Quote of the Day | 8-12-17

Tantra is alchemy; it can transform your centers, it can transform the other’s centers, it can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of Tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house.


Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 1, Talk #8

Quote of the Day | 8-10-17

You will come in contact with some fecal matter. You are entering a butthole. It is where poop comes out. Expecting to do anal play and see zero poop isn’t particularly realistic. It’s NOT a big deal.

Gigi Engle

Teen Vogue | A Guide to Anal Sex

Quote of the Day | 8-7-17

The anti-pornography movement espouses a traditional view of woman’s sexuality, including the belief that woman do not enjoy pornography, casual sex, genital sex, or sex outside the context of romantic relationship …This Victorian image … is one of the feminine stereotypes the woman’s movement should be working against.

Patrick Califia-Rice

Public Sex

Quote of the Day | 8-6-17

Sometimes I think I may just be an underground thing, but if that’s the way it has to be, that’s it. I’m not really too commercial because I don’t come across. I can’t mix, you see that’s my problem. You have to be able to mix if you want to be in show business. That’s why I say I may be an underground thing.

Van Morrison

Quote of the Day | 8-5-17

Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Quote of the Day | 8-4-17

Up so close I never get to see your face.
Microscope I might as well be out in space.
Up so close I never get to see the view.
Down your throat I’m never sure if it’s still you.
Up your nose down to your toes.
In your mouth way down south.
Up so close it seems I only think of you.
Up so close I never see the sky so blue.
I only wanted to be sure
That what it was was really pure.
I put my face down in the cake.

John McCrea


Quote of the Day | 8-3-17

Anxiety and desire are two, often conflicting, orientations to the unknown. Both are tilted toward the future. Desire implies a willingness, or a need, to engage this unknown, while anxiety suggests a fear of it. Desire takes one out of oneself, into the possibility or relationship, but it also takes one deeper into oneself. Anxiety turns one back on oneself, but only onto the self that is already known.

Mark Epstein

Open to Desire: Embracing a Lust for Life - Insights from Buddhism and Psychotherapy

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