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fruit gag Over at my other blog (yes I have two, don’t ask me why) I wrote a series of posts about gags called Keeping Her Quiet. I included info on a variety of gags and elements associated with gagging . . .

But never, not ever, did I even get close to thinking to write about a fruit gag! Well, perhaps that’s not perfectly true.  I did write about Sitophilia:

Food play, aka Sitophilia, is a form of sexual fetishism in which participants are aroused by erotic situations involving food.

I don’t remember anything even remotely approaching a fruit gag in that posting.

But, it could be argued that it’s not a great leap from the subject of food play to actually inserting food into a submissive’s mouth! I mean come on, it’s just begging to happen when put into that kind of context.

Yet, it’s something I rarely ever see done by other fetishists.

I guess that edible gags do pose a bit of a problem.  Especially if you are an aficionado of fruit like my Serafina happens to be.

A fruit gag isn’t going to be very effective if it’s sweet, succulent, and tasty . . .

Just be careful of the pit!

Fruit Gag – Keeping Her Quiet . . .


With A Nectarine?

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