I’m sure that everyone who’s been following along with my February Photo Fest entries knows by now that I dote on my slave.

Serafina truly spoils me, that I cannot deny.  I rule the roost, and she empowers it all with her service.  So, to my eye, it’s only right that she’s spoiled in return.

One way I spoil her is with corsets.  The running joke, started by my friend Alpha, is that I’ll only stop buying corsets when my slave/wife has a different one for every day of the month.

In my defense, I’m only a little over a third of the way there.  A quick accounting of Serafina’s wardrobe found a baker’s dozen, thirteen corsets in all.

I also indulge her in her training and play.  As Serafina was transitioning from being my submissive to being my slave, I brought in my friend Alpha to lend a hand in her training.  Alpha is a true gentleman dominant, as well as being a great friend.

Yes, he’s an invaluable aid in her training, but to be honest she’s already a very good slave.  She’s grown and learned so much over the last couple of years, it’s sometimes hard to say where she can still realistically improve.

So, if for no other reason than the fact that we enjoy inviting Alpha to be an accomplice in my plans for Serafina, he’s a regular guest in our adventures.  What are good friends for, right?

I’d like to add that the pose in today’s feature photo isn’t posed at all.  The downward cast of her eyes, the hands clasped behind her back, that’s not something she puts on for show, it’s just classic Serafina.  The picture’s a candid shot.

The coy/demure smile my slave flashes in the gallery (left) is classic Serafina too.  What can I say?  My wife’s a corset cutie!

corset cutie


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February Photo Fest Corset Cutie
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