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I think I’ve mentioned before that Serafina and I are blessed, not only with each other, but also with wonderful friends.

And, Serafina’s playmate in this picture was also mentioned in a previous post in this series, Alpha Slave.  It’s none other than our good friend Dee – who goes by Dione12 at FetLife.

Doesn’t it look like the ladies are having fun?

It won’t be long now, and we’ll have known Dee and her husband Gatekeeper for two years.  I know that time flies when you are having fun, but it does seem as if we’ve known them even longer.  A good friendship is like that sometimes, you meet folks and feel as though you’ve known them forever.

This picture is from Dee’s birthday celebration in 2013, which is a story itself.  The year before, Dee had gone skydiving for her birthday, her way of celebrating the event.  Last year, her choice was to come spend a weekend of play in our dungeon.  I’m pretty honored that a day in my dungeon is considered to be as epic as a sky diving experience, at least in Dee’s estimation.

Dee’s back is red because I’d been flogging her.  I don’t remember when the breast press got placed on Dee, it was probably some time after the flogging.  Serafina is taking advantage of the opportunity the breast press presents, to create some additional sensations for the birthday girl.  It’s a lot of fun watching them interact and explore.

I’m very glad to have grabbed this image.  Quite obviously, the picture shows a shared tender moment between Serafina and our friend.

Having friends who can share in exploring the joy of kink is a priceless thing.  We aren’t able to get together with Dione12 and Gatekeeper as often as we’d like, obligations and distance (not to mention a severe Iowa winter) can interrupt.  But when we do get together, sparks usually fly.  That kind of friendship is always worth waiting for . . .

fun with Dee

Serafina has fun with Dee

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