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Emjoi Divine . . .

Sounds exotic, doesn’t it?  It’s a bit unusual, I’ll give you that.  But, it’s not exactly exotic.  Emjoy Divine is the name of the little battery powered epilator shown in Serafina’s hand in today’s featured photos.

Every woman has their own intimate grooming rituals.  Serafina doesn’t shave, nor does she groom with the ever popular Brazilian wax.  I’ve known women with both of those preferences.  My ex-wife preferred to shave her vulva and pubic area, while our friend Lexxi Derrière likes her “trip to Brazil”, her euphemism for a bikini waxing.  Shaving doesn’t leave Serafina as smooth as she prefers, and she’s too frugal to really enjoy a Brazillian.  No, my sweet slave developed her own method.

Once upon a time, Serafina would don vinyl gloves in the bathtub, and spend the better part of the next half hour plucking pussy.  It was effective, the price was right, and it produced the results she wanted.  Then, she found the Emjoi Divine at  To be honest, I was a bit dubious about having a metal disc made of sharp little mini tweezers spinning and whirring at high speed next to my pussy.

Did it surprise you, my dear reader, to hear Serafina’s vulva described as “my pussy”?  That’s one of the wonders of a Master/slave relationship, at least to my eyes, she’s all mine and that includes her pussy.  She’s groomed (or un-groomed) not based upon her desires, but instead subject to my whim.  Serafina much prefers pussy to be bare and fully exposed.  She says to be any other way now feels unkempt and unclean.

Not only is this post a part of February Photo Fest – 28 Days of Serafina, but it’s also a less than subtle reminder to my slave that even the most private choices, like her intimate grooming preferences, are subject to my authority.  So, I haven’t allowed her to groom herself since before Christmas.  It’s not because it’s important to me that her cunt be hairy, but simply because I can decide.

Soon, it will be time to get the Emjoi Divine back out, but not a moment before I say so . . .

Serafina & the emjoi divine

Emjoi Divine 02




epilator Emjoi Divine

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