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Come find out if the Price if Right?

What might happen if there was a Family Feud here at House of Samadhi?

What are Michael’s most desired sex toys in a kinky Supermarket Sweep?

What questions would Master Samadhi ask in the Dating Game?

It’s all part of the Game Show Edition of today’s TMI Tuesday . . .




Game Show Edition TMI Tuesday / February 18, 2014

1. The Price is Right: What is the right price to make you have sex with a total a total stranger?

I’m not capable of having sex without love.  I know that makes me unusual for a guy, but there’s no denying who and what I am.

I can make love to my slave/wife Serafina every night, sometimes more than just once a night.  But, lay the most attractive lady in front of me naked and nothing happens for me without that love connection.  Nolo contendere, nada, zippo, zilch – it ain’t going to happen.  It may also take a woman’s sincere submission to grab my sexual interest.  So it’s no simple matter.

Bottom line – no amount of money could entice me to have sex with a stranger.  I’m sure I would have been capable when I was younger, but with age my sexual tastes have become specific enough that sex with strangers just isn’t going to happen.

2. Make Me Laugh: What part of your naked body when touched, makes you laugh?

The little indent on the backside of my knees.  Googles of giggles.

3. Family Feud: What act could you do or think could you say that would really upset your significant other?

There are plenty of things I could say to Serafina that would really upset her.

All it takes is a hint of dissatisfaction on my part to rock her world.  I’m not going to go into any specifics, as to my mind that’s just hurtful, and it’s my responsibility to help her be the best Serafina she can possibly be.  I never build a person up by tearing them down first (just not my style) – so I won’t even begin to discuss anything more specific.

4. Supermarket Sweep: You’ve been set free in a sex toy market that includes small items (e.g. condoms, vibrators) to large items (e.g. Sybians, spanking benches) and everything in between. What 5 items will you put in your shopping cart?

  1. A sybian would be on top of my list.
  2. And, since we’re getting all crazy and mechanical right off the top, a good fucking machine would be second on the list.  I haven’t really been in the marked for a fucking machine, but the Vick Versatile Fucking Machine looks nice.
  3. It’s not exactly going to fit into a cart, but Bond’s of Steel’s tilting St Andrew’s Cross would be the third item I’d desire.
  4.  Item number 4 would be a Dungeon Bed.  Yes, I already have a dungeon bed with an undebed cage, but I’d like another without the cage as well.  The cage is a great addition, but it alters the bed’s height enough that I’d also like one of their beds in standard height for more floor play in our bedside sexcapades.
  5. A Lacing Table – Serafina got to try one at Kinky Kollege last year and found it very interesting.  A person, laced into one, can barely move a muscle.

5. The Dating Game (Blind Date, UK version; Perfect Match, Australian version).
Part I – There are 3 contestants to which you will pose your questions. Will your contestants be of your opposite sex, your same sex, or a mix?

All opposite sex.

Part II – What are 3 questions you would ask the contestants?

  1. What color underwear are you wearing?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be, in a sexual context, more dominant or more submissive?
  3. Have you ever been handcuffed or restrained?

Bonus: TMI Tuesday Cash Cab (several International versions) – Unsuspecting taxi passengers hail a cab and suddenly find themselves on a TV game show. While on the cab ride you must do specific acts ordered by your cab driver in order to win cash and get the full free cab ride to your destination.

The TMI Taxi has just picked you up. How much cash will you win? At which level will you stop the cab, end the ride, and be dumped at the curb?

Level 1: Flash passers-by either by lifting your shirt or mooning them – $20 (all cash prize amounts are USD)
Level 2: Dry hump another passenger in the cab with you (remember the camera is recording) – $50
Level 3: French kiss the cab driver for 1 minute – $75
Level 4: Have sex, in the cab, with the other passenger who is a complete stranger and…
– if you are gay/lesbian the stranger is heterosexual
– if you are heterosexual the stranger is your same sex
– if you are bisexual you are just having fun *wink*

Cash prize $1000

I’m not going to be entertaining here.  I think we’ve already discovered that sex with strangers is off the table for me.  So I’m not going to be earning big money.

If the cab driver was the opposite sex and at least moderately attractive, I’d likely make it up to Level 3, and give her a kiss to remember.


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