Getting Inside Deep Throat

dinner and a pair of movies?

Helen: Mind if I smoke, while you’re eating?
Man: No, not at all.

Deep Throat (1972)

finding Deep Throat

It’s said that Deep Throat made pornography what it is today.  That it changed the nature of pornographic sex, from art to money.

I can’t say if that’s true from personal knowledge.  The movie was ever so slightly before my time.

When Deep Throat was originally released, I was 9 years old.  I was a precocious lad.  But, not quite that precocious …

I do remember hearing Deep Throat jokes and innuendos on late night television.  I asked my Dad to explain them.  He didn’t.

Dad was usually pretty straightforward with me.  Not this time.

It only made me work harder to find out what the movie was about.

I found out …

Linda: Suppose your balls were in your ear?
Dr. Young: [pause] Well, then I could hear myself coming!

Deep Throat (1972)

Linda: It makes me feel tingly all over and then nothing… There should be bells ringing, dams busting, bombs going off.
Helen: Do you wanna get off or do you wanna wreck a city?

Deep Throat (1972)

renting Deep Throat

I did get to finally see Deep Throat when I was 22.

It was available from a back room – not much more than a walk-in closet really – at the local gas station/video rental store.  Believe it or not, that was the “classy” option to rent pornography in Rock Island, Illinois, back in 1985.

One Friday night, a friend from my school days rented some movies from the infamous “back room”.

I bought the beer.

Perhaps it was the other way around.  That part is a little bit fuzzy.  Beer will do that to you.

That night, and over the next few weekends, we planned to tour the “Golden Age of Porn”.

That era, from 1969 to 1984, hadn’t been given any particular moniker as of 1985.  But, my friend was a serious porn connoisseur.

My school buddy intended to introduce me to all the films he considered to be the “classics”.

In case you were wondering, for the first night he picked out four films: The Devil in Miss JonesInsatiable, Behind the Green Door, and Deep Throat.

It was a long night …

Wilbur Wang: [on the telephone with Dr. Young] You gotta help me. I’m in love with Linda. We want to get married… thank you. There’s only one problem – she needs a nine-inch cock.

Deep Throat (1972)

It led to the porno business. Linda Lovelace and Deep Throat turned it into an industry. And like it or hate it, that’s what she’s going to be remembered for, forever.

John Waters

watching Deep Throat

In the event that you aren’t familiar with the movie, the concept is simple.  Linda Lovelace’s clitoris is not located in the normal position.

Instead, her clit is found to be nine inches deep in her throat.

What I remember most about the movie was the cheesy attempts at comedy.  All the bad puns.  The horrid use of cliches.

I watched it again last night, just to refresh my memory.  Time hasn’t been especially kind to this sort of skin flick.  It looks, sounds, and feels dated.  But, it was still rather enjoyable.

The attempts at comedy seem even more dated in 2017 than they felt in 1985.  I guess that should come as no great surprise.

Still, it’s nice to see porn acted in a camp style.  Certainly, not every adult film should be a comedy.  But, that doesn’t mean comedy can’t be fit into an erotic film.

I should also note my belief that the comedic elements are what likely allowed Deep Throat to have such wide appeal.

Laughing at the cheesy jokes served to relieve the uncomfortable sexual tension that can happen when groups watch strong sexual content.

I also think that being a comedy greatly helped Deep Throat become a media sensation.

Comedians (like Johnny Carson) and TV shows (like Sanford and Son) probably felt comfortable poking fun at the movie because Deep Throat was itself a form of comedy.

At least, that’s my theory.

Linda’s special skill

Overall, the sex scenes are not too bad.  Some are fun, some are erotic, some are silly.

It’s not especially well acted.  What porn is?

The sex seems authentic.  For the most part, everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

And yes, I have to say it …

Linda Lovelace is a real sword swallower.

Quite obviously, the movie was built around, not to mention named after, her special skill.  The entire plot is built on finding ways to show that skill off.

She can take a long dick all the way down into her throat as well as anyone.  Very impressive.  In a different time, she might have worked in a circus as a sword swallower.

When people talk about the movie, they talk about Linda. 

Harry Reems plays Dr. Young with a camp style that makes him the second star of the movie.  It had to be great fun to play that role.

Perhaps I should say that Harry’s cock is the movie’s second star.

While he actually appeared in some mainstream movies, his prolific porn career certainly seems to be as much about his equipment as his acting.

The movie became ‘pornographic chic’ in New York before it was busted. Mike Nichols told Truman Capote he shouldn’t miss it, and then the word just sort of got around: This is the first stag film to see with a date.

Roger Ebert

I defended Harry Reems because Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty did. That’s that basis of all my decisions, what those guys do, both then and now.

Dick Cavett

Inside Deep Throat

My first observation is that the use of Dennis Hopper as narrator for this documentary is a plus.  I’m a fan.

But, I wonder if perhaps they were paying him by the word.  It seems his interspersed comments are pretty sparse.

Looking back at that decade, the news clips etc., it does bring back memories.

Nixon was ugly, not just physically.

The feline with the mustache named Hitler was, however, quite cute. And, Harry Reems is still an awesome porn name.

Watching a simple adult movie cause such controversy is a little unsettling.

Seeing the FBI get involved is more than just unsettling.

I’m (obviously) a free speech advocate, so seeing the government charge everyone on down to projectionists with some kind of crime is anything but a hoot.

The government in my bedroom is bad enough, but seeing the mob get involved is scarier still. One theater owner refused to pay his cut, his movie house burnt down.  Or, so the story goes.

Creepiest of all is Larry Parrish, a former federal prosecutor from Memphis.  His obvious zeal to impose his extreme Christian morality on everyone is very disturbing.

Belay that …

feminists and Lovelace

Creepiest of all is Linda Lovelace on stage, with feminists clinging to her.  Claiming to have been a hostage throughout the whole thing.

It’s rather difficult to accept her assertion that, “Everyone that watches Deep Throat is watching me being raped.”

I’m not sure what to make of that.

Individuals involved with the making of Deep Throat insist that Linda was a very willing performer.

Yet, more than her share of bruises are evident in watching the film.

To my eyes, that might be a good metaphor for the entire Deep Throat, aka “porn chic”, era.

Law enforcement and prosecutors were, no doubt, abusive to an entire industry.  It’s possible that stars like Linda were themselves abused.

Then there’s the mob, and their influence in the making and distributing the film.

Deep Throat was a very special film that had a unique influence on society.  It seems like it ushered in a magical time for porn, when anything was possible.

Unless you look in the shadows, that is.  Perhaps the picture isn’t so pretty there …

At one point, Deep Throat was banned in 23 states.

Inside Deep Throat (2005)

In the beginning, Gerard Damiano was a hairdresser. Listening to his clients talk about sex, which in his salon was apparently all they talked about, he realized that pornography had crossover appeal. All you had to do was advertise a movie in such a way that couples would come, instead of only the raincoat brigade. With a budget of $25,000 and an actress named Linda Lovelace, he made “Deep Throat” (1972), which inspired a national censorship battle, did indeed attract couples and grossed $600 million, making it the most profitable movie of all time.

Roger Ebert

Deep Throat bullet points

  • 2002 Hollywood released 467 films. 11,303 adult films were released that year.
  • The obscenity laws used to prosecute Deep Throat’s makers remain unchanged when the documentary was made.
  • It was one of the first hardcore sex films to be shown in mainstream movie theaters.
  • Deep Throat was chosen as one of 100 landmark films of all time in the new “Radio Times Guide to Films 2007”.  The list was selected by the magazine’s film reviewers and staff. Radio Times’ editor Andrew Collins justified the selection by saying their list is not about cinematic quality, but more about the influence a film had on society. “Deep Throat is not necessarily recommended for everyone.  It’s a quite badly made film, but to deny its influence would be pure snobbery,” Collins said.
  • Deep Throat is a landmark pornographic film that launched the brief “porno chic” movement in the `70s.  During this time it became fashionable for couples to attend porn films like Behind The Green Door, Debbie Does Dallas and The Devil In Miss Jones.
  • Celebrities like Johnny Carson, Jack Nicholson, and Barbara Waters admitted to attending adult films during the porno chic era.
  • Filmed in only 6 days, with a total budget of $22,000.
  • As of 2002, it was reported to have grossed $600 million.

Deep Throat forged the sexual revolution, for good or bad.

Larry Flynt

THE END and deep throat to you all!

God and the Chicken Sandwich

when BB King sings about eating chicken, he's not thinking Chick-Fil-A

A version of this post was published at on August 6, 2012.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding Chick-Fil-A‘s?

The company’s primary owners have been giving large contribution to groups working to prevent gay marriage …

Obviously, to my mind, that’s a detestable activity.

Love is love.

Enough said, I hope.

In a case of “turnabout being fair play”, Chick-fil-A is now being inundated with homoerotic Yelp reviews.

The men’s room at this one is single occupancy and has a good lock on the door, FYI. Very discreet.

Carlos R

Chick-Fil-A review by

It’s so very nice to see an issue turned around so beautifully and subversively … 

(Not to mention that the reviews at the bottom of this screenshot are an absolute hoot to read!)

Chick-fil-A says it’s corporate mission is:

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.


To glorify God through the making of chicken sandwiches?

I guess there’s some logic to that if you are a Lutheran …

The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.

Martin Luther

I’m ok with the belief that making good shoes is a tribute to the almighty.  Heck, I’m even ok with someone believing that crafting a superior chicken sandwich is also a tribute to God.

Me?  I’d argue that good craftsmanship is a credit to the craftsman, not to a higher power.  But, it’s not an argument I’d waste much time espousing.  Life’s too short to debate that sort of issue.

Go ahead and say your sandwich is somehow a credit to God, I don’t really care.  If it tastes good I’ll eat it.

At least I used to eat Chick-fil-A.  Sadly, the company’s intolerant stance towards homosexuality has left a bad taste in my mouth.  Not even the waffle fries taste good anymore …

Yes, I used to like Chick-fil-A.  But I love my LGBT friends more!

This post was originally published on August 22, 2012 – at  It was originally posted under a different title  – when BB King sings about eating chicken, he’s not thinking Chick-Fil-A.  The post has been extensively edited for style and content before re-posting on 

Reviewing The Price of Pleasure

this "documentary" comes with an agenda

sex on netflix?

Note: A partial draft of this post has been kicking around for some time unpublished, ever since this documentary was first produced.  While The Price of Pleasure is no longer available on Netflix, a quick Google search found a copy for viewing within moments.  I watched The Price of Pleasure again yesterday, and used that viewing to confirm my previous thoughts on the film.

Not long ago, I began surveying “sex” on Netflix.

Not exactly an inspired avocation, I will admit.  But, I cut the “cable cord” and have been using Netflix as the sole paid provider of television here at the Chateau Samadhi.

And, I have to tell you. there aren’t a great number of movies on Netflix that are significantly sexual in content.  Amazon Prime, while still limited, offers significantly more in terms of erotic content, albeit of admittedly low quality.

The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships

The strongest sexual content on Netflix has been in an old Radley Metzger film, The Lickerish Quartet.  I was already familiar with another of Metzger’s films, The Image, which seems to be as serious a treatment of BDSM as I’ve ever seen in film.

Since Netflix isn’t streaming much in terms adult content in movies, I thought perhaps it might be different when we move to non-fiction?

Yes, Netflix can provide a great selection for individuals who enjoy documentaries.  But, here again, there are only a small handful of documentaries available directly dealing with sex and sexuality.  The selection available, now that Netflix sees itself as a producer of entertainment rather than a distributor, is rather limited.

This explains, at least in part, why I’m reviewing a documentary I didn’t enjoy and wouldn’t recommend.

During the “porn war” in the 1980s and early 1990s, the radical feminists focused on the harm that pornography has perpetuated on women through its producers and consumers. Although some of the interviewees did experience or witness such horrendous sexual violence done to women that was connected to pornography, I think for the majority of men and women the effects of pornography were less overt and dramatic but still no less profound on their sexual imaginations and relationships. That is why the focus of the film is on sexuality and relationships. But when I explored deeper and deeper into the issues, what concerned me the most was beyond how pornography affects, but what it revealed about the world we live in, and the mechanisms that shape and maintain it.

Chyng Sun

Co-Director and Co-Producer, The Price of Pleasure

fisting day vs. the Price of Pleasure

Life is full of ironies.  That certainly wasn’t lost on me the first time I watched The Price of Pleasure.

I was watching a documentary complaining that portrayals of women in porn are far too strongly violent and degrading.

At the same time, adult movie workers Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble were celebrating Fisting Day. Their “holiday” was created, at least in part, to protest restrictive policies by production companies who prohibit safe and consensual activities (like fisting) in their films.

The Price of Pleasure by Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun bills itself as:

A nuanced and complex portrait of how pleasure and pain, commerce and power, and liberty and responsibility are intertwined in the most intimate aspects of human relationships.

Unfortunately, to my eyes, it seems neither nuanced nor complex.

no pleasure – too much at any price

It seems as though a single sex-negative viewpoint has been chosen by the filmmakers.  They are certainly entitled to their viewpoint.  I really am trying to give The Price of Pleasure it’s due.

With that in mind, here’s the synopsis from the film’s promotional website:

The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships
Directed and Produced by Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun
Co-Writer and Associate Producer: Robert Wosnitzer

Once relegated to the margins of society, pornography has become one of the most visible and profitable sectors of the cultural industries in the United States. It is estimated that the pornography industry’s annual revenue has reached $13 billion. At the same time, the content of pornography has become more aggressive, more overtly sexist and racist.

The film features the voices of consumers, critics, and pornography producers and performers. It is particularly revealing when male pornographers openly discuss their views about women and how men should relate to them, and when male and female porn users candidly discuss the role pornography has played in shaping their sexual imaginations and relationships. The film paints both a nuanced and complex portrait of how pleasure and pain, commerce and power, and liberty and responsibility are intertwined in the most intimate aspects of human relations.

At the same time, the film examines the unprecedented role that commercial pornography now occupies in U.S. popular culture. Going beyond the debate of liberal versus conservative so common in the culture, The Price of Pleasure provides a holistic understanding of pornography as it debunks common myths about the genre.

The film features interviews with scholars of mass media (Gail Dines and Robert Jensen), economics (Richard Wolff), and psychology (Dr. Ana Bridges); writers on pornography and popular culture (Ariel Levy and Pamela Paul); producers and performers from the pornography industry (John Stagliano, Joanna Angel and Ernest Greene); and a former stripper/porn performer-turned-author (Sarah Katherine Lewis).

Like I said before, the producers claim to be nuanced and complex is more than a little bit overblown.  Sex positivity is entirely overlooked.  It never seems to be considered that adult entertainment could be just that, entertainment.

No, it seems that by the standards of Sun and Picker, pornography must be inherently harmful.

the Price of Pleasure is not Michael’s way

My first, and biggest, bone to pick with the Price of Pleasure is that there are no interviews with adult film stars like Nina Hartley.

There are no examples (like Nina) of anyone who has spent their life in the porn industry and are positive about the experience.  A few neutral reactions towards the adult industry are allowed into the film, but positive examples are very obviously excluded.

Sex positivity of any manner is in very short supply.  Customers are described as being disgusting.  Anyone desiring adult entertainment is painted as some sort of deviant.  Most any possible negative complaint against the adult industry seems to be in play, especially that pornography is ruining men.  To my ears, that complaint is as old as the first erotic cave painting.

The movie seems to be, more than anything else, an indictment of the entire adult film industry.  Adult entertainment today is too violent, too exploitative, too misogynistic, too much of anything but soft-focus and softcore.

When we discuss pornography in my classes, we always begin with what seem to be the wrong conversations -the actress’s choices, no harm, no foul, being pro-porn is being pro-sex, men not being rapists and still liking it -always defensive and dishonest. I’ve been waiting for a film that was neither sanctimoniously scolding nor callously celebratory. And finally, there is The Price of Pleasure -a film to help us really see what we have been looking at, and to enable us, finally, to talk about how pornography informs our actual lives. It’s powerful.

Dr. Michael Kimmel

Professor of Sociology, SUNY-Stony Brook

price of propaganda

This is far from being any sort of balanced documentary.

The script of the movie reads like propaganda. The Price of Pleasure’s promotional literature does too.

To my eyes, it looks like propaganda.  (What does propaganda look like you ask? Propaganda is like pornography, I know what it looks like when I see it.)

For fuck’s sake, to my ears, The Price of Pleasure even sounds like propaganda.

The movie’s narrator reads his script like it’s a political polemic, and he’s a true believer.  The subtext is simple – Pornography is bad.  He seems a bit annoyed that everyone doesn’t already know this, and that he has had to take the time to read the narration.

Yes, the whole thing has the reek of propaganda.  (One again, I know the smell of propaganda when I sniff it, ok?)

The Price of Pleasure is really nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt to fire an opening salvo in a new porn war.  Disgusted that a previous generation of radical feminists failed in the ’80’s and early ’90’s, this movie is back to try a different line of attack.

By their way of thinking, it’s not enough that a woman’s husband not watch pornography himself, his friends can not watch it as well.  After all, they might infect his attitudes with stories of facials and back-door action.

This stuff is now being taught in our schools.  With some sort of twisted logic, this puritanical line of thinking is being taught as modern, liberal, theory.  Instead, it really harkens back to an imagined Victorian past, where sex was only for procreation (hopefully infrequently) and women never enjoyed it, and thought of France when happened.

That agenda’s not going to fly here.  Not in my house, you won’t!

The porn wars are over, you lost.  Didn’t you get the memo?  Society rejected your radical anti-porn agenda.  A host of personal heroes of mine, Patrick Califia-Rice is just the first that comes to mind, fought and won that war.  Trust me that if the porn wars need to be fought anew, we will fight (and win) yet again.

And also trust me that if your documentary propaganda was distributed on DVD, my review copy would be outside in the garbage.  Nestled there along with some rotted fruit, spoiled meat, and dog feces.  Right. Where. It. Belongs.

The anti-pornography movement espouses a traditional view of woman’s sexuality, including the belief that woman do not enjoy pornography, casual sex, genital sex, or sex outside the context of romantic relationship …This Victorian image … is one of the feminine stereotypes the woman’s movement should be working against.

Pat Califia

Public Sex

Another Reward for Serafina

Another Reward for Serafina

It’s been a long tough summer for everyone in my leather family.  As I talked about previously in a post called #$@&%*! Sciatica!?!, pain from a vertebrae literally sitting on a nerve has left me in agony since spring.  When Master suffers it wears on everyone.  No matter how hard I try, there’s just no way around the fact that when I’m in severe pain it’s going to have an effect on my girls.

At the same time I was suffering, Sinnjara spent the better part of two months moving to a new place.  All the while she was spending between three and five nights a week here with Serafina and I.  The stress of the move got to be so much that I sent Serafina to help for a couple of weeks back in July.  I hope it helped, but know it was still a stressful time for all involved.  Serafina’s had her own issues with back pain too, and I’m sure all the extra work didn’t help her chronic problems.

So, for being such a diligent slave, and for helping me through the summer (her service really has been taken up to a new level) I felt Serafina needed a reward.  When a corset sale showed up in my “in-box”, it proved to be an opportune time to act.  Not only did I find a corset in my price range (under $60) – I found one that is easily the equal of most any others in her collection in terms of it’s beauty.

The current thinking is that we’ll be adding some new protocols to give her more excuses to dress up for me.  For instance, she’ll be dressing in one of her corsets every time I have a cigar.

Women’s Brocade Corset & Jacket – Review

Women’s Brocade Corset & Jacket – Review

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Tightlacing and Corsets

Women’s Brocade Corset & Jacket from

This is a delightful corset that looks smart, with a steampunk flair I very much enjoy.

It has just the right amount of feminine frill for my taste, as well as the option to feel modest with the jacket on, or more racy and daring, by simply shedding the accessory.

The Women’s Brocade Corset is a slimming in appearance with an elegantly curved mid panel.  This corset also has an over-bolero (or jacket) that covers the shoulders.  The jacket comes down far enough to cover the exposed portion of the upper back, for either comfort or modesty.


Inside fully lined

This is a sturdy corset, well manufactured with quality materials.  It is fully lined, another sign of quality manufacturing.  The Women’s Brocade Corset & Jacket should be expected to provide an excellent lifetime of service and wear as a fashionable part of a steampunk, or Victorian styled wardrobe.

The latch detailing looks very nice, and is easier to operate than standard corset closures, but that comes with it’s own issue.  While easier to get into, they latches also have a bit of a maddening tendency to open without warning as the night progresses.  A little mindfulness helps here, if I remember to occasionally run a hand down my corst’s front, it assures tht the beautiful fancy closures actually stay closed.

Master Michael tells me it looks great all by itself!  But, pair this beauty up with a pair of pants or a skirt and you are set for a fancy night on the town.  It fit (and felt) great right out of the box and was not at all uncomfortable during it’s break in period.

This was a great surprise, being the first corset we purchased that was not custom built to my measurements.  I can say without a doubt that it spurred us on to purchase more ready-made corsets from the same source.  At last count, there were 16 different corsets in my tightlacing collection, so I can say it was very inspiring to find this affordable corset fitting my needs so well.


Nice details

I’ve worn this corset to both a play party and a munch, it always seemed to turn heads.  It’s almost conservative in it’s feminine grace, yet it’s got a stylish flair that is both flirty and sexy.

I love it!

Evaluating fit and quality – Women’s Brocade Corset & Jacket

5 stars concerning visual aesthetics Overbust corset with Jacket


Nice top-stitching

4 stars– fabric – texture, smoothness, color, pattern and placement smooth brocade rich brown in color with a feminine mid-panel in black.

4 stars

– finish of the binding, busk area, back grommets, and lining rear modesty panel

– thread, stitches, and stitch lines – color, length, and how straight Good tread, tight close stitching. long enough to hide my tummy flaws 4 stars

4 stars

– embellishments including garter embellishments 4 garter attachment points- garters not included, has a generous 4 inch modesty panel


Posts are great and fringe detail

– grommets – spacing and evenness 5 steampunk front easy to close posts, lacing grommets evenly spaced 3 stars

boning – type – High quality corsets have a lot of boning 12 steel bones 4 stars

5 starslacing cord – type and color Black braided cording that laces easily.


Ample privacy shield

3 starsHigh quality corsets look “hard” The biggest, number one indicator of real corset quality is wrinkles. Some of this is dependent on the fabric: satin, cotton, silk, polybrocade, etc.  This is not a hard brocade, but it will be just right for my need.

4 stars– price  at Amazon  $89.00 – $99.00  Price may depend on sizing.

A quick word about corsets

Quality corsets are going to cost a few bucks.  I’ve corsets in my collection ranging from $40, all the way up to a custom beauty that was $400.

Part of evaluating the fit and quality of a new (or any corset for that matter) is concern for your personal comfort.  A corset may have a reputtion in some circles as a torture device, but a well fitting corset need not be uncomfortable at all.  You need to be careful of adjusting the corset properly on your torso.

At least some discomfort will surely be experienced during the seasoning process, especially if you are unused to structured and boned garments. They feel quite different than do unstructured, flowing sports clothing made of t-shirt or stretch material. When you try on your new corset you might adopt minimal expectations about fit or comfort until you take time to adjust your corset properly.

Even then, the corset will not fit you well nor feel the best because it will be stiff and unyielding until you actually wear it a bit and “season” it, then make minor adjustments to your lifestyle and habits that work with, rather than against, a restricted tummy and less flexible torso. A rule of thumb of at least 20 to 30 separate wearings before a corset is properly “seasoned” and you are set to go out and carry out your activities of daily living in relative comfort.

I also advise donning a corset about two hours before an important event when you want to look your best and most tight-laced, yet remain in comfort.

In the future I hope to include other elements of fit in my evaluation of new corsets. These will include visual aesthetics, functionality, and durability of the corset over time with extended wear.

Review – Tetruss II Suspension Frame

Review – Tetruss II Suspension Frame

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Throwback Thursday

Originally posted at on June 15, 2012, this is the product review that almost caused me to stop reviewing.  I don’t need to stop to re-tell all the drama surrounding my original effort to give this product a balanced appraisal, it’s all right there in the original!

Hang ‘Em High – Tetruss II Suspension Frame Review

Tetruss II Introduction

If you are interested in suspension bondage there’s one simple fact that’s inescapable, it’s not always simple to find a solid and secure suspension anchor point.  The best anchor points available to most individuals are literally part of the framing of their home.

For instance, I’m 100% secure in suspension points in my basement that have been drilled and bolted through floor joists.  There’s an even wider center beam that I consider to be absolutely “bombproof”, and am quite sure it would hold up to most anything a submissive and I might even dream of dishing out.  It’s stable for anything short of an severe earthquake or tornado.

However, even when using a home’s frame it’s true that problems can erupt.  For instance, not all ceiling joists are designed to withstand strong downward forces from below, so I’m not ever going to recommend that suspension points be placed using uninhabitable and/or un-floored attics as an anchor.  Sure there may be homes constructed to withstand such perversion, but without a personal visit and look see for myself, or an expert consultation from an architect, it’s not something I’ll ever recommend.

Then there’s the issue of individuals who don’t own their home.  My personal interest in extreme bondage certainly started long before I became a homeowner, as I was a renter up into my 30’s.   Certainly, I’m never going to suggest that anyone make significant alterations to property they don’t own, in most cases to do so is not only immoral, it’s also usually illegal.

And, it’s not just renters who may struggle with the lack of available suspension anchors.  There are always going to be times when a suspension bondage aficionado’s desires lead them away from the security of bombproof anchors in their own home, and off into terra incognita, the realm of unknown lands and anchor points.

That’s where tools like the Tetruss are intended to come to the rescue.  Tetruss is an aluminum tube tripod customized and designed specifically for suspension bondage.  Designed to fit under an 8 foot ceiling, the Tetruss is lightweight and compact enough to be relatively portable, yet solid and sturdy enough to provide a platform for basic suspension bondage.

Here’s rope manufacturer, sex professional, and BDSM personality Twisted Monk’s video review of the Tetruss II . . .

The Product

As I covered in the introduction, the Tetruss is designed to be a light weight and portable solution for individuals wanting to create a solid anchor point for suspension bondage.  It’s certainly light in weight and very portable, that part is true.

But when I really stop and consider the big picture, those two attributes, being light in weight and portable, are truly the sum total of it’s advantages.  Unfortunately, there are disadvantages too, as I’m about to cover.

Most of the package is composed of bare tubular aluminum pieces, with a welded top plate that’s the crux of the device, and some assorted hardware thrown in for good measure.  The package is all put together for shipping in an amateurish fashion, apparently little thought was put into shipping, is it appears most everything was thrown pretty loosely into a box, then sealed and shipped.

I would have preferred some better internal stabilization as the package came badly crushed from it’s own weight and internal shifting.  A few Shekels spent on some foam packing, rather than the cheap packing paper, would be a significant improvement.

The plastic bags that held our little hardware bits had spit during it’s journey to our home, so when we got the packaging open, little bits of hardware spewed across our floor.  A few pennies worth of shrink wrap, as well as the foam padding I mentioned earlier, would hold things better in place and would have resolved all those problems.

The most important attribute in an anchor for suspension bondage is that it be what rock climbers would call “bombproof”.  In partaking in suspension bondage, you and your submissive are partaking in a form of edge play, you are trusting that your abilities and knowledge will protect her health and well being.   The last thing you want to worry about is that your equipment itself might not be up to the task.

And that’s where I worry . . .

The Tetruss is really not as sturdy or as stable as I’d like for a device that’s going to be holding the weight of my most precious possession, Serafina.  When any kind of significant load (50 lbs) is hung from the Tetruss suspension point, the 3 arms very visibly move under the load.  There’s a bit of give and sag in the aluminum when loaded, and while this may not be evidence that the rig will fail, it’s not exactly the kind of thing that gives a person great confidence either.

As Twisted Monk pointed out in his review, the cotter pins which hold the arms together are cheap and while serviceable, they beg for replacement with something more trustworthy.  It’s an obvious weak point, as I’m not terribly keen on trusting my Serafina’s health to such a cheap piece of metal.  I can’t see how making a stronger pin part of the package would have been a problem, but as we eventually discovered, the man who designs and builds the Tetruss seems to march to the tune of his own drummer, so apparently Monk’s constructive criticism is lost on such a man . . .

The three rubber caps for the feet also fail to inspire great confidence, as they seem to do very little to stabilize the device, and they’d seem likely to wear through pretty quickly.  I doubt ours will ever get that much use, as I really don’t feel comfortable with the product suspending my slave/wife, but for folks who decide it’s “safe enough”, I can imagine the sharp aluminum poles cutting thru the rubber feet inside of a few strenuous uses.

The Vendor
I guess at this point it’s pretty clear that I’m disappointed with the Tetruss.  The vast majority of my dissatisfaction comes from the inherent failings of the product itself, but I’d not be totally honest if I didn’t admit that I’ve also developed a dislike for the manufacturer.
To put it succinctly, my impression of the dude is that he’s more than a little “squirrely” – he’s an odd duck and I didn’t care for either his manner, or his business practices.  To be very honest, he’s the reason I’ve nearly given up on ever doing more product reviews.  Life’s too short to mess with idiots, and if I want gear, I’ll just buy it.
The product’s maker and vendor originally approached my slave/wife Serafina about the possibility of getting a review for Tetruss here on our blog.  I thought it was a little strange that he’d approach my slave instead of me, as he’s supposed to be an experienced dominant, and it would seem natural that hhe’d discuss business with myself, rather than with my submissive.
Originally he promised us a steep discount in return for the review, and he also mentioned the possibility of some kind of affiliate arrangement as well, where we’d get some kind of compensation for customers who placed orders after following links from our site.
I wrote the guy with questions, he never answered me.  When Serafina wrote him, she got a response.  I found this odd, but I wrote it off at the time as not terribly important.  I mean, once I start a correspondence on a topic with one individual, I don’t like carrying it over to other people.
When Serafina pressed him for more details about affiliate arrangements, he asked us if we knew any good companies to track such things.  Geesh!  Once again, I found this odd, but it was during the Holidays and I didn’t give it too much thought.
So it became clear there wouldn’t be any affiliate deal, I was kind of leaning away from advertisements on the blog anyway . . .
We ended up haggling about price too, as his idea of a “steep” discount wasn’t even a 20% reduction.  Considering that he’d approached us about the review, this didn’t seem to be acceptable.  I think I got the price mark down moved to about 25%, but even then there were further problems.
He gave us an discount number to use when checking out our product, and it didn’t work.  He wrote that he was having problems with his online cash register, and we’d be welcome to purchase the product at full price, then he’d credit my card with the discount.  That didn’t sound right to me.
Still, he wasn’t communicating with me directly, instead he was still only responding to email from my slave.  I should have realized then that this guy was pretty weird, but I’d also started looking forward to using the device too.  I let my enthusiasm get the better part of my judgement, so I countered with an offer that I’d pay full price for the Tetruss if he’d throw in a spreader bar assembly.
Essentially, that’s what I did with the Tetruss, I paid full price for this product, with the agreement that the spreader bar would be complimentary with the purchase.  The manufacturer charged my credit card, then informed me that deliver would be 6 weeks away!
Geesh again!  When the dude came sniffing around for a review, I would have blown him off rather quickly had I known in advance how difficult the whole thing would become.  And when offering a product for review, I’d not have thought that I’d have a month and a half wait after my card was charged for the product to be manufactured.
When the spreader bar got here, and I realized is was perhaps a $5 to $10 piece of tubular aluminum with two holes drilled in it, I realized that I’d been taken in by a dude who was more interested in profiting from my purchase than he was in benefiting from a review.
A couple weeks after the product arrived, he shot a terse email to Serafina asking why we had not yet posted a review?
It took him six weeks to make the junk, and now we were expected to review it within two?
I wanted to write the man a “fuck you” letter, but I decided to simply not write back at all.  As you might understand by this point, I don’t like this dude.  My review shows it too, don’t you think?
The product is at best serviceable, which is more than I can say about the manufacturer’s customer relations skills.  I think it’s really worth about 1/2 of the price being charged, and that’s with the caveat that even for that reduced price, I’d expect better hardware and packaging.
Maybe it’s not what any of us expected when we started down this path, but I’m convinced it’s the review he and his product deserve.  I walk away with my head held high, knowing that even if I savaged the man and his product, at least I delivered what I promised!
Handcuff Warehouse – A Vendor Review

Handcuff Warehouse – A Vendor Review

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Vendor Reviews

handcuffs are everywhere!

Handcuffs are a classic form of restraint, frequently used as a part of kinky role-play and BDSM games between consenting adults.  Lots of folks who consider themselves to be “vanilla” own a pair of handcuffs for bedroom play, and that was true even before the “50 Shades” phenomena.

So, it’s not at all uncommon for a pair of handcuffs to end up in an adult toy collection.  They are often the very first restraints to show up in that special “bag of tricks”.

To be honest, from a psychological perspective, there are a number of reasons why handcuffs are such popular forms of restraint.  Handcuffs are full of implications that can make us tingle.  They are imagery with impact.

That’s because handcuffs are some of the most potent symbols of authority and domination we see in our regular lives.  They are prominently featured in both television dramas and in motion pictures, so much so that their presences is relatively inescapable.  Anyone watching the media much at all is going to see handcuffs in daily use.

don’t buy handcuffs from your local sex-toy store . . .

With that said, today’s essay isn’t about the romance, or the reasoning, behind handcuffs.  And, it’s not about their use and/or safety either.  Although I will quickly say it’s commonly advised to avoid the cheap variety of handcuffs often found in adult stores.  Cheap toy cuffs, manufactured specifically for the fetish market, are generally unreliable.

The cheap stuff can even be dangerously unsafe if used improperly.  It’s not uncommon for cheap adult store handcuffs to have relatively sharp edges.  It costs time and money to finely grind and polish machined metal (or stamped metal) parts.  That’s effort a manufacturer of “toy handcuffs” can be bothered to do.  As such, the cuffs found at adult toy stores are far more prone to causing nerve or tendon damage to wrists than professional quality gear.

That is exactly what makes today’s topic so very relevant.

If I’m going to advise against buying handcuffs at the local adult toy shop, I need to offer a viable alternative.  Today’s topic is simply a review of one potential source for your handcuff purchase.  Professional quality handcuffs are far safer, and far more reliable to use than anything you’ll find at a store also selling dildos.  And, because the price markup at sex toy stores is usually pretty extreme, professional quality handcuffs don’t need to be any more expensive either.

finding Handcuff Warehouse

I recently decided that I needed to add a pair of professional quality handcuffs to my own adult toy collection.  So, I began shopping around for the items that suited my own personal fetish interests the best.

When I begin shopping for a new toy, I’m apt to start where I am familiar.  So, I begin to (as the famous line from the movie Casablanca so aptly put it,) “round-up the usual suspects.” My search started with (nothing there that excited me) and progressed to Mr-S-Leather where some handcuffs really caught my eye.

The Clejuso Medium Weight Handcuffs that I wanted are made in Germany, where they get used for police escort work.  The handcuffs I wanted are made specifically to move inmates back and forth from prisons to courts.  How perfectly appropriate!

These particular Clejuso handcuffs are also oh so very sexy!  I should probably add here that mom always did say I had expensive tastes.  The handcuffs I wanted also came with a price-tag of $149.95.   There’s no denying that’s a pretty far cry from the $14.95 a pair of cheap cuffs might have cost.  I mean a ten-fold increase is a pretty steep price incline!

I greatly enjoy the fetish items found in my collection, and rarely balk at all at price-tags.  In the end, I know that the quality I enjoy usually costs at least a little bit more.  But, dropping $150 on a single pair of handcuffs would create a significant enough dent in the budget that I might have to forego something else on my wishlist for a time. With that in mind, I began to look for another source.  To make a long story short, Google eventually led me to where I found the Clejuso Medium Weight Handcuffs I was lusting after for a price that was a full one-third less – $99.82! Before I knew it my shopping cart also contained a pair of Clejuso Model 8 Leg Irons.  I also picked up a five pack of disposable restraints1.


handcuff warehouse logo

I’m always a little bit worried when trying a new vendor from the internet, it’s hard to find proper reviews of a company, until you’ve had some personal experience you never know what to think. Well, rather obviously I took the leap and made my purchase, or this review would not exist.

And, I have to say, I was very impressed.  My pleasure was with more than just the price too.  Handcuff Warehouse’s service was outstanding.  Their shipping and delivery time were absolutely unbeatable.  I placed my handcuff order on a Thursday afternoon.  By the following Monday morning everything was delivered, waiting for me at my post office box.  The Clejuso products I ordered were in their original manufacturer’s packaging, fresh from the factory. The price (as you already know) was also outstanding.

While you may never personally desire a pair of German manufactured handcuffs weighing two pounds for your own toybag, you may very well wish to find a pair of cuffs for your toybag that’s both high in quality and economy.  Everybody wants a pair of handcuffs sooner or later it seems.  On that count, I’m pretty sure Handcuff Warehouse can deliver.  They carry handcuff products from a variety of manufacturers, all of the best handcuff makers.  And, it’s all marketed to law enforcement professionals.

I think that is one reason the service, selection, and price at Handcuff Warehouse is so superior.  They are used to dealing with the one group even more used to getting their way than the average dominant – law enforcement professionals.  There’s a reason local LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) can be more demanding than lifestyle dominants.  If you refuse to cooperate with your own dominant and there could be real consequences, but  refuse to cooperate with a law enforcement officer and you could end up in a very real (not to mention very non-consensual) lock up with no safeword or escape clauses for consent.  Nobody openly screws with LEO.

That’s good for you, it mean when handcuff warehouse meets the standards of demanding and discerning law enforcement officers, they will very likely meet your’s too.

what’s the catch?

There is a caveat in dealing with Handcuff Warehouse.  Because they are so closely affiliated with law enforcement in the United States, there is one very real legal restriction.  You and I cannot buy products considered to be “medical restraints” from handcuff Warehouse.  Federal Law in the United States actually prohibits the sale of “medical restraints” – excepting only licensed medical facilities from the ban.  So, unless you happen to have a friend at some sort of medical institution willing to flout Uncle Sam on your behalf, you’ll find the classic medical restraint line from the Posey Company still beyond reach.

It’s not the most rational law, at least in my not so humble opinion.  The restriction is only the most humane of all restraints for long term confinement, the idea being they are the most likely to be used for nefarious purposes.  Frankly, I don’t think that a victim’s long term comfort is much of a concern to the average murderous psychopath, nor will real terrorists give that sort of thing much thought.  To my way of thinking, the law doesn’t seem to be a barrier to any real world problem.  It was probably passed as a knee jerk reaction to a one time situation.  As legislation it was most likely crafted to build an elected official’s political standing, nothing more.  At least that’s been my own experience with laws of that kind.

I don’t like the law because I don’t want to be considered to be a criminal because I want a medical restraint scene that is authentic.  And, if an individual is really interested in obtaining medical style restraints, the law isn’t much of a barrier.  There are a number of sources willing to find a way around the federal law on medical restraints that Handcuff Warehouse willingly obeys.  I’ve got a lovely pair of medical style wrist and ankle restraints there were sold to me legally (to the best of my knowledge) by a vendor who has them shipped directly from the manufacturer.  Obviously, then, the only one who loses (the way the law stands today) is a reputable retailer like the Handcuff Warehouse.  That’s kinda sad.

So, if you want/need medical restraints, a different source will be in order.  Otherwise, it would appear that something like 98% of the merchandise is available to dominants like you and I.

don’t ask, don’t tell

The legal restrictions on medical restraints aside, I found Handcuff Warehouse to be a wonderful source for beautiful handcuff and leg-iron style restraints. I didn’t ask if they were kink friendly, and they didn’t ask any questions of me either. I suggest you treat your potential future business relationship with with he same sort of respect.  Very obviously, a vendor like has to know that their customer base includes more than just law enforcement officers, but there’s no sense in advertising your personal predilection towards kink in this instance either. “Don’t-ask-don’t-tell” seems to be an effective outlook when purchasing law enforcement products for personal perversion.

The website is pretty good, and the shopping experience overall is also pretty positive.  My only complaint would be that some specialty products, like the line of Clejuso handcuffs I enjoy so much, aren’t always easy to find.

With those thoughts in mind, I gladly share my very positive personal experience with my friends in the kink community. I got great service and great prices on some very special fetish products. Delivery was quick, the website and shopping cart were relatively easy to navigate as well.

I’m a very satisfied customer, and would very much suggest Handcuff Warehouse as a quality source for my friends looking to purchase professional quality handcuffs and other similar metal restraints.

A version of this Handcuff Warehouse vendor review was originally posted at, about 12 months ago in early 2013.  It’s been edited for style and moved here to as a part of an effort to organize my writing, and bring all my reviews to a single home.  The big advantage to my current blog is that this site is self hosted.  That means I now have much greater control over my site’s appearance, and I can offer my readers a lot of extra features too.   It should be also be noted that a quick check of Mr-S-Leather currently shows that Clejuso handcuffs are no longer available from that source, so clearly some of the article’s specifics (like product price and availability) have been left in their previous state to keep the review as true to the original as possible.

Neither Michael Samadhi nor the Joy of Kink recommends or suggests the purchase of law enforcement style products if their personal use (or possession) is illegal in your local jurisdiction. Please use adult toys only in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.  To answer further questions, please see our disclaimer.

NOTE: and the Joy of Kink are not affiliated with in any manner, way, shape, or form.
Neither this website, nor it’s owners and/or authors have been compensated in any way for this posting. 

The links herein are provided as a service to kink community.  No compensation has been (or will be) provided in return for products purchased through links provided in this post.
This review was not solicited by, nor were any goods, services, compensation, or regard given in return for this review.

Review / Purple Mamba Flogger / SPLW

Review / Purple Mamba Flogger / SPLW

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Product Reviews

Originally from April, 2112, this Purple Mamba review is one of the relatively small handful of product reviews I produced for  The content been reformatted for better eye appeal, and a few lines have been reworded for clarity, otherwise it’s true to the original.  After the end of the reposting, I’ll add a few more remarks based on 18+ months of experience with the flogger.

purple mamba flogger

snake pit leather works (SPLW)

I’ve posted before about my love of floggers and flogging, so it should come as no great surprise for you, my dear reader, to learn that my most recent BDSM related buy is yet another flogger.  Let me tell you, this one is a beauty.  I tried a new flogger maker for this review, Snake Pit Leather Works.  And, although I only brought my purchase home from the post office a few days ago, I’ve had enough time to carefully inspect the quality and workmanship of my new tool.

Let me say, I am impressed!

My flogger collection is fairly extensive.  Although a few of the oldest”implements of instruction” came from unknown sources, all the rest were custom-made for me by one of two established flogger artisans, Adam and Gillian or Happy Tails. Both of those flogger makers produce high quality products, beautifully designed and wonderfully functional.  But, I have to say, as well as my earlier purchases serve my needs, my new Snake Pit Leather Works (SPLW) flogger looks to be the best of the collection.  It is truly a piece of art.  Of course I still love all of my older “implements of instruction”, but when it comes time to buy my next flogger, I’ll be contacting Nancy at SPLW.

the purple mamba

The flogger I commissioned is named the Purple Mamba.  Most of my more recent flogger purchases had fallen on the more sensuous side of the flogger spectrum, so I wanted something heavier for this purchase. While looking around online at my various options, I showed Serafina the two pictures from SPLW’s website that accompany this post (far bottom), and she fell in love with the Purple Mamba’s look.  The tresses or “falls” are a nice heavy bullhide, and, as might be expected from this particular flogger’s name, they are colored a beautifully deep shade of purple.  Despite being a heavier and thicker leather, the feel of this bullhide is still fairly soft and almost buttery.  Running my fingers through the Mamba’s tresses is truly a sensuous delight.

The flogger’s handle is very tightly and well braided, a real work of artistry. This is what really sets this offering from SPLW apart from the other flogger maker’s I’ve previously frequented. Adam and Gillian’s “signature” flogger handles use very different styles and materials than SPLW, so a direct comparison isn’t really possible, it’s “apples and oranges”.  Happy Tail’s floggers are made with a similar style handles, so a really meaningful comparison is possible, and I have to say that this is where the SPLW really shines relative to the competition.  The braiding on the SPLW handle is significantly tighter and very much neater in overall appearance. The pictures don’t even do it justice!

While this may very well be the most handsome flogger in my case, I don’t purchase “implements of instruction” solely for their looks, what matters most is how they perform. Let me tell you, the Purple Mamba by SPLW truly delivers as beautifully as it looks.  I should, however, include one note of caution. Although it’s very well balanced, this is a relatively heavy flogger, as bullhide is a thicker leather with significant heft. I didn’t use a scale to measure relative weights, but this is the heaviest flogger in my collection.

I love the Purple Mamba’s weight and feel. But, it’s worth noting that I’m six feet tall and over 200 pounds. Smaller and lighter individuals with less upper body strength will probably tire relatively quickly when using this implement.  The bullhide tresses are weighty enough to produce a very significant thud. When “testing” a new flogger, I always use it on myself first, on an arm and/or a leg. I also will test it thrown over one of my shoulders, much as I’ve observed Christian penitents performing their own rituals.

striking purple mamba

purple mamba at work

It was the “over the shoulder” test that let me feel how this flogger will perform when swung with any real authority. SPLW’s Mamba is a nice heavy beast with lots of thud, it can produce sensations much like being lightly punched by very soft fists, like a sudden deep massage.  Interestingly, there’s also at least a little bite thrown into the mix of sensations. Despite it’s almost buttery feel, the Mamba’s bullhide is just stiff enough, the edges of the individual tresses just sharp enough, the textured top grain of the hide just rough enough, that some bite is inevitable.

When it’s all tallied up, Purple Mamba is a heavy and fairly serious implement of instruction. When wielded strongly, this offering from Snake Pit Leather Works has the potential to be rather punishing. This isn’t soft leather taken from Bambi’s ilk, it once adorned a mean old bull. There’s no escaping that origin, no matter how buttery the finished hide might feel to the touch.  In my experience, it’s pretty rare to find this delicious mix of both thud and bite in a single device. Most floggers elicit one sensation much more strongly than the other, but the Mamba delivers both with authority. With a little care, or when wielded by the arm of an experienced flogger who understands nuance, it can also be a sensuous delight.

For a bottom/sub/slave into heavy sensations, this flogger can be used at will during a session, anytime from warm up to cool down, and all times in between. Other individuals, ladies like my Serafina for instance, will likely find this particular flogger a touch too heavy for the very beginning of a session, but should love it after being “warmed up” with a softer and more sensuous implement of instruction.  When it’s all said and done, the Purple Mamba is a very special, and very versatile flogger. I think it’s safe to predict that it’s destined to become one of my personal favorites.

Thank you Nancy for creating this work of art! is not associated or affiliated with Snake Pit Leather Works in any manner or form.  The reviewed Purple Mamba flogger was purchased at regular retail price, and no compensation of any form has been exchanged in return for this review.  The two photos that “bookend” this disclaimer are from the Snake Pit Leather Works website, and are used here for review and demonstration purposes only.


I’m every bit as thrilled with the Purple Mamba today as I was nearly two years ago when I first got the flogger.  It’s not only decadently beautiful, the Purple Mamba is also one of the best floggers in my collection in terms of function.  It’s a joy to break out when a lovely masochist friend of mine comes over to play.

I should note that it’s a tad bit heavy in effect for Serafina.  She likes a good dose of thud when being flogged, and this flogger delivers that quite well.  But, when wielded with any authority, the bullhide tresses will bite and sting.  As such, it’s a little more flogger than my lovely slave wife would generally prefer for regular use.  Serafina will endure the Purple Mamba’s bite for me, but it is a case of enduring it, the sensation isn’t something she’d ever crave.  True masochists are a different story.  This is the flogger they love to hate, and hate to love.  Even more than my cruel Russian Boar flogger, this is the one that grabs their attention and refuses to let go.  That’s a trait a nasty old sadist like myself can really appreciate.

Also, note that this flogger hasn’t gotten any lighter over time.  It really is a heavy beast, so folks who are very slightly built (as well as individuals with shoulder or arm injuries) are well advised to consider other alternatives.  I’m a big guy, and I’ve been known to flog a willing “victim” for hours on end.  But, that’s not true here.  Those heavy tresses are counterbalanced with what feels to be lead pipe.  Perhaps my friend Nancy could market this as a dual purpose self defense tool.  I’d wager that the pipe end could break bones if flung about with appropriate force.

So, for as long as my arm is strong enough to wield it, the Black Mamba will be a treasured tool in my flogger collection.