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In a prior post, Serafina shared the script for her collaring ceremony.

It was a glorious event, I can honestly say it was the best day of my life.  I know there’s a lot of rhetoric thrown around by vanilla folk about their wedding day being the best of their lives.  It’s hard to know how many really mean it, and how many just mouth the words because they want it to be true.  I mean something like 50% or marriages end in divorce, right?  That’s not a great prescription for a person’s fondest memory.

Serafina and I had a vanilla wedding too, it was a great day, but it was a compromise.  We didn’t make compromises in our collaring ceremony.  That is, unless you count the fact that we didn’t invite Patti Smith to sing “Because the Night” as Serafina crawled up a red carpet to me, led by our closest friend.  Instead, we used Spotify to play the iconic song who’s lyrics seem to portray the D/s dynamic to near perfection.

Here’s a portrait of Serafina and myself, taken by the Master of Ceremony for her collaring, a good friend of mine who goes by taketurns3412 over at FetLife – our fireside collaring ceremony remembrance.

fireside collaring
serafinas fireside collaring

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