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  • Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

Fantasies are odd things.

Sometimes we can pinpoint exactly how, when, where, and why fantasies became embedded in our sexuality.  But, oftentimes that’s just not possible.

I can tell the “when” and “where” of my weirdest fantasy, but “how” is probably a little more difficult to ascertain.

“Why” is almost always difficult to answer when it comes to questions about sexuality.  This instance is no different.

And, it should be noted that my most interesting sexual fantasy is more whimsy than anything else.  It’s not a deep seated desire I’m looking to act upon.  Nor is it even terribly overtly sexual.

It’s just one of those ideas that pops into a person’s heads and refuses to let go.

The story starts at a parade, back in the day when I worked in politics.  Political campaigns these days are long thankless affairs, with holiday and festival parades in the heat of summer being one of the craziest requirements of the profession.  Usually that meant lining up and standing in the summer sun for hours in temperatures approaching 100 degrees before the parade actually began.

It was a time like that, when I was feeling near delirium from heat and dehydration while waiting for a parade to begin, that my fantasy erupted.  I was watching Kaaba Shriners who parade in a swarm of annoying little cars while dressed in odd middle eastern garb (sometimes brandishing scimitars) when the idea struck.

The spectacle the Shriners put on is just one of many seen at a parade.  Sitting there in the heat, a bit dazed from standing for hours with nothing to do but make idle conversation with political junkies, my mind started dreaming of all things fetish.   For a moment my mind thought of Jeff Gord and the amazing things he did with pony girl carriages and the like.   From there it was a very short trip to my own fantasy.

bit gag pony playI’d absolutely love to run a 6 horse hitch of pony girls through an entire season of local parades.  One summer I managed to walk more than 30 parades (I was managing two different campaigns at the time – a physically impossible task which is why you’ve never heard of anyone else attempting it) so it would be an eventful year for pony girl paraders.

In the end, parades are really just an opportunity for folks to march to show support for their “thing”.  For some folks their “thing” is politics, for others it may be vintage cars, or perhaps even vintage farm equipment.  They all get to parade and strut their stuff.

I mean everyone is like a peacock, trying to make an impression upon parade goers that elicit support, or recruit new enthusiasts.  Why can’t kinksters do the same?

It would be simple enough to make sure the pony girls stay within legal limits of modesty.  Beyond that, how is having a crew of pony girls pulling me along in a cart really that much crazier than a bunch of high level “mucky-mucks” in the masonic lodge careening about the parade course in miniature vehicles while brandishing swords?


Everybody loves a spectacle at a parade, and I might just (someday) be the guy to provide exactly that.   At least that’s what would happen if  I tried to live out my most interesting sexual fantasy . . .

describe your most interesting sexual fantasy


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30 Days of Kink w/ Michael Describe Your Most Interesting Sexual Fantasy
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