Day 5: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

Day 5: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

This entry is part 5 of 14 in the series 30 Days of Kink w/ Serafina

What was your first kinky sexual experience?


A moment with Sinnja- right after receiving her new collar from Master Michael and myself

My first actual introduction to Kink was in the home of Master Michael and his now former wife.  I was invited for a visit after numbers of sexy chats to visit them. It was learned that I was considering divorce as well.  They invited me and my son to come and join- and live with them.

The concept was not strange to me- I had lived in community before and I knew at least most of the possible downsides by then, so I was quite willing.  Only this time all the adults would be having sex.   That part was very new to me.  I wasn’t sure what to anticipate there-

All I knew was that I was very interested because there was little sex in the marriage I was coming from.  Here, from what I understood I would be free to explore anything I could ever dream of.

Before this I had never considered playing with another woman, and although I wasn’t familiar myself, I was not opposed to that either.  I am aware that now upon reflecting that I did not respond to some of the overtures she made because I did not recognize them as such.

And, I have come a long way since then.  I still have a lot more to explore and discover as well.

Day 4: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

Day 4: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

This entry is part 4 of 14 in the series 30 Days of Kink w/ Serafina

Early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks


Early experiences were there but not recognized  till later in life by myself.

serafina-spanked I have always been sexual from as far back as I can remember – about the age of 3 my mother laid me down for a nap with my sister the new baby was already sleeping.  It was a hot summer day, no central air- heck! no air conditioning even considered in our Saskatchewan farm house.

I had on a little cotton petticoat no knickers.  I was laying with one leg under the quilt, and one over.  I noticed the silky soft feeling between mt legs if I moved my body just so.  It felt so nice  and all at once I felt this delightful “tickle” that made me shiver.

I tried to find that tickle again, but it was not to be found again that day.  I remember trying on consecutive days to recreate that lovely tickle, but I honestly can not remember if I was successful.  It only occurred to me about the time I hit 50 that I’d actually had an orgasm.

AS I continued to grow and work and do chores  on the farm I would always wear skirts- by an enforced tradition in my parents home, and summers were often bare-bottomed while at home.  We raised geese, turkeys and chickens by incubating fertile eggs and goslings are one of the most favorite of mine.  They imprint on the first thing that they see moving right at the time of hatching.  In our case it is humans.

I found it great satisfaction to lead the goslings from an enclosed pen into the grass to let the graze.  They love to snuggle and they crawl all over my lap when I sat down and they nibble- tasting everything.  The bills of a young gosling is rubbery and soft.  Unlike their adult beaks which are strong, hard and powerful with razor edge.  They can pack a wallop of a bite leaving amazing bruises that last for weeks.

That is when a sly idea was born- I wondered what those soft rubbery beaks might feel like on my pussy lips.  hummm!  Well they weren’t  green and they didn’t seem edible to them so it was difficult to get them interested.  But their soft down was feeling just fine.  I do remember one of them taking a little nibble and it was delightful.

all this in the middle of an afternoon in the exposed farm-yard, but no one ever discovered my little secret.  I was very aware of being sexual even if I never associated being sexual with being Kinky- but I suppose it was.

Preparing the Body

Preparing the Body

This entry is part 16 of 21 in the series TMI Tuesday

The lede for this week’s TMI Tuesday:

Preparing the Body

tmi couple_sex

1. Do you prefer your lover:

a) fresh from the bath and perfumed?
b) fresh from the bath without perfume?
c) clean but not right from the tub or shower?
d) slightly sweaty (or musky)?


My answer is all but a) fresh from the bath and perfumed?  Cleanliness is all important.  I do like perfumed scents, however it has to be just a HINT and not a strong scent.   Nothing is yummier to me than a freshly cleaned body bathed or showered.  I do enjoy scents especially when going out for dinner, etc, and there is nothing wrong with musky and sweaty, but I personally need a clean cock for a blow-job.

2. Do you maintain your body for sex with respect to facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, fingernails or toenails?


I love well-groomed facial hair on a man, I love an unshaven man below the belt too!

Yes, I epilate frequently- probably once a week, as hairs are slower to return and there is no razor burn, or sharp whiskers to deal with.  A fine down grows back in and they are too soft and short before a week at least.  Often a 2 week interval is more likely.  Underarms- more frequently for sure.

I am fortunate to have very little body hair and since I have always been a true blond, it has never been an issue for me.  All the other girls were complaining about shaving their legs in High School at that time.

My hands are a mess-  I get very bad split and bleeding cuticles and hang-nails regardless of consistently using water barrier creams and lotions.  I am constantly in and out of water and messes as I clean and go about my day.  Master sends me to a nail salon for any occasion he chooses for a pedi and mani-cure.  It makes me feel very special to have nice looking hands for a few days. ( I think my hands are the least attractive part of me.)  From time to time I attempt my own- but it never comes out as nice and it takes hours!


3. Do you maintain/prepare according to your lover’s preferences?


There are times when Master tells me that I am to refrain from removing body hair for some time.  Once in a while he lets me know he is due to arrive in a specific time frame and I will wait at the door until Master arrives.  Sometimes I have enough time to change into something more attractive which pleases Master.


4. Do you have body adornments such as piercings or tattoos for sexual reasons? Does your lover?


I have a nose piercing that was the very first mark Master made to lay claim on me when we first met.  It was something I had already considered and Master seized  the opportunity to make that event his own.  At the same time he had his left nipple pierced for me.


5. Do you choose any cosmetics, lubes, condoms or other sexually relevant items according to how they taste? Do you not use them because of the taste?


In short no- most cosmetics I buy do not have scents, nor do I want them there due to allergy concerns.  We are fluid-bonded so we don’t use condoms as we are beyond the ability to conceive.   If ever we play with people we don’t know we always use protection


6. Is there a taste or aroma that turns you on or that you can use to turn on your lover?


I have come to appreciate the value of coconut oil as a lube that is perfectly fine for oral uses as well. and the hint of coconut is quickly becoming my favorite!


Bonus: Do you prepare a room for sex–mood music, candles, scent, cleaning it or anything? Tell us about it.


Oh yes!  A room cleared of clutter, and clean is an invite all to it’s own.  Music background or a film can inspire.  Candles,  a snack and beverage all set the stage.  Toys surround us; from floggers, whips to clips, clamps and and spiky things all within reach.  And of course most importantly to be in a good place mentally.


TMI Tuesday blog
Day 3: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

Day 3: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

This entry is part 3 of 14 in the series 30 Days of Kink w/ Serafina

How did you discover you were kinky? DSCN2538

I suppose there is latent or otherwise a kinky side in everyone.

I was no different.

I certainly had imaginary encounters with fictional characters or infatuations of real people.

I don’t think one awakes one day and realizes they are kinky.

I think it gradually dawns on folks.

I know it has with me.

I am aware that it is still dawning in a way.

Nearly every day there is a kink nuance to explore or discover. I have only admitted to being kinky in the past 12 years and that is a credit to the the man I proudly call Master today.

Master Michael is a true Dominant and Leader in that he wants what suits him, but he also wants to push for the very best person I could ever choose to be for him. He has opened doors to me that I could never have given myself permission for.

This in turn has developed increasing trust and respect that continues to grow and be tested.

How did you discover YOUR kink?

Day 2: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

Day 2: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

This entry is part 2 of 14 in the series 30 Days of Kink w/ Serafina

Listing kinks is more difficult for me than telling about the ones I have tried and enjoyed so I will go with that.

We live a 24/7  master/slave  lifestyle.   The dominant is always the dominant and in charge.

Master always gives me unconditional love, trust, and respect.  I live and give my best to honor him.  This means that I sometimes

I wear a collar that is as important -as a wedding ring  And sometimes I wear a leather one for  play.

I enjoy wearing and sleeping with cuffs- Wrist and leg

Like many I also enjoy hair pulling, multiple orgasms, and orgasm edging,

Although I am not a heavy masochist I do enjoy flogging , single tail, caning, spanking, bondage, especially rope.  I love the act of being tied up and untied too.

I enjoy role-play and play punishment .

Candle wax blindfolds, mummification with wraps, restraints, and vacuum beds etc. electrotorture, toys. vibrators, dildos, and even mutual masturbation.serafina-serves


 Other Kinks I enjoy

sex during thunderstorms

the sound of rain on a tent roof

I very much peacock for erotic photography.  Of course it means I also enjoy corset training, dressing-up high heels  garter belt and stockings, and lingerie.

I very much enjoy also Belly  dance, and burlesque and of course the  costumes

Shopping for pantyhose, underwear and sexy bras, sexy clothes from a thrift store for cutting away with very sharp, dangerous, daggers, knives, machetes, and swords

male service/domestic submissives/slaves (receiving),  It would be nice to be served too, giggles!

massages — Who wouldn’t?  I seem to do them for everyone getting very few in return

voyeurism,  Peeking into what others do is hot!

Day 1: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

Day 1: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink

This entry is part 1 of 14 in the series 30 Days of Kink w/ Serafina
  • Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

Submissive by nature.  Submission is a choice as much as it is my nature.  Submissives have certain vulnerabilities to want to be compliant, and to make the world a better place

There is an external reality that each person needs to be treated a certain way in order for the relationship to thrive.  When you spend a clear night under the stars, most would probably say they feel uplifted, serene, dignified and yet humble.

Submission with dignity comes in part from a consciousness of your place within reality. Slavery sets the standard that much higher.  For me, having dignity goes hand-in-hand with having humility. Humility, as CS Lewis famously said, is not thinking less of oneself but rather, thinking of oneself less.

I have dignity because I recognize that I have value to my Master, while not degrading myself except at rare times in the limited context of a scene. I do not need to be a doormat or trash in order to be a slave; quite to the contrary. By thinking of him more, and myself less, I demonstrate both humility and dignity.

serafina portrait of a slaveThe submissive has intrinsic value as a human being with needs and wants which must be considered if the relationship is to be healthy and lasting: I need to feel loved, desired, cherished, safe and protected.

To be an insatiable craving for him. To be controlled, dominated, used for his pleasure. To be praised when deserved, corrected when needed. To belong to him and to always feel totally and completely owned. To be allowed to express my feelings of devotion and love for him.

Master Michael is the source of those needs. He is a person and needs to be attached to for who they are, not for what they bring to the table. I want to serve him, to give him my everything, and to have him offer me the protection for the soft, fragile or Dyslexic sides of me that I want to share with him.

I need to be pushed to be more, better, to reach for more inside myself to give. I need to be controlled, not totally because I do need some independence. I need to be able to make my Master my World, as much as I need to be His.

I need to accept that I am worthy of his attention and love. I need him to take me out of my head when I think too much and over analyze. I need to feel his Dominance and his strength and protection

Awful Smells in Life

Awful Smells in Life

Oh those shitty smells of life!

In a beautiful rich setting of green valleys and cherry trees and abundance of flowers and fruit orchards and in the midst of dairy farms there  I lived while I was raising my children.  My daughter who was still a preschooler had a very big love for flowers- she delighted in their color and smells.  She was such a girl- she was all about frilly dresses and pink!  Many drives we took every spring  things were at their peak color that some shitty smells would pervade the entire valley.  Sometimes so pungent it would cause your nose-hairs to curl!


Cherry Blossoms

Dairy, bird and pig farmers in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, Canada are constantly spreading out the liquid gold into the fields that grows the food for the critters and mankind alike using wise farming practices.  The best time to spread is early spring just before tilling the soil for new crops and also in the fall after the final harvests for the year.  It can result in a cloud of unpleasant smells that waft over the gentle ocean breeze.

It was one of those many trips that my daughter would revolt and impress me with the amount she determined that this was outright suffering.  One day I had a brilliant idea- well I do have one every so often!  I told her that the shitty smells she was so offended at was really the way that flowers got to be so colorful, so pretty and best of all those lovely perfumes.  The looks she gave me was priceless!  Incredulous disbelief!  But it was a true teaching moment.

Pretty flowers?

shitty smells

Marsh Mallows

I explained to her that those awful shitty smells were organics that were breaking into nutrients that feeds the soil.  And, that when the soils are fed properly then the soil would be able to grow succulent fruits and vegetables and grow wondrous flowers that smelled so nice.  And so even though all those shitty smells were unpleasant- she could know that all the stink would somehow be the necessity for the good things to come out of it

Somehow my explanation made sense to her as she rarely complained after that and her comments to her older brothers when they complained was to inform them that after all from the stink comes good things.

Life’s Lessons

Life- all of life including  BDSM ,  M/s,  D/s or whatever we embrace – is so often full of painful and shitty things.  How we think matters.  We can just complain and only view the shitty side- or we can choose to look for the good.  Out of pain and hurt comes healing.  And from the “oppsies”  come lessons learned- some more valuable than others.  There is an old chorus that some of us have sang in youth groups and around campfires.  I remember June Carter Cash singing it!  the lyrics are:

Well there’s a dark and a troubled side of life.
There’s a bright and a sunny side too.
But if you meet with the darkness and strife,
The sunny side we also may view.


Hosta flowers

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life.
It will help us every day, it will brighten all the way,
If we keep on the sunny side of life.

Oh, the storm and its fury broke today,
Crushing hopes that we cherish so dear.
Clouds and storms will in time pass away.
The sun again will shine bright and clear.

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life.
It will help us every day, it will brighten all the way,
If we’ll keep on the sunny side of life.

Let us greet with a song of hope each day.Vinpeachlily
Though the moments be cloudy or fair.
Let us trust in our Savior always,
To keep us, every one, in His care.

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life.
It will help us every day, it will brighten all the way,
If we’ll keep on the sunny side of life.

If we’ll keep on the sunny side of life- THAT is the key!

Meet Your Hostess – Serafina Samadhi

Meet Your Hostess – Serafina Samadhi

Serafina Samadhi’s Journey

Serafina wonders-who am I?

Serafina wonders-who am I?

Testing boundaries has lead me on a very fascinating journey. Some parts of this journey can be extraordinarily difficult and confusing. I earnestly seek to avoid those parts, wanting to embrace only the enjoyable and wonderful experiences. Unless the wonderful is tested, . . then it is a rental agreement, rather than the ownership contract. And so I am compelled to stretch the borders of understanding. The amazing thing is how much more there is than what I think that I know.

Many people refuse to make choices and are never able to become responsible to themselves, and they also adhere religiously and tenaciously to very entrenched concepts, which become their boundaries of existence.  Their need for security is so great that they dare not question boundaries that exist – only in their mind, of course. Because, if indeed they are moved, it upsets their entire paradigm.

So much more!

I am the author of many photos here and at  Spiritual BDSM. I have long been a free-lance photographer. In High School I had the privilege of working in a darkroom, and was known as the school photo techie. I enjoyed every aspect from winding cartridges to reload them from bulk film to processing to the most fun part of printing and manual manipulation.

My work was printed in the annual yearbooks and local weeklies and whenever I cared to enter some teen mags I quite often placed. But, because I married early to escape a bitter living situation from my parent’s home and settled into fulfilling domestic lifestyle that was not conducive to continue or to promote further adventures in photo arts for over 20 years. Miraculously, I met a lady who became a close friend and mentor and encouraged me to re-open the creative doors that had been closed tight for so long and I joined the Abbotsford Photo Arts Association (APPA) for 6 years until my friend moved to the Island.

Because of life getting in the way . . it got pushed aside again. I didn’t lose interest. . .I lost momentum. . .and by the time I returned now. . .the darkrooms had all but vanished and digital was still in early and somewhat unpredictable form. . . so I continued to dabble here and there. I knew also by now that computers and software would be the death-knell for the darkroom.

While with the APAA we had bi monthly competitions and I frequently earned a coveted place with my entries. We also had a number of member workshops taught “famous” professionals who shared their skills.

I have had some opportunities to use my skills for several conventional weddings. I was invited to photograph a very Traditional First Nations wedding ceremony, with the attendees in full traditional regalia. Today I continue to capture and and strive to personally be the best I can become. I guess in the end that’s all we can be. As an artist, photography is a medium and tool, among canvas, paint, and brushes. With those tools I try and capture something that inspires and motivates others to find beauty and form in the ashes of life.

I should also probably mention that Master and I are almost always together so we combine our efforts. . .sometimes I see the shot and he takes it. . especially ones like this, because I have a tremor in my hands and even vibration reduction can not always make up for that. Even if Master and I met originally in an unusual way, it has and is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have had this adventure now for close to 8 years, and since then Master has shown me that I am truly a submissive, I am bound to him as a love-slave, and although we may not be perfect, we do live as much as possible 24/7.

Sometimes The Creator closes a door but then there is an open window. . . maybe a new opportunity, . . and hopefully healing and solace. Michael is my tower of strength. I am deeply committed to him, Thank-you Michael.

Buy the truth. . . and do not sell it (short) “No man can know YAHWEH and live so long to be able to comprehend it all” (the Scriptures)


I had heard of BDSM. It didn’t scare me, nor did it appeal to me. It was just, well there – in the cartoons or the odd penthouse letter. Not that I read a lot of them, but my first husband had bought a number of them for himself, as he enjoyed masturbating to them and preferred that over me. So porn was not that tempting for me. Over the years I had been trying to do anything to have him notice me and engage me, so I scoured the libraries and bookstores for help and found a vast array of Tantra that very much appealed to me.


Master with a wicked gaze

Master with a wicked gaze

I was heading up an on-line self-help discussion board dedicated to those many of us who suffer pains, and untreatable conditions of life maladies hoping to find camaraderie, and to pass tips and ways of coping. When Michael discovered the site and began to participate I was elated because he was a brilliant writer. It was easy to see that he was a learned man, and he research any topic before he wrote on it. We had a community chat-room and I would chit chat with various members.

One day Michael was on and he and another member began a discussion and I discovered that Michael had a lot of knowledge on Tantra and said he was Tantric. Now I was keenly interested and began asking questions. I discovered he was married, and so was I so I knew romance was not going to happen, but I was happy to add a knowledgeable friend. With time I discovered that Michael and his wife were poly-amory which was a new term to me. After a series of very interesting and sensuous discussions, and foraging a friendship his wife was going to come and visit me. I was elated and they invited me to come play with them. While Blissful Torment was visiting she took the lead in activities after dark.

My daughter had had many sleep-overs and I had no qualms about sliding under the cover of the davenport bed in the living-room long after the household had gone to sleep as we sat and chatted late into the dark. Here however the conversation ceases and she whispered into my ear “have you ever known a woman’s kiss?. . Let me show you. . “ the next day she informed me that they were prepared to pay for expenses to have me visit them and that she and Michael had thoroughly discussed it and that they were going divorce so that Michael could marry me to make it more convenient and legal for me to remain with them. I was so impressed and honored to be treated with such favor.

Michael made it very clear that my spouse had to know the nature of the visit. I informed my husband about the invitation and told him it might involve sex. He didn’t care if I traveled if someone else paid the way, and he thought I was kidding about the sex. I told him I was not, but he was sure. He later revolted when I told him the details including the sex. I already had lived in a relationship that had died many years ago, and I had a feeling that life was about to turn a page and reveal a new chapter for me.

Journey down the BDSM pathway

I, Serafina Samadhi have now begun in earnest to discover what this BDSM is all about and explore it with Master Michael foraging the way and he begins to open the doors of discovery for me. I am excited and scared all at the same time. Sometimes that sends me into a panic and because I become very self aware which embarrasses me: causes me to “dig in”. Unfortunately, everyone has their issues. Master has been accused of weirdness and aggressive even, too many times in his lifetime Therefore when I “dig in” it has a profound effect of discouraging him.

I have no desire to shut down BDSM nor what it means to our relationship. I am submissive by nature, but I have also been “in charge” for a very long time. I have a deep need to understand reasons for doing things. It is very difficult for me to just do something I am told without knowing why. So it has been an interesting journey so far in which I have discovered things within myself. Some things I am happy and glad to do easily. But it is also enabling me to see that I have yet still much to relearn. Some things appear that make me cringe and I would rather not face them . If all I thought of was myself, I am convinced I could hide my insecurities from all and never have to deal with my “stuff”..


I am learning a lot and becoming a better person for it. The most thrilling words I hear from Master is “good-girl” and that he is getting his “mojo” back and he is feeling his domination when he plays with me. I know that this can stress Master Michael to push through with my many, and odd and entirely unexpected events that just sneak up on one. It can play on his own issues of insecurities brought on by former close associations of his past, and can bring on feeling of defeat . One moment Master marvels at how easily I engage him under a golden shower which is spontaneous and then “act out” when he makes a simple request to imitate something playing out on our screen. It always takes me completely by surprise when it does happen.


I could simply trust and do everything he asks of me. I also wish I could do that naturally. I really am discovering things about me that I think are pretty neat after all, because Master Michael points out my good qualities readily.  Only a year to more ago I might not have been able to tell anyone what I might or might not consider. Any of these may or might not change over time, I can not say. This is not listed in any particular order.

> I do feel very strongly against what I term impersonal sex. I do not want to be fucked with a machine or with a dick on a stick. The first says I am to lazy or bored to play but I’ll fix ya with this!! The second says you are too revolting to get near to -so here. . I’ll poke you with a ten-foot-pole!!

>It may not be necessary to rescue that damsel in distress because she is OK with it. There is a realistic chance that the damsel signed up and is willing because she knows the pay-out is good. and/or she said in the interview that she likes it.

> I have a lot of self-preservationist pride. However, I am determined to pull down my self-reliant defenses.  I do understand that trusting Master is safe, and no one has yet died of embarrassment. (God help me!)

> I love thudey floggers! I also enjoy the variety of floggers, whips, paddles, and canes even, and how skilled Master is at wielding them. I am even learning to accept and enjoy some stronger sensations.

>Not a new lesson but one that is refreshed at every turn.. The more I learn,  the more I become aware of how little I really know. What I once knew I am not always so sure of.  What I once was very confident of doesn’t seem so secure at times.

Serafina Samadhi Collared!

Master Michael and Slave Serafina

Master Michael and Slave Serafina

Master Michael Samadhi and Serafina were married on the banks of the Mississippi River on July 10 of 2010. About a year later Master collared Serafina with a permanent collar of twisted steel cable and was collared again in a formal collaring ceremony which you can read on The Joy of Kink.

Random Facts about Serafina Samadhi

I am the eldest of 5 girls, 1 boy born into a strict Amish-type Mennonite family. Girls were forced to wear dresses and not allowed to participate in school sports much.

None of my siblings are internet savvy to this day, but I self taught PC security and many things pertaining to maintaining a smooth and safe computing.

When I began school I only spoke German, and was very isolated because of the language barrier. I also was transferred to 3 different schools in the first grade because the school district could not decide which district to assign us to.

By the time I was turning 6 I was helping my mom in the kitchen, and garden, and hanging laundry to dry on a line outdoors. I also had my very own garden plot. Mom would give us whatever I wanted to plant, but the condition was it had to be kept weeded. I loved playing “market Garden” where we would “sell” our fresh produce of green beans, carrots, peas, etc which we had produced on our own with my siblings. By 7 years of age I was steering a small case tractor while my dad picked up and piled hay-bales on a sled.

I was milking 2 cows every evening by the time I was 10. And, gathering eggs was the easy part. Mucking barns was hard work as was mowing about 3 acres with a gas push mower. By 13 I was driving a duel-wheel Versatile Pivoting tractor with more than 3 implements in tow from 6AM till 10 PM.

I spent 3 years in a darkroom and had the luxury of a 35mm camera at my disposal in High school, I did all the photography for the school year-book during those years. I loved every minute of that.

I was also a budding artist. Lack of supplies caused me to get creative. I made paintings coloring them with 62 wax crayons I’d got for Christmas and I melted the wax off with a hot iron so the colors were embedded to the paper.

During high school I had to fight hard to remain in school because children were expected to earn a living to contribute to the family income by the time they reached 15. With the help of teachers I managed to stay in school and graduated with a full diploma in 1972.

Serafina on her drumset

Serafina on her drumset

I learned to play the brass trumpet in High-school, I also learned to play a six-string guitar on my own. I tried to play it as a steel guitar for a while. At the age of 42 I began lessons on a 5-pc drum-kit, and discovered that my rhythm had been ruthlessly shut down when my mom couldn’t stand my incessant drumming patterns.

I married before I turned 20, but I waited until I was 23 before starting a family. I had 4 children deliberately spaced across 4 decades from 1078 to 1991. My first born was killed by a drinking young person who was convicted but never suffered a single consequence. My ex of 37 years alienated all the other children after that. They still have nothing to do with me after 12 years because they believe I am evil.

I have raised sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits for meat and mini bunnies for pets. I also bred and raised Red Factor show canaries. I won third place one year and second another in the association I belonged to. I kept honeybees for 5 years. I butchered my own chickens.

I co-pastored a youth group for 5 years. I no longer attend church. I have strong spiritual convictions, I am fascinated by Ancient Aliens, and Quantum Physics. I am a second level Reiki.

I planned and built a playhouse for my children that would be a cute shed after they were finished with it.

I have entertained over 50 kids at once as a pizza party for which I made 39 pizzas and bought 29 more frozen one held back in reserve in case what I made was not enough. I followed that by a spaghetti dinner another time that same summer. They were mostly street kids and generally shunned by adults, but they were all kids who knew my son before he was mowed down.

I attended Seattle’s Hemp-fest in 2002, and 2003 and had a blast!

I volunteered at the Kwantlan (Salish Nation) Pow-Wows for 4 years and was “adopted” by them which is a great honor. I also have had the privilege of sitting in a sweat lodge and learning culture of the First Nations (Native Indians) for those not from Canada.

I have immigrated from Canada to the Midwest, USA. I love to travel and see new places. I have never been over-seas. I have been as far north to Peace River in northern Alberta, lived on the West Coast Vancouver, BC for over 20 years and been as far east as Ottawa. There are many more places in North America I want to experience. I love RV-ing.

Faberge Egg Craft

Faberge Egg Craft

I fell in love with an American Man!! I am married to Master Michael Samadhi who is my Soul mate. I am his submissive love slave. There is nothing I would not consider for Master Michael.

I create and teach Faberge Eggs. I am building a Miniature Dollhouse which will have BDSM furniture and activities at some point.

I am somewhat dyslexic as I have trouble with sequenced verbal lists and I have to seriously think about which way is left.

I have chronic allergies, and fibromyalgia. I was a member of a medical cannabis group and had a Dr’s permit. I would rather use an herb or supplement before chemical drugs. I have never been drunk, but I have been tipsy

My favorite colors are blue, and black goes with everything.

Serafina’s Slave Collaring Ceremony

Serafina’s Slave Collaring Ceremony

script for collaring ceremony of Master Michael Samadhi & slave Serafina

Date- Saturday, October 26, 2013 · 2:00 PM –10:00 PM 

Location Belleveue State Park Lodge, Iowa


2:00 PM set up play area, spanking bench, stocks, tetruss, etc set up chairs for ceremony set up music station candelabra and Chinese gong pillar candle, and dish of water lay down Red Carpet- set up food table, drinks, serving hamburger and pork sandwiches, and shared potluck sides 3:00 pm Lady Jennifer strikes the gong! Master Master Michael, Sir taketurns3412 will be in the front Lady Jennifer and Brandon with bolt-cutter to the right side. Dark Kitty will be carrying a lit candle and with it she will light all the candles including the ceremonial pillar then kneel to the left side where the other submissive ladies and QCShadowPuppet join her later. Sir taketurns3412 welcomes everyone and introduces the ceremony cast.

ceremonial cast

DSC_4259smWelcome everyone to this coloring ceremony between Master Master Michael Samadhi and his slave Serafina Samadhi Standing before you today I am Master Kenn – taketurns3412.  “Next to me here is Master Master Michael Samadhi, Dominant, Master and Sadist. . He lives a 24/7 lifestyle with Serafina, who is both his wife and his submissive slave. BDSM is a very real and significant part of his life for more than 30 years. A decade ago he met Serafina who stole his heart. First she served as a submissive, she is now a slave.”

“While she lives as his slave, she is also the love of his life, his joy, his passion, not to mention his partner in all things. Master Alpha Bull (In the back) will be presenting Serafina. (in the back) Lady Jennifer and her Shadow QCShadowPuppet have been close friends to Master Michael and Serafina and are board members of Riverbound In a moment there will be 4 very lovely submissives that will join us here. Their names are Dione12 , Precious Treasure, QCShadowPuppet and Dark_Kitty (Dione12 will be carrying the collar, and PreciousTreasure will carry roses. Dione12 is also submissive to Master Master Michael Samadhi and under his protection. QCShadowPuppet belongs to The Lady Jennifer. The other lovely lady is DarkKitty is lighting all the candles in the candelabras, (Kitty will kneel with the other submissives who will join her shortly) On the left of me is Brandon husband to Dione12 ” Our Music Master for today is Gaspar.

“let the ceremony begin!!”

Lady Jennifer strikes the gong! The Procession


Presenter of Serafina is Master AlphaBull

Begin song “BECAUSE THE NIGHT” by Patti Smith QCShadowPuppet will be carrying Master Master Michael’s formal leash, and kneels to the left. Dione12 will be carrying the collar, and Precious Treasure will carry roses. They walk to the front and kneel off to the left side a little. QCShadowPuppet will walk carrying the formal collaring leash. Precious Treasure also walks in holding her speaking notes.

Sir taketurns3412 asks everyone to turn to face Serafina and Sir Alpha Sir Alpha will presents Serafina- takes off her outer garment revealing only a corset bids her to her knees places a blindfold, and offers a thin silver/or gold chain to hold in her teeth and leads her crawling to the area where her Master awaits, but off to the left side somewhat. Sir Alpha retrieves the chain and waits with the other Dominants while standing with the chain in his hand.- he will later wrap the chain around Serafina and Master Michael’s right hands. Lady Jennifer strikes the gong!

removal of old collar


Sir taketurns3412 then explains that before Master Master Michael can present his slave with a new collar, the old one must be removed. An explanation of why the old one needs to be cut. Sir taketurns3412 “Serafina has worn her collar for about 2 years as a Submissive without removing it. The collar has permanently fused itself together and can not be removed without cutting it. The history of that collar is such that it is designed to be a locking collar with an option to remove it occasionally. One day however, it became apparent that mineral crystals had formed and glued the set screw. Now it had become permanent! Serafina is now ready to accept this new collar as a token of her complete depth of submission in being a Slave to Master Master Michael Samadhi.

Master Master Michael Samadhi selected a German Craftsman and had him create a beautiful new collar for today’s ceremony.” “LOVE SONG” by The Cure Master Master Michael brings Serafina upright to her knees, and removes the blindfold. Cutting off the old collar and removal. Gatekeeper and others assist with collars removal by securely holding the collar on either side of where the cut needs to take place. Serafina remains kneeling- the Dominants all return to the place as before. Serafina now free is handed the leash by QCShadowPuppet . With leash in hand she now stands and walks to her Master Master Michael, and hands him the leash and says “I offer this leash to you to guide me and lead me along my journey though life. It is my desire to belong to you and to follow you where ever you choose to take me.” Master Master Michael takes the leash and says ”I accept this leash as a symbol of the offering of yourself and give my promise to carefully guide you and lead you safely in my footsteps. You will belong to me from this day on and I will do all within my power to protect you as you join me on my journey.” Lady Jennifer strikes the gong!

placement of new collar

Sir taketurns3412 then announces that placing of the collar will commence
Precious Treasure reads Significance of the collar “The formal lifestyle is filled with traditions and ceremonies that are seldom witnessed by the outside world and perhaps one of the most moving and meaningful is the symbol of the collar. This ceremony is steeped in symbolism and mystique that dates back for centuries. Here is a brief description of what it involves and means. -An Eternal Bond A couple who has decided to remain together for the duration of their lives and beyond will often opt for this ritual as a symbolic statement of their eternal commitment. Today it is being used to renew a relationship that has gone through some difficult times and survived the test.”


Master Michael then asks Serafina to kneel before them and takes the collar passes it through the flame and water Precious Treasure reads The significance of passing the collar though the flames: “In older times, the collar would have been made of metal and heated to a glow and plunged into cold water to temper it after it was burned of all impurities. This action symbolized the removing of all impurities from the circle of ownership provided by the Dominant. All outside influences are burned away in the heat of his desire to protect and defend his submissive. The tempering of the metal that takes place when plunged into cold water shows the strengthening of their commitment by submersion into the waters of life. Today we symbolize this by passing the collar quickly though the flame.” places it around her neck. Saying “Slave, you now belong to me!” Serafina replies “I now belong to you, Master.”

Precious Treasure reads “The dominant now hands his copy of the contract to the submissive and takes hers. They will both read for a few moments and sign both copies, along with a witness for both. They signify their agreement on the stipulations of the contract by verbally stating their acceptance.” Master Michael “I accept your desire to serve me and the secrets of your heart written on this paper. I will honor your feelings and needs. I will always put your best interests foremost in my dominance over you. You belong to me, thus you are now a part of my body and soul. Your happiness, health and well-being are in my care and I will thoughtfully tend to them because you are a part of me and my destiny.” Witnesses to sign; Sir Alpha, Sir taketurns3412 , Lady Jennifer, Dione12

Serafina “I accept the conditions of my service and respect the secrets of your heart written on this paper. I will honor and love you as I serve you to the best of my ability. I will open my heart, body and mind to your will, trusting that you have my best interests in your heart. My submission to you will be a gift freely given and shall never become a burden that I must bear. I am now a part of you and will respect you and your dominance over me as our lives and destinies have become one.” Master Master Michael now attaches the leash to the collar as his commitment to lead and guide the submissive from this day forward. The submissive presses her lips to the dominant’s feet to symbolize her respect and submission and remains in this position until Master Michael tugs gently at the leash and “commands” the Serafina to raise her head. (This act is a symbol of the title of Master and shows his new control over the slave.) The dominant then kisses his charge and tells her to stand. Lady Jennifer strikes the gong! “PRISONER OF LOVE” by Etta James The couple embraces and shows signs of their affection for each other.

the rose ceremony

Bloodied roses for the Ceremony of Roses

Bloodied roses for the Ceremony of Roses

Lady Jennifer strikes the gong (in a crescendo)! Sir taketurns3412 announces the rose ceremony is about to take place. Lady Jennifer will read the concept of the rose Ceremony “The white rose, still not in full bloom, symbolizes her submission. The white color represents the purity of her gift, while the still slightly closed petals show that her submission has not come into full bloom. It never will. Submission is ever deepening, ever growing and the submissive will never reach a place where she cannot open a bit more for her Dominant. The red rose, almost fully open, signifies his dominance. The red represents his passion and desire to posses and protect her at all costs, though it may require him to spill his blood to do so. The rose is almost in full bloom to symbolize that he is ready and mature enough to accept the responsibilities required of him.” Lady Jennifer will continue to read while Master Michael and Serafina perform the Roses ceremony together (This will act as a cue for Master Michael and Serafina )

“With a thorn on the stem of his red rose, he pricks her middle finger and lets two drops of blood fall on the white petals of her rose. She then offers the thorns of her rose to him and he pricks his own finger. He lets two drops fall to her rose, one alone and one on top of a drop of hers. The two then press their fingers together and make their vows to be joined by blood.” “Pricking the finger of the submissive is symbolic of taking her virginity. She has shed blood to give herself completely to him. The drops on the white rose also speak of the same thing.” “In pricking his own finger, the dominant shows his willingness to shed his blood to protect and defend her by virtue of his ownership. The drops on her rose show that vividly; the drop that falls on her blood covers it and blends with it, thus indicating their union.”

Intimate moment

Michael kisses his slave/bride

“Pressing the wounds from the thorns together allows their blood to mix, joining them as strongly as their own family blood-lines. They are now of the same flesh and blood. The roses are touched together, letting the blood from hers kiss his, and are then exchanged. The roses are put into a single vase and will later be taken to their private chamber to remain as a reminder to them as they contemplate their new bond that night while joining their bodies.” “In the morning, they share their hopes and dreams of being together for eternity and pluck the petals from the roses to place them in a container together. These petals are kept for the lifetime of the couple and a portion of them are buried with each in death.” “The mixture of the petals signifies the mixing and blending of their lives. Couples often keep them in a decorative jar, once the petals have dried completely. Upon death, a portion of those petals are placed with the body to show a bond that will extend beyond the grave. Many legends are told of roses that have sprung up on the graves of couples who have loved so strongly during their physical lifetime that even in death they sent back evidence of their everlasting love in the form of roses that bloom again on the graves “ Master Michael and Serafina facing each other again say “We are united as one joined by the blood.”

Lady Jennifer strikes the gong! Lady Jennifer reads “Sir Alpha takes the chain, passes it through the flame and water and binds the right hands together as a symbol of unity and as a symbol of that this current company is now supporting the couple in this renewed commitment.” Lady Jennifer reads “The chain is a series of links that represent all the events that have led them to be joined. Each one interlinks with another to complete the chain. Passing it through the flame symbolizes the purification of all the events in their time together as well as their pasts. All bad things are burned away into forgetfulness and only the good remains. Wrapping the chain around them gives a visual image of the binding together of two souls into one. This chain is never used for anything again, other than in a similar ceremony by the person who receives this chain as a gift. They are often passed down for decades or even centuries and are honored by those fortunate enough to receive such a gift.” Master Michael again takes the leash as his commitment to lead and guide the submissive Sir taketurns3412 presents Master Michael and slave Serafina

the group hug

Could all the submissives and Masters to gather around us to symbolize Tribe Unity? Lady Jennifer strikes the gong! (crescendo) Approx 4:00 PM Sir taketurns3412 announces food, and commencement of play time.  Approx 8:30 PM Sir taketurns3412 announces Cake and Champagne and reminds us the need to have the lodge unoccupied by 10 PM Lady Jennifer Strikes the bong! Sir Alpha raises a toast, as well as anyone who wishes to. Cake and Champagne to be served by QCShadowPuppet “HEROES” by David Bowie “FEVER” by Peggy Lee

Approx 9:30 PM All hands on deck help clear and clean the lodge.

The Collar I Wear

The Collar I Wear

The Collar I wore previously posted

This post was originally created for Spiritual BDSM  was one of the most read posts there.  It has been edited only for appearances here on Joy of Kink.  After the break the story continues, as this is also the next chapter on the collar I wear.

In a relationship often symbols matter.  

Wyred Slave Collar

Wyred Slave Collar

Most people seal their significance with a wedding ceremony where the couple exchange rings, as they promise to stay faithful and true to each other. Symbols and vows can certainly be made in complete privacy.  Some even live together all their life without the ritual wedding in harmony because of their understanding with one another.

A rite is an established form of religious or otherwise solemn practice.  A ritual is a prescribed form for carrying out the ceremonies associated with such a practice (both from Latinritus ‘ceremony’)  There are many reasons for creating such.  It may be that their children will have a single name, or it could be that personal and spiritual convictions dictate compliance.

It is also a public “brand” that states “I am not available, I am committed to another”

In our own path Master Samadhi and I were in a relationship for a time before any formal display could be considered.. Our circumstances were such that they disallowed  a wedding.  Once we had removed the obstacles and overcame our barricades, we were married by a Unitarian minister and we sealed our vows with matching white gold rings. And, we honor each other  and we wear them faithfully every day and night.


Locking sleeve on Wyred slave collar

Master later asked me to help find a collar that would be suitable to wear everyday.  After much searching we settled on this 4mm one from Wyred Slave.  The description from their own site follows.  You can see here that there is a screw locking mechanism that is set by a special allen key.

Wraith Band Collars are one of our simplest, yet most effective designs and are hand crafted from fine stainless steel rope which complements the polished aluminium Wraith Lock to create a stunning yet individual item of jewellery.
The bands are available in a selection of guages/widths from fine 4mm (approx) through to a heavy looking, yet light to wear, 9mm.

It is simple, easy to wear and does not interfere with anything.  it is accessible able and Master Samadhi also purchased the ring attachment from them.  There is a minor draw-back in that it does catch and pull out about 20 or so hairs a day, but otherwise  is easy to clean in the bath or shower, I take time to dry the collar completely.  Sometimes I will give it a swipe with rubbing alcohol to ensure no bacteria build-up occurs and to prevent problems with my skin as it is fairly sensitive.

Slave collar with adornment

Slave collar with adornment

Master placed it on me with a personal and private ceremony.   I had to cross an international border, so not needing or wanting any attention from authorities Master and I reluctantly removed it for a time.  I like the fact that one can add adapted accessories: only with Master’s permission, of course!  I found this piece which I think is adorable, and meaningful.

Master Michael says —  I love the collar I’ve placed around Serafina’s neck to display my ownership, to mark her as my property, my slave/wife.
Finding an appropriate collar that is permanent but still dressy enough for every day wear in the vanilla world was not a simple task.  Fortunately, the folks at Wyred Slave had the same problem, and saw a business opportunity.
The collar, as you can see for yourself, is very pretty.  The O-ring feature can be added or removed at will.  It’s addition really dresses the piece up, to make sure the collar’s intent is perfectly clear – slave collar!  As I stated in my prior review of Wyred Slave as a vendor, their customer service is outstanding and very personable.
The only downside we’ve discovered in several months of wear is the issue of hair being caught in the weave of the collar.  But, there are a myriad of solutions for such a minor issue.
For instance, I know that there’s a gentleman in Seattle named Twisted Monk who has a fetish for shaving women’s heads, he’s personable, attractive, and he’s a sex worker.  If we are ever travelling towards the Pacific Northwest, I might have to see if his fetish can resolve my wife’s problem.  What fun that would be to watch!
Here’s Master’s take on the slave collar from Wyred Slave condensed to 5 words:

  1. beautiful
  1. delicious
  1. versatile
  1. captivating
  1. enslaved

That says it all!

DISCLAIMER – and it’s owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Wyred Slave or in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.   All images within this post are property of – © 2011 Serafina Samadhi.


A new collar

In October of 2013  Master Michael and Serafina had a re-collaring ceremony and replace the Wyred Slave collar with a replacement collar made by Axmar a company from Germany.  there were a number of reasons we needed to do so;

  • There was a change of status – Master had ascertained that I needed to be promoted from a Submissive to Slave.
  • The collar lock system had mineralized and was permanently locked with no chance of removal other than to cut it off.  NOTE! If you acquire a locking device be sure to unlock and remove it and clean any mineral and soap deposits to prevent a permanent lock-up.
  • It catches hair- So I had to be sure to keep my hair ends shorter than where the collar lay.
  • It also catches Master’s beards!

Coming  soon a post of our collaring ceremony script in full


Serafina's Soliloquies