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Listing kinks is more difficult for me than telling about the ones I have tried and enjoyed so I will go with that.

We live a 24/7  master/slave  lifestyle.   The dominant is always the dominant and in charge.

Master always gives me unconditional love, trust, and respect.  I live and give my best to honor him.  This means that I sometimes

I wear a collar that is as important -as a wedding ring  And sometimes I wear a leather one for  play.

I enjoy wearing and sleeping with cuffs- Wrist and leg

Like many I also enjoy hair pulling, multiple orgasms, and orgasm edging,

Although I am not a heavy masochist I do enjoy flogging , single tail, caning, spanking, bondage, especially rope.  I love the act of being tied up and untied too.

I enjoy role-play and play punishment .

Candle wax blindfolds, mummification with wraps, restraints, and vacuum beds etc. electrotorture, toys. vibrators, dildos, and even mutual masturbation.serafina-serves


 Other Kinks I enjoy

sex during thunderstorms

the sound of rain on a tent roof

I very much peacock for erotic photography.  Of course it means I also enjoy corset training, dressing-up high heels  garter belt and stockings, and lingerie.

I very much enjoy also Belly  dance, and burlesque and of course the  costumes

Shopping for pantyhose, underwear and sexy bras, sexy clothes from a thrift store for cutting away with very sharp, dangerous, daggers, knives, machetes, and swords

male service/domestic submissives/slaves (receiving),  It would be nice to be served too, giggles!

massages — Who wouldn’t?  I seem to do them for everyone getting very few in return

voyeurism,  Peeking into what others do is hot!

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Serafina's Soliloquies Day 2: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink
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