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This post was originally created for Spiritual BDSM  was one of the most read posts there.  It has been edited only for appearances here on Joy of Kink.  After the break the story continues, as this is also the next chapter on the collar I wear.

In a relationship often symbols matter.  

Wyred Slave Collar

Wyred Slave Collar

Most people seal their significance with a wedding ceremony where the couple exchange rings, as they promise to stay faithful and true to each other. Symbols and vows can certainly be made in complete privacy.  Some even live together all their life without the ritual wedding in harmony because of their understanding with one another.

A rite is an established form of religious or otherwise solemn practice.  A ritual is a prescribed form for carrying out the ceremonies associated with such a practice (both from Latinritus ‘ceremony’)  There are many reasons for creating such.  It may be that their children will have a single name, or it could be that personal and spiritual convictions dictate compliance.

It is also a public “brand” that states “I am not available, I am committed to another”

In our own path Master Samadhi and I were in a relationship for a time before any formal display could be considered.. Our circumstances were such that they disallowed  a wedding.  Once we had removed the obstacles and overcame our barricades, we were married by a Unitarian minister and we sealed our vows with matching white gold rings. And, we honor each other  and we wear them faithfully every day and night.


Locking sleeve on Wyred slave collar

Master later asked me to help find a collar that would be suitable to wear everyday.  After much searching we settled on this 4mm one from Wyred Slave.  The description from their own site follows.  You can see here that there is a screw locking mechanism that is set by a special allen key.

Wraith Band Collars are one of our simplest, yet most effective designs and are hand crafted from fine stainless steel rope which complements the polished aluminium Wraith Lock to create a stunning yet individual item of jewellery.
The bands are available in a selection of guages/widths from fine 4mm (approx) through to a heavy looking, yet light to wear, 9mm.

It is simple, easy to wear and does not interfere with anything.  it is accessible able and Master Samadhi also purchased the ring attachment from them.  There is a minor draw-back in that it does catch and pull out about 20 or so hairs a day, but otherwise  is easy to clean in the bath or shower, I take time to dry the collar completely.  Sometimes I will give it a swipe with rubbing alcohol to ensure no bacteria build-up occurs and to prevent problems with my skin as it is fairly sensitive.

Slave collar with adornment

Slave collar with adornment

Master placed it on me with a personal and private ceremony.   I had to cross an international border, so not needing or wanting any attention from authorities Master and I reluctantly removed it for a time.  I like the fact that one can add adapted accessories: only with Master’s permission, of course!  I found this piece which I think is adorable, and meaningful.

Master Michael says —  I love the collar I’ve placed around Serafina’s neck to display my ownership, to mark her as my property, my slave/wife.
Finding an appropriate collar that is permanent but still dressy enough for every day wear in the vanilla world was not a simple task.  Fortunately, the folks at Wyred Slave had the same problem, and saw a business opportunity.
The collar, as you can see for yourself, is very pretty.  The O-ring feature can be added or removed at will.  It’s addition really dresses the piece up, to make sure the collar’s intent is perfectly clear – slave collar!  As I stated in my prior review of Wyred Slave as a vendor, their customer service is outstanding and very personable.
The only downside we’ve discovered in several months of wear is the issue of hair being caught in the weave of the collar.  But, there are a myriad of solutions for such a minor issue.
For instance, I know that there’s a gentleman in Seattle named Twisted Monk who has a fetish for shaving women’s heads, he’s personable, attractive, and he’s a sex worker.  If we are ever travelling towards the Pacific Northwest, I might have to see if his fetish can resolve my wife’s problem.  What fun that would be to watch!
Here’s Master’s take on the slave collar from Wyred Slave condensed to 5 words:

  1. beautiful
  1. delicious
  1. versatile
  1. captivating
  1. enslaved

That says it all!

DISCLAIMER – and it’s owners (Michael Samadhi and Serafina Samadhi) are not associated or affiliated with Wyred Slave or in any manner.  We have not received any compensation or consideration in return for this posting.   All images within this post are property of – © 2011 Serafina Samadhi.


A new collar

In October of 2013  Master Michael and Serafina had a re-collaring ceremony and replace the Wyred Slave collar with a replacement collar made by Axmar a company from Germany.  there were a number of reasons we needed to do so;

  • There was a change of status – Master had ascertained that I needed to be promoted from a Submissive to Slave.
  • The collar lock system had mineralized and was permanently locked with no chance of removal other than to cut it off.  NOTE! If you acquire a locking device be sure to unlock and remove it and clean any mineral and soap deposits to prevent a permanent lock-up.
  • It catches hair- So I had to be sure to keep my hair ends shorter than where the collar lay.
  • It also catches Master’s beards!

Coming  soon a post of our collaring ceremony script in full


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