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It seems I failed to realize that today was actually the first day of June.

As such, I failed to note that there was a prompt for this week’s SinfulSunday!

Oops!  My bad!  Mea Culpa!

For some reason I was thinking next week was the prompt.

Honestly though, I do have an excuse . .  . I’ve been spending unbelievable amounts of time in “top space” lately.  Blame Serafina and Sinnja for that!

Individually they are both enthralling women.  But, when we are all together, the effect is nothing less out intoxicating.

Life right now is a blur of new relationship energy for all three of us.  Not exactly the prescription for extremely lucid thinking.

Still, a SinfulSunday prompt only comes around once a month, ya know.

It’s a terrible shame to miss even one . . .  And, I already had a picture in mind!

Getting It Right This Time

Not only is the title literally true, in that this post is to make up for the fact that I missed the lovely Molly Moore’s SinfulSunday prompt, it’s also a perfect metaphor for the relationship Serafina and I share with Sinnja.

Although I’ve been poly since 1989, and can say I’ve enjoyed every moment of my journey, I’ve never felt anything like the energy that happens when we three are together.

It’s like magic! Yes indeed, there’s no doubt, we really are getting it right this time! getting-it-right-master-samadhi Sinful Sunday   MSS_8591   getting it right - art

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Sinful Sunday Getting It Right This Time
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