make themselves victims? really? seriously?

Allegations linger that the nation’s largest Baptist school repeatedly mishandled abuse complaints…

WACO, Texas — A court filing this week reveals that the former interim president of Baylor University referred to some women who said they had been sexually assaulted as willing victims, amid lingering allegations that the nation’s largest Baptist school repeatedly mishandled or stifled claims of sexual and physical abuse.

The remark came in an email exchange last year between David Garland and a Baylor administrator. The email was obtained by lawyers for 10 women who are suing Baylor on claims the school ignored their allegations.

Garland also said in the email that he had heard a radio interview with an author who chronicled her alcoholism at college, the Waco Tribune-Herald reports . He wrote in the email that the interview “added another perspective for me of what is going on in the heads of some women who may seem willingly to make themselves victims.”

He then cited verses in the New Testament referring to God’s wrath on those who commit sexual sin.

The plaintiffs in Wednesday’s federal court filing argue that it’s central to their case that Garland “would conclude that these young women made themselves willing victims of sexual assault” and “would then immediately find relevance in ‘God’s wrath’ upon them.”

Washington Post, Ex-Baylor president: Some women ‘make themselves victims’

Dr. David E. Garland, former interim President at Baylor University

Look, there is something seriously wrong with an individual who characterizes any sexual abuse survivors as “willing to make themselves victims”.  Seriously.  Wrong.

This isn’t the kind of person who should be educating our youth, no matter their age.  I’d be just as uncomfortable with him leading a kindergarten class as I am with him being the titular head of a major university.

Garland is a victim shamer, pure and simple.  Victim shamers have no place in our educational system.

‘Nuff said?

Best wishes to the women seeking redress for their treatment at the hands of Baylor.  If Garland’s attitudes are reflective of the university as a whole, I’d guess they have good cause…

butterflies flutter thinking forever

We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

I was a huge fan of Carl Sagan’s growing up.  It wouldn’t really be a stretch to say he was my biggest hero and role model.

Did that make me a geek?


I was a proud geek.  Probably still am…

The quote serves as a reminder to myself – Carpe diem!

isn’t that what equality is for?

Patrick Mulcahey | Quote of the Day | 9/17/2017

It may be that for the first time, a majority of LGBT Americans — I’m talking sheer numbers now, without reference to class, race or any other factor — feel assimilated into the mainstream. Even our celebrities: Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Laverne Cox, RuPaul, they’re everyone else’s celebrities too. We sometimes hear older gay folk complain that millennials take equality for granted, but isn’t that what equality is for?

Patrick Mulcahey

First, Be a Human Being

go into chaos

Orsho | Quote of the Day | 9-16-2017

When you are making love don’t control. Go into uncontrol, go into chaos. It will be fearful, frightening, because it will be a kind of death. And the mind will say “Control!” And the mind will say, “Jump in and keep control, otherwise you will be lost in the abyss of it.” Don’t listen to the mind, get lost. Abandon yourself utterly and without any technique you will come to see a timeless experience. There will be no two in it: oneness. A consciousness will be there, a lucid passive consciousness will be there, you will know what is happening because you will be fully aware. But you will not be there; awareness will be there. You have to imbibe the Tantra spirit – it is not a technique to be learned.


This Very Body the Buddha, Vol. 1, Talk #8

Dom as the Chef

Tammad Rimilia | Quote of the Day | 9/15/2017

The analogy I like (and it didn’t originate with me) is to liken the Sub to a patron at a restaurant, with the Dom as the chef. The chef has certain raw ingredients to work with, certain utensils, certain skills, preferences, and training. Presumably, the reason the patron selected this restaurant is due to an interest in this chef’s particular specialties. The patron expresses their general desires for a meal by selecting from the menu, including the daily specials; this is the pre-scene negotiation, conversation.

Now informed about the current mood and tastes of the patron, the chef concocts something wonderful. It may or may not be quite what the patron was expecting, but it’s likely to be very good. If the patron is overly disappointed with the meal they are presented with, they can send it back or leave; this is the “safeword” out of the scene. If the chef managed to delight the senses of the patron, then the patron will undoubtedly be returning for more. And when the chef visits the table afterward to ensure that the meal was enjoyable (this is a classy restaurant, after all!), the post-scene discussion happens.

That’s a sub expressing their needs. That’s the way I like things to work.

Topping from the bottom is when the patron invades the kitchen, demands substitute ingredients, keeps tasting things and throwing more spices in the pots and giving unwelcome advice. Few chefs will tolerate such behavior, unless the setting is a cooking school.

Tammad Rimilia

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