Baby, It’s Freakin’ Cold Outside | Smutober

By | October 25, 2017

Baby, It’s Freakin’ Cold Outside | Smutober

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Smutober | 2 comments

Winter is Coming | A Cold Michael Samadhi | Smutober

Here in the Midwest, our summers are hot and humid, our winters bitterly cold. Certainly -20F is not an uncommon windchill to chill the bones after a good blizzard. It’s not uncommon to hit -30F windchill at least once a year.

I love Fall and Spring. Cold and Winter, I simply tolerate.

While I might on occasion use a little bit of ice in my BDSM play, I usually only break out the ice cube tray if things get overheated. In that way, cold/ice can be sensual and useful to me. But really, as someone who has to suffer through Midwestern winters with bitter temperatures, there’s really nothing sexy to me about cold…

Unless, of course, we are talking about slaves making naked snow angels on FetLife. Every winter those sorts of images appear. And, I can’t help but find them sexy. I can’t begin to imagine anyone I’ve played with over the last decade being able to tolerate that kind of activity. That kind of cold usually doesn’t feel good for folks with arthritis, and my submissives and play partners are getting old with me.

So, I enjoy other’s snow angels from the warmth and comfort of Chateau Samadhi. I camped out in the cold for Christmas one year, back when I was young. But, that’s no more.

Perhaps you should think of Michael Samadhi like a big ramblin’ grizzly bear (my totem animal). This time of year, I’d just as soon curl up and hibernate. This year, I just might!

Smutober 2017

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2 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Freakin’ Cold Outside | Smutober

  1. Indigo Byrd

    Oh good grief -30 I’ll stop whinging – I think the worst I’ve experienced is about -9…
    Don’t blame you all for hibernating – works for me.

    1. Michael Samadhi Post author

      Ya, we get cold polar air dropping down out of Canada, usually in January and Feburary. In 2015 when I had back surgery I almost literally did hibernate indoors for a month. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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