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Last week was just a “teaser”.

The bedside stand covered in lovely toys is really part of a much larger scene.

The bed beside the bedside stand is my infamous dungeon bed.

And the majority of my collection of floggers and impact toys hang overhead.

Mmmmhhhhh, the sweet smell of leather.  Flogger tails galore!

  ~  ~  ~  ~

It’s so nice to have the luxury to live like this.  I also know the luxury may not last forever.

Like all things in life, enjoy it while you can.

There’s no promise there will even be a tomorrow.  And, if tomorrow does come, there are no guarantees the shape of life will remain the same.

We are all only temporarily able bodied.  Human frailties can lead to so many changes.

Our very human foibles can lead to many more . . .

Taste the earth before it tastes you!

flogger tails galore


Toy with me Tuesday
Toy with me Tuesday
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Toy with me Tuesday Flogger Tails Galore
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