child’s play?

footstool forniphiliaHave you ever had a partner, or perhaps a friend, kneel on the floor while you use them as a footstool?  It’s  not a terribly unusual behavior if you really stop and think about it, I actually see it all the time.

For instance, I’ve observed children taking part in this activity in both a doctor’s and a dentist’s office.  The children were quite innocent in their play, and their own mothers didn’t even seem to take note in their unselfconscious child’s play.  At least not unless they notice me observing the kids at play.  It seems that if a stranger notices the kids using each other as footstools, it’s suddenly a bit embarrassing for Mom.  The children are quickly scolded and put back into chairs.

Using someone as a footstool a pretty good example, albeit a mild one, of a BDSM activity known as “forniphilia”.

I’m not really surprised to find children playing games of this sort.  A good number of people who partake in bondage activities with their partners can recount childhood games of “Cowboys and Indians” or something very similar.  Activities where taking captives, or being taken captive, were a significant part of the game.  Why should other kinky activities like forniphilia be any different?

defining forniphilia

Here’s the definition and etymology of the word as provided at House of Gord:

Forniphilia: the art of human furniture
forni- f. Old French furnir f.
Roman, fornire; to furnish -philia f.
Greek philos; love of, fondness for

According to the ubiquitous Wikipedia:

Human furniture (or Forniphilia) is a form of bondage and sexual objectification in which a person’s body is incorporated into a chair, table, cabinet or other piece of furniture. The term was originally coined by Jeff Gord.
Forniphilia is an extreme form of bondage because the subject usually is tightly bound and expected to stay immobile for a prolonged period of time. They are often gagged (see Forniphilic gag) and/or placed in position where there is a danger of being smothered. Proper safety requires frequent checks of the submissive’s well-being.

For the sake of accuracy, I want to note that Jeff Gord has said that it was his webmaster who actually coined the term, so wikipedia’s accuracy will have to come into question on that particular point .  For the sake of clarity, and to be 100% correct in our look at this fetish, I want to be clear that forniphilia doesn’t have to qualify as extreme in any way.  As I observed in this essay’s opening, forniphilia is like many other styles of BDSM play, the intensity level of the play is easily determined by the participants.  Options ranging from mild to extreme are all available with forniphilia.

In my many years of perusing porn, I’ve seen a great number of examples of a submissive being used as furniture, but only a relatively small percentage of them actually include bondage I’d classify as extreme.  Illustrations, usually pen or pencil drawings, depicting more extreme versions of human furniture, do seem to be more common in my experience, but often such illustrations can often depict situations and positions that exaggerated the point of being more than a little bit unrealistic.

The most extreme depicted activities, whatever medium from which they were created, do tend to be very intense for the submissive, both physically and psychologically.  That’s part of the nature of entertainment, often the BDSM images and poses depicted So, it needs to be said that caution, not to mention a slow and careful testing of limits, is always suggested before any BDSM activities advance to anything approaching a strong intensity.

ultimate definition of forniphilia

With all that said, I find Jeff Gord’s definition of forniphilia to be the most elegant, not to mention the most subtle and nuanced.

What is forniphilia?

One description, I would say, is the ultimate in artistic expression. Over the centuries, mere mortal man, artists and sculptures of renown, have struggled to capture the essence of femininity in various inanimate and inadequate mediums of paint, stone, plaster-of-paris, bronze, and a host of other organic materials.

Whilst they came close, none really managed to portray that indefinable something that is womanhood; a mystical state-of-the-art life form that guards its secrets jealously. In my opinion, they never will. They were using the wrong materials.

I on the other hand, whilst not possessing the same magnificent skills in handcrafting as these old masters; I chose to use the ultimate material. “Woman” The most erotic and exciting material on this planet. The trick is to find some material that is not hostile, endowed with a volatile temper, or downright hazardous to your health.

A second description of forniphilia would be man’s desire to render a powerful and dangerous adversary to the role of utility item.

Make no mistake, women are a dangerous species. Thus by relegating her to an item of furniture that can be used and enjoyed at leisure and in complete safety we can achieve that goal. It is in man’s nature to conquer and control, and in this respect the female of our species probably represents the only adversary he has never managed to subdue. OK, we win the odd battle, and if we were to use physical strength we can overcome them. But we never truly win. Reduce a woman to a usable object and she becomes so damned sexually alluring that she has you by the balls so to speak. What the hell. Try sitting on a human female chair, with a human female table, and a human female foot stool, and you really stop caring about the battle of the sexes. In fact, you don’t really give a shit how much hassle about jobs around the house they are going to give you when they get free, as even a few moments of illusory control are worth the mundane things in life.

If the sound of all this is exciting to you, but it’s not anything you ever knew had a name, or you always thought you were the only one who had such demented desires, then you will want to learn more.

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