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Exhibitionism. When I was growing up, that word brought to mind a vision of a dirty old man in a raincoat.  A flasher. Well, either that or a “streaker”.  The ’70’s phenomena (with much older roots) of “streaking” is certainly a form of exhibitionism. I never would have thought of a growing group of women (and some men too) hell bent on flashing and exposing themselves at a wide variety of locations.  Yet, that’s exactly what a person encounters today if they find the Scavenger Hunt.  The concept behind the Scavenger Hunt is simple:

The Scavenger Hunt is a list to inspire more and better dares of places to flash, be exhibitionistic, show body parts, and let it all hang out!  The rules are simple! Rules:

  1. Take a photograph – one or more – of yourself flashing in a public place. That means not your house or backyard! You can include video, but this is primarily a picture hunt.
  2. The location needs to be somewhere people can potentially see you.
  3. There needs to be enough of the location in the photo to be identifiable (so not a macro shot of just the body part).
  4. Complete nakedness isn’t necessary – flashing your tits or your bits works fine too. The idea is to be inappropriately exposed (this means no naturist spots).
  5. Post your picture/s on your blog and then (this bit’s important) let me know so I can update this page! Email me or flick me a tweet (@curvaceousdee).

Please jump in and suggest new places for the list, or to just get nekkid/photograph yourself at them and see if the crowd deems it worthy (tip: we usually do). Then we’ll add it on.

The whole Scavenger Hunt list of places, participants, and accomplishments is tracked and administered by the always delightful and lovely Curvaceous Dee.

scavenger hunt – construction site

Serafina and I are proud participants in the Scavenger Hunt.  We’re pretty new to the whole adventure, but we’ve had more than a little fun with it.  So far we’ve managed to put a bridge, park, and historic place onto Serafina’s list.  With three locations under her belt, Serafina has moved up from bronze to silver, in terms of the Scavenger Hunt level she’s achieved.  And, we’re always looking for more.

An opportunity came upon us a weekend or two ago, as we were out for a Sunday drive.  Cruising down the road, I spied a construction site . . .

“Slave?” I said.

“Yes Master,” she replied.

“Are you ready to expose yourself?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I am,” was her response.

Now, of course, the advantage to visiting a construction site on Sunday is that the equipment isn’t in use.  A new county park was being put in at the site of a former sand and gravel company, and construction equipment was on site for the building and grading of boat access ramps.

There was still more than a little chance of being seen, not by ogling construction workers, but by passing motorists, as well as a guy who was doing some rock hunting a few feet away from the equipment.  We stopped and spoke to him first.

“Huntin’ rocks?” I asked.  (I’m called the Master of the Obvious for a reason, I’ll have you know!)

“Uh huh . . . ” he said in return, stretching up from the bent over position he’d been in.

“Havin’ much luck?” I replied.  (I’m not called the Master of Small-talk, and that’s for a reason too!)

“Not bad . . . ” he said, holding out a quart sized plastic bucket half full of smallish agates.

We exchanged a few minutes more scintillating conversation about agates and rock hunting, before I excused Serafina and myself to explore.  I wanted a good construction pic for the Scavenger Hunt, and there was a large tracked shovel/crane just begging to be the place.


If you take a careful look at the picture, you’ll see the rock-hound near the top right corner.  The site was a little too sunny, a little to cold, and way too breezy for Serafina to be truly comfortable.  But, we made it work . . .

"Mmmmmaster, it's really cccccold!"

“Mmmmmaster, it’s really cccccold out here!”

Serafina is a good slave, she’ll endure lots to please her Master.  And I have a passion for turning my beloved into art . . .


But, there really was no denying that sitting out exposed like that wasn’t really comfortable for Serafina.  Not to mention, at that point it really did look like our rockhound friend was becoming more interested in the photoshoot going on over his shoulder than in his hobby.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw him turning and craning his neck, trying to be a better glance at everything my sweet slave was exposing.  I actually thought about walking over to the guy and asking if he’d like to see my wife’s breasts, but thought better of it, not knowing if perhaps he might be an undercover cop or similar.

Instead, we headed for a little more protected spot . . .


Unfortunately, my shadow was far too prominent with the sun directly over my right shoulder.  So I changed perspective just a little . . .


Then. with just a moment spent in photoshop, I had the final result I want for this post . . .


“e” is for exhibitionism



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