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The Joy of Kink is now closing in on it’s ‘third’ birthday – the blog will be all of three weeks old on Tuesday.   Ha Ha

Sure, there are a couple of older posts on the calendar, but those essays originated at Spiritual BDSM.   Those earlier works have been reworked and rewritten, essentially they are new material, but they are placed in the proper time context so the dates match when the original was written.

Being less than a month old, we are still “under construction” and there’s a bit of construction mess still laying about.  I don’t want to give anyone the impression that the site’s broken, everything’s fully functional.  It’s just a few nagging details that need to be tidied up and swept away.  Compared to a major construction mess, it’s really nothing, you might say that the road’s open and it’s just some landscaping left to make things more eye appealing.  In terms of giving more than just metaphoric descriptions, I’m probably about 95% satisfied with the blog’s appearance.  Just some nagging details to attend to here and there.

under construction gifThere is a lot more work to do on the lexicon/glossary, that’s an ongoing project that will be growing and improving for some time.  I’m also continually adding pearls of wisdom to the kinky quote collection, which is another ongoing project.  My lovely slave/wife Serafina has checked for specific browser problems, I generally work from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but she uses different browsers still.  Sexy Serafina has even checked the site’s appearance in Internet Explorer (gasp!).

But, as diligent as my sweet slave is, she can’t catch all the possible errors that might show up in all the various browser now in use.

With that in mind, if you see any problems or errors, even issues such as misspellings, etc – please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.  A contact form is provided among the navigation tabs at the top of the page, same as the form that accompanies this post.  The contact form, while fully functional, is just one example of a place where some minor site tweaking still remains on my to-do list.  It’s really just some nagging format and style details I want to complete, but minor changes will continue to appear for at least a few more weeks.

Thanks in advance for reading!

Michael Samadhi

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