the pain and discomfort.

Romulo Leite

Medical College of Georgia


While generally not deadly to individuals beyond the age of infancy, the bite of the Brazillian Wandering Spider does have a very significant toxic effect.

It begins with intense generalized pain.  Everywhere.  And severe inflammation.

If that’s doesn’t sound bad enough, just wait.  Lying there, body racked with excruciating pain, there is still another effect coming.

Adding insult to serious injury…

It’s a hard-on.

The stiff dick is also in excruciating pain, just like everything else.

And it won’t go away!

Remember those Viagra commercials?  The ones warning you to seek medical attention if an erection lasts more than four hours?

Believe it or not, this is going to be one of those…

If you get an erection lasting more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury.

Eli Lilly and Company

Cialis website

report to the emergency room

So, if you have a penis, and you’ve been bitten by one of those fucking Brazillian Wandering Spiders, it’s time for a trip to the emergency room.

Do not pass Go!  Do not collect $200.

Get your silly spider bitten ass off to the closest doctor available.

If you’d like to keep using your dick, that is…

I’m not going to bore you, my dear reader, with all the medical explanations for why a long lasting erection is dangerous.

Suffice it to say that it is so.  (Along with an open invitation to research the topic yourself if you don’t believe me.  Here’s a link to start – Priapism.)

All I’ll say is this – the likely result of untreated priapism (whether caused by spiders or pharmaceuticals) will be a lifetime of total impotence.

Also, I will not describe one potential medical treatment for the never-ending erection, lest I discourage you from seeking the immediate medical your certainly will need.

It’s gruesome.  But not nearly as bad as the alternative.

potential medical uses

Despite the extreme pain this spider’s bite causes, it should be no great surprise that the venom’s ability to create a strong erection is of great interest to science.

By science, at least in this case, I mean pharmaceutical companies.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are huge money makers.  I’ve read that the biggest profits in the drug manufacturer’s arsenal come from ED medicines.

It makes sense.  The potential market for the pills is huge.  Sooner or later, if a man lives long enough, it’s pretty much inevitable he’s going to have erectile issues.  For some, those issues can creep up as early as middle-age.

And, the mechanism in Brazillian Wandering Spider’s venom that causes hard-ons works differently than existing drugs like viagra.

So, drug manufacturers are very excited at the potential of a new drug.  It could potentially be as big, or even bigger, than viagra.

I’d wager the thought of all those profits is giving some drug executive a stiffy right now.

How Will the Potty Police Know?

absolutely awesome activism!

“How will the Potty Police know I’m transgender if the Governor doesn’t?”

Sometimes you have to fight for what you know is right.

Ashley Smith knows that.  And, she really is fighting the good fight.

I have to say, she’s doing it very well!

In my 20’s and 30’s, I spent ten years as a community organizer.  Looking back, it might very well have been the best years of my life.

It’s a great feeling, fighting for a good cause.  When it’s done right, it can change society.

That’s the road Ashley Smith is on.

Ashley created a wonderful message.  It’s brilliant really.

A picture can say a thousand words.

A great caption is the icing on the cake.

I don’t need to explain the wrong headed Texas “bathroom bill” to you.

She summed it up quite well in a single sentence.

I don’t need to detail how wrong it is for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to support such foolishness.

She took care of that too.

Brilliant work Ashley … You go girl!

Who Won the MLB All-Star Game?

my vote's for Bettie Page

The MLB baseball game was played a few nights ago.  I missed it.

I’ve been a huge baseball fan my whole life.  Still, I missed the MidSummer Classic this year.

I played a lot of baseball when I was young.  I was pretty good too.

Got to be part of a tryout for a Cincinnati Reds scout when I was 15.  Well, me and 20 other boys.

Still, it was one of the most exciting days of my youth.  Back before I truly discovered the joys of the bedroom.

I could make excuses about the game … In all honesty, I just forgot.  Perhaps I’m getting old? Yes, I suppose I am.

It may be July 14th on the calendar, but I’m still celebrating the 13th.  “Today” was my birthday.

I’ve got everything I might want.  Have been blessed with experience.

I’ve lived my life without many of the compromises other men make.  Perhaps I’ve made a few of my own that other’s didn’t.

That’s the cost of being individualistic.  It’s a price I’ll gladly pay.

And that’s my gift to you, dear reader.  Some birthday advice.

Endeavor to live your life without regrets.  Don’t be afraid to truly march to the beat of your own drum.  The things (and people) who stand between you and being authentic are likely not the most important things.  If they are, perhaps it’s time to re-examine your path.

And don’t forget to vote for Bettie Page on next year’s all-star ballot.

Joker and Harley Quinn Shot in the Act

cops wound Aussie cosplayers at sex party

Cosplayers are generally fun and adventurous individuals.

Downunder in Australia, they may be more adventurous than most.

At Melbourne’s Inflation Nightclub, cosplay and sex play have been combined to create a weekly party called Saints and Sinners.

It’s billed as “world’s raunchiest party where just about anything goes.”

Last weekend, the swinger’s party was crashed by a group of individuals wearing police tactical gear.  Complete with riot shields and ballistic helmets.

They weren’t cosplayers.

They were local law enforcement.

The result was nearly fatal for one man dressed as the Joker.  He was shot in the torso.  He was also zapped with a Tazer.

His partner in “crime”, Harley Quinn, was also wounded. Shot in the leg.

The shooting occurred just moments after the police entered the nightclub.  A mere 32 seconds elapsed between the time law enforcement entered the club and when they employed lethal force.

Venue staff have stated that the male victim was not holding anything in his hand but rather he was in a compromising position with his female partner, which is a normal activity with the nature of this event.

Martha Tsamis

Owner, Inflation Nightclub

police overreact?

From the size of the police response, you might have thought the Joker was some real life villain.  A nefarious character like the one found in comic books.

More than 40 officers of the Critical Incident Response Team were involved in the raid.

They were heavily armed. Some carried semi-automatic weapons.

This tactical team rushed into a sex club at 3:53 am.  Less than a minute later, there were two victims of the police shooting.  One with a leg wound, the other shot in the back.

Remember, just about anything goes … there are open areas where people are talking, dancing, drinking, meeting, feeling and… there are more secluded areas where people can play a little more discreetly.

Inflation Nightclub website

justified response?

Despite the fact that two unarmed individuals were wheeled out of the club on stretchers (one in critical condition,) the police seem satisfied with the outcome.

Their justification for the shooting?

They claim the Joker waved a weapon in their direction, drawing their gunfire.

“If you look at all the circumstances when a gun is aimed at you, and you ask somebody to drop the gun and that does not occur, you need to make a split-second decision to protect yourself,” Police Superintendent Lisa Hardeman explained.

“The public expects a prompt and appropriate response by police to calls such as this, particularly in our heightened security environment,” said Wayne Gatt, secretary of the local Police Association.

Gatt continued to say that police were, “Trained to take and act on threats at their highest potential.”

But club patrons and staff don’t report feeling protected by this paramilitary police presence.  

And, they report the Joker was brandishing a different kind of “gun”.

Those witnesses say he was involved in an intimate act with his partner as police stormed the club.

kinky lives matter?

Several hours after the event, police seized the hard drive containing records of the incident from the club’s internal security cameras.

In those video records, police officers are shown first arriving at the club over an hour before the shooting occurred.  Footage from those security cameras shows them on the scene at 2:52 am.  

Yes, those officers were responding to reports that a patron at the Saints and Sinners Ball was armed with a gun.  But, camera footage shows those officers calmly interacting with security guards and patrons, not rushing in to save innocent lives.

In the hour between their arrival and the shooting, police are also said to have watched the Joker from one of Inflation’s in-house monitors.

Law enforcement was told by a security guard that the gun was a plastic replica.  Security inspects props of that kind upon entry to the club, it’s part of their standard protocols.

Club security also reports that police ignored their suggestion to have an undercover officer enter the club to assess the scene.

Michael’s way

Besides the fact that law enforcement wounded two individuals, one critically.

Beyond the fact that a paramilitary team of 40 heavily armed officers, dressed in all triot gear, stormed a sex club just before 4 am.

Ignoring the fact that law enforcement was told in advance that the gun was a fake.  A replica.  A toy.

This still stinks.

There’s bad history here that makes this story smell like an open-air fish market at closing on a hot summer day.

Police recently tried to have the club restricted, wanting it to close by 1 am.  They failed.

Law enforcement recently raided Inflation, on a busy night, alleging rampant drug trafficking.  Drug dogs were brought in.  Every patron of the club was searched.

Local media was tipped off in advance of that drug raid.  Of course, that meant all patrons of Inflation who were attending that evening’s party were filmed leaving the venue after the raid.

Would it surprise you to learn that no drugs were found?  No weed.  No cocaine or smack.  No pills.  Nothing.

This is a playbook version of how law enforcement harasses adult businesses.

It’s not every day that they get to call out the tactical response team.  Granted, they usually don’t go to the length of shooting anyone.

Please do not misunderstand. I love the police when they are protecting me from violent crime or robbery.  Perhaps less so when they are doing speed enforcement and the like, but I know it’s necessary.

If a sex club needs a police presence, they will quickly call you.  OK?

Otherwise, can you just stay the fuck out of sex clubs, BDSM parties, and the like?

We are kinky, not criminal.

Please, “Just say NO!” to harassing kinky folk.

You know, it’s not even our choice to be kinky.  We were born this way!


all that glitter tits is gold

there's a lady who's sure

Disco tits.

Glitter boobs.

Glitter tits.

However you may choose to say it, these sparklies are the early summer 2017 sensation.

Or so I’m told.

Because of the competitive media atmosphere we live in, stories can sometimes go viral and create sensations, rather than reporting them.

So, I’m not always 100% sure what’s really making a splash, and what’s really only in vogue with a few news outlets that are really just copying each other.

I guess sometimes it doesn’t really matter …

what are glitter boobs?

Essentially, glitter tits are a new beauty trend most likely to be encountered at festivals, beaches, concerts, and/or pride marches.

To get the glitter boob effect, women cover their breasts with nipple tassels, sparkly multi-colored gems, sparkly body paint, and glitter (held in place with makeup glue.)

Glitter buns and glitter hair are also phenomena worth mentioning.  The Gypsy Shrine even features pictures of men sporting glitter beards.

gypsy shrine – queens of glitter

The best I can tell, the real moving force behind this trend is a beauty/accessory company called The Gypsy Shrine.

Just about anyone can create glitter boobs, or any glitter body art for that matter.  A number of video tutorials for creating this effect have recently appeared on the web.

But the ladies of the Gypsy Shrine have taken this art a step beyond.  They produce and market the cosmetic glitter, face jewels, and body jewels that bedazzles the beautiful women seen sporting this adventurous look.

glitter tits are trendy

Just look at the media coverage …

Cosmopolitan – “Disco Tits” Are Music Festival Season’s Sparkly New Alternative to Wearing a Shirt
New York Post – How glitter boobs became the summer’s hottest festival trend
Maxim – 10 Reasons Why ‘Glitter Boobs’ Are Summer’s Hottest Music Festival Trend
Mirror – Glitter boobs are the hot new beauty trend taking over Glastonbury
Daily Mail – Glitter Boobs are the biggest trend at Glastonbury as campers cast aside their inhibitions (and their clothing) in favour of sparkly breasts

Yves Saint Laurent featured the look in their SS17 show.  I’m told it was all the rage at the Coachella festival, as well as Glastonbury.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.  Glitter boobs are hot.  They are sexy.  And, they are here!

glitter boobs are sexy

Trend, or not, glitter boobs got media attention because they are sexy.

Sexy sells.

The ladies doing the decorating understand that fact.  Their Instagram feed is full, not only beautiful body decoration, but also beautiful bodies.

Cosmo, the Post, Mirror, Daily Mail, and Maxim understand too.

I can only imagine the editors at Maxim when they figured out the synergies at work here …

“So, you are telling me we can post pictures of bare-chested beautiful young women, we don’t need to pay them to model, and we get to wrap the whole thing up under the banner of “news”?  You gotta be kidding!”

glitter tits and Malcolm McLaren

Glitter boobs, at least on the surface, remind me of another fashion that came out of the UK.  Back in the late 1970’s, another, much bigger story, a true media sensation, swept around the globe.

I’m thinking punk rock, Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten, etc.

Malcolm McLaren who managed the Sex Pistols, was largely the mastermind behind the punk movement.  He supplied the fashions that Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Steve Jones, and Paul Cook wore as the Sex Pistols from a boutique he ran with his girlfriend.

The boutique’s name?  ‘SEX’.

Like I said, sex sells.

get them while they last!

You should probably also realize this isn’t a party that will last forever.  No party ever does.

There’s the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”  If ever there was a thing that sounded too good to be true, it’s glitter boobs.

Yes, glitter tits are a spontaneous wonder.  A sudden cultural phenomenon.

But, wait ’till next year at Glastonbury, when a horde of middle-aged “creepers” descends on the festival to see all the young nubile wildlife on full display.

How will the ladies sporting boob glitter feel about being ogled by large numbers of men old enough to be their fathers?

About the same time as the men gather to form the horde, I’d expect the wives of those same middle-aged men to cry out that these young women are being exploited.

After all, their logic will invariably state, we shouldn’t be encouraging young ladies to bare their chests.  It’s demeaning.

Obviously, no matter how much fun the girls appear to be having, to their eyes this is sexploitation.

In places where bare breasts are not allowed, (many places in the United States,) I’d also anticipate legislation aimed at stopping displays of “boob glitter” in lieu of clothing.

It’s all too predictable, the way that adventurous new cultural trends (like glitter boobs) will likely be torn down.

Michael’s way

Some may think glitter boobs are hip and trendy.

Others are perhaps of the opinion that women demean themselves with displays of this kind.

Those aren’t the most salient arguments here at Michael’s Way.

In fact, there’s really no argument at all.

I think glitter tits are great.

Obviously, I’m not the only one that likes this new trend …

Attorney by Day – Dominatrix at Night

is domme attorney legally binding?

Alisha Smith, former Assistant State’s Attorney General for the State of New York

In our sexually repressed society, we just love it when “normal” people are exposed to have kinky sex lives. The bigger the disparity between the person’s “regular” daytime pursuits and their nighttime shenanigans, the better. And while we know better here at Above the Law, the outside world tends to think “lawyer” is about as conservative a day job as possible. It’s a profession of discretion. So when the New York Post found a lawyer, a government lawyer no less, who gets paid to be a dominatrix on the side, it was going to be big news….

Elie Mystal

Above the Law

A previous version of this article was published on October 18, 2011.

domme scandal – assistant NY AG resigns

Alisha Smith, an Assistant State’s Attorney General for the State of New York, resigned from her position yesterday amid scandal and allegations that she was moonlighting as a paid professional dominatrix.

Smith made the announcement in a news conference, where she was joined by her attorney, Gloria Allred. Described by one source as simply a “high powered attorney” but by another as a “celebrity rabble-rousing lawyer”, Allred appears to be a controversial figure in her own right.

Allegedly known as “Alisha Spark” in the BDSM scene, the Attorney General’s office suspended Smith last month over allegations that she had used her fetish activities as a secondary source of income to her $78,000 a year position in the Attorney General’s office. It’s established policy in New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office that employees must seek permission to engage in activities earning more than $1,000.

Smith says that she was asked a number of intimate and personal questions about her sexual habits and proclivities while under investigation by her employer, and she feels mistreated by the suspension without pay. At yesterday’s news conference, Ms. Smith and her attorney appeared to be laying the groundwork for some kind of future legal action.

Here are a pair of quotes from that event so you can decide her future intentions for yourself:

“All their actions towards me have been extremely disturbing because I have never accepted any money or payment from any outside source for anything while I have been employed by the NY Attorney General’s office,” Alisha Smith said.

“Employers do not have the right to go on fishing expeditions into an employee private sexual activities and an employee should not have to sacrifice their privacy about their sex life in order to keep a job,” Gloria Allred said.

I agree that employees deserve a measure of privacy, I’d even agree that they should be free from “fishing expeditions” into their private sexual activities. I’ll even go so far as to take Alisha Smith’s words and statements all at face value.

Alisha Smith, Attorney by day

Alisha Smith – Domme at night

As if to show she has not a whit of shame about her extracurricular high-jinks, Smith brought two photos of herself to the press conference in which she’s dressed as her alter ego — in a low-cut pink spandex get-up for Valentine’s Day, black spandex for Halloween.

Andrea Peyser

New York Post

what’s “fair” in public service?

Under the premise that we are innocent until proven guilty, and lacking any concrete evidence to the contrary, I think it’s best to move forward with the assumption that Ms Smith did not accept any money in return for scenes as a dominatrix.

It’s not difficult to imagine that Alisha and Jade Vixen conspired together in dominating paid clients. Good submissives are hard to find, so it’s not beyond belief that one Domme decided to share a submissive male with her friend. Assuming Ms Vixen alone received compensation, the submissive client still might leave with the impression that Ms Smith was part of the package, part of the service that had been purchased.

If that scenario is anywhere close to what actually occurred, a practicing attorney might satisfy themselves that they were within the law, having scrupulously avoided accepting any compensation. What she likely failed to consider is that when working for an elected official, the appearance of impropriety is as bad as the actual act.

Is it “fair” that Alisha Smith lose her job because she has a passion for dominance? Nope
Is it “fair” that Alisha Smith lose her job because she was a play partner to a pro domme? Nope
Is it “fair” that Alisha Smith lose her job because she choose to attend BDSM play parties? Nope

The problem is when we put those questions together . . .

Famous in the S&M world for her skillful spandex-clad spankings, Smith, while not denying her freaky ways, says she did not make money trolling the dungeons while working for the state’s top law-enforcement official, a job she’s held since 2002.

Andrea Peyser

New York Post

By playing at public BDSM parties Alisha Smith took her sexuality into a public arena, voluntarily losing at least some measure of privacy. Twittering back and forth with a friend left behind a record of attending at least one of those events.

The fact that the friend is a sex professional further complicates the issue.

None of that is a terrible problem for you or me.  But, the rules are a bit different when working for a public official.

Let’s be honest with each other here, ok? There is a higher standard that applies when your salary is paid for by tax dollars. The rules really are a bit different when working for somebody who’s elected.

No matter how much we might wish to stand for sexual freedoms, there is no getting around the fact that going to BDSM play parties in the company of professional Dominatrix Jade Vixen while an employee of the Attorney General’s office was an act of extremely poor judgment.

Alisha Smith should have realized the danger her extra-curricular activities would pose to a public figure. She should have recognized the dangerous position in which she had placed herself. While the BDSM community as a whole is becoming more and more tolerant, that’s not necessarily the trend among registered voters.

Michael’s Way

I’m not a fan of frivolous lawsuits, and I’m a strong believer in self-discipline, in self-responsibility. I hope everyone here just walks away a bit wiser.

My primary hope is that everyone here just walks away a bit wiser.

I think it’s time to move on over to private practice Alisha, not because you have any reason to be ashamed of what you have done, but because you are worth more than $78K. I’d think a beautiful, intelligent, not to mention powerful, woman such as yourself could do better simply allowing men to grovel at your feet, occasionally flicking a whip or unleashing an insult.

By design, that would be Michael’s way …

Alisha Smith, with attorney Gloria Allred (background)

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An Ignoble End

not how most wish to be remembered

Masturbating man, Pompeii, 79 CE

This is the story of a man from Pompeii who came to a most ignoble end with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

We don’t really know anything about the man.  We’ll never know his hopes and dreams, not his profession nor his personal interests.

The only thing we know about him is his position when he died, the day a wall of volcanic ash devastated everything he knew.  To be honest, it’s not exactly a position in which most of us would wish to be buried.

This is my rifle, this is my gun; this is for fighting this is for fun.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

Full Metal Jacket

At least he went out with his gun in his hand . . .

Rest in peace Pompeii masturbating man.

I’m sure at the moment you came to your somewhat sordid end, you weren’t thinking you’d be famous 2000 years later.  But here you are.

But now one image of a man preserved at Pompeii has gone viral over the weekend for a slightly lower-brow reason. People have been speculating that he was preserved in one final act of self-love, because, well, it really does look like that might be the case.

IFL Science

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