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Everyone’s version of a master / slave relationship is different.  That’s actually one of the things I like about kink, it’s like a giant smorgasbord, and folks are free to sample what they like, and leave the rest behind.  So, to me the diversity of kink is one of the beauties of the lifestyle.

I just wanted to say that up front, because some people might be appalled by the prerogatives I take as Serafina’s Master.  For instance, I believe a master has the right to use his slave as sexual property, and to assign her service as he see’s fit.  I guess that’s my way of saying that it is my prerogative to choose any other dominant she might serve.

Of course, it’s not as one sided as all that might initially sound.  In reality it means I’ve coordinated a few mfm three ways for my slave.  It means I found a quality dominant (Alpha) whom Serafina enjoys and respects for play and training.  And, in all honesty, she’s loved every minute of the adventure.

There was a lot of communication and discussion in advance.   Our conversations on the topic started about a year before we actually even began to meet other individual’s in person.  We went into the experience with our eyes relatively wide open, and feel enriched for the experience.

And, just so our friends and readers are aware, the image that accompanies this post was actually picked by Serafina.  She originally picked it to be included in the February Photo Fest series of posts.  With Wicked Wednesday’s theme today being firsts, it was proudly re-purposed.

Serafina is proud of the inhibitions she’s overcome, and she’s proud of the pleasures she’s both given and received.  And, I think her choice for today’s post illustrates that point very well.  it’s the first time serafina was shared, her first mfm 3-way, and the first time she ever experienced a “double header” with 2 cocks in her mouth.

the first time Serafina was shared (her 1st mfm 3-way)


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