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Pony play is the Kink of the Week (KOTW) topic for the week of February 3rd through 9th.

Being the pretentious S.O.B. that I am, my preference for naming the fetish would be “equine eroticism” rather than pony play.  But, that’s just how I am.  Most folks would be happy to call our friend Lexxi by that name, it’s what everybody calls her.  I find that I simply have to use her full given name, Lexxilicious A. Derrière.  I just have a thing for formality.

Now to be honest, nobody but yours truly calls pony play by the name equine eroticism.  It’s a term I made up.  Some other folks arrived at the same name independently, as a quick Google search found no exact matches except for a Facebook page titled “Equine Eroticism”.  It has all of 2 members. I did check to make sure I wasn’t one of them, so I guess there are three of us who use that phrase as an alternative for pony play.  I’m not positive, but I think Arlo Guthrie says (in Alice’s Resturant) that three folks with an idea is enough for an organization (it takes fifty to make a moment he says) so it does appear the idea is on it’s way.

I just happen to think the phrase equine eroticism has a nice ring to it.   I like it.  So, I recently decided to adopt it for use, synonymous with pony play.  Like Lexxilicious, it just seems a little more formal, and a little more dignified too.  Every town, it seems, has a sex professional working their streets named Lexxi.  But, how many have a Lexxilicious?1  Lots of folks have heard of pony play, perhaps without interest.  But offer up some equine eroticism, and who knows what they might think?

With that said, Jade didn’t ask for essays about equine eroticism.  Jade invited us to, “Get Our Kink On and talk about Pony Play!”   Serafina, who prefers the pony play phrase herself, is quick to point out that Jade didn’t say a single thing about equine eroticism, no mention at all.  Serafina grew up on a farm, and knows about the real thing.  “Hung like a horse is not a euphemism” my slave is quick to say.   No sirree!  So, without further ado, or poor attempts at humor, I bring you the Joy of Kink’s 1st entry for the KOTW topic of pony play.

I ♥ equine eroticism pony play

serafina pony play bit gagI love pony play.  At least that’s the theory.  I’ve never actually had the opportunity to partake in pony play, simply because I’ve never been close to a human equine.  I’ve met folks into pony play at events.  Some have been most impressive.  A beautiful stallion was the top prize winner at Kinky Kollege Homecoming 2013’s contest for folks who partake in pony play and other forms of pet play.  I’ve met kitties, puppies, and even equines in person.  Furries and pet players are not uncommon these days, a local Domme even had a pet play themed party last year.  But, I’ve never had a pony of my own.

The cliche would be to say – “It’s not for lack of trying.”  But, truth be told, I’ve never tried to find a proper subject for pony play.  To be quite honest, while it’s a subject of interest, pony play has never been high enough on my own kinky bucket list to become a priority.  As I find myself getting older, I find myself getting closer and closer to this kind of fantasy however, probably for that very reason.  It’s kind of a backwards sort of logic, but the more blessed I become in steady regular play, the more the fringes and edges call for my attention.

Within the last year alone, I flogged nine different women.  I once had so many three ways that they now just feel like vanilla sex to me.  I did a serious interrogation, and an extended captivity scene back back in the Fall, and plan for more.  I have a very impressive masochist that I play with on a semi-regular basis, she’s a delight who simply craves strong sensations.  To be honest, my sadistic friends are jealous, she can take THAT much.  I’m planning both a soft rape and a hard rape for a friend who’s wanting to go into the realm of consensual non-consent.  Obviously then, I’m trusted to help friends fulfill their own fantasies.

Just as it takes something exotic to provide a gift for the “man who has everything” – finding a new fantasy for Michael isn’t an easy task.  I know at least a couple of subbies I’d like to turn into pony girls, my friend Lexilicious being one of them.  I believe she’d look absolutely regal at the end of a lunge line, dressed up in equestrian finery.  The fact that’s it’s not necessarily a fetish for her makes the fantasy ever better for me.  I mean what better humiliation can I imagine for her, than to reduce the lively and outspoken girl to a beast.  Unable to speak for herself, or do anything for that matter, but react to my commands and the strike of my dressage whip.  What a delicious fantasy indeed.

long held pony play dream

bit gag pony playThat’s not my only pony play fantasy, just my newest one.  My longest held pony play fantasy goes back over a decade.  This one goes back to my days in politics, working as a community organizer.  I once marched in over 25 parades per year, that’s a lot of time looking at drill teams and Shriners driving little cars.  Sometimes, standing there in the hot sun, my mind would wander, and go to the strangest places.  Upon spying a six horse hitch, my mind amped things up into high gear.

Instead of spending my summer marching in parades for politicians and political causes, I wanted to run a six horse hitch of pony girls.  No longer would the John Deere tractors be the big hit.  No amount of real equine beauty could distract the audience’s gaze from my team of beautiful pony girls.  No firetruck’s siren would be better than the hand cranked siren attached to my chariot, all pulled by a six horse hitch of pony girls.  To my eye, that’s the ultimate pony play!

My friend Alpha has a habit of saying – “Master Michael doesn’t do anything half assed, if he’s going to bother, he goes all out” – and there’s a certain truth to it, no doubt.  Offer me a team of two pony girls – Ya that’s nice, thanks but no thanks.  A four horse hitch for pony play?  Sure OK, I suppose if I have to . . . No, damn it, if I’m going to warp young minds in a swath of moral destruction across the state’s of Iowa and Illinois, I’m going to do it right!  A six horse hitch, every pony girl decked out in resplendent finery.  Can you imagine the spectacle?  Can you imagine the stares?

I’d need four additional volunteers, two for each street side.  They would pass out flyers explaining equestrian play, pet play in general, as well as the tenants of SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).   After all those years in politics, I can’t seem to let the thought of a parade go by without some public education, know what I mean? Of course Serafina could accompany me on the chariot, pulled together by our proud team.  While I wave at the crowd and crack a whip loudly over the heads of the steeds, Serafina will look pretty, and throw candy to the crowd.  After the parade, we can hold a big BDSM demo.   I’ll be showing how to rig a team of pony girls, while my friend Alpha would demonstrate the fine art of using a machete to cut the clothes off of a damsel in distress.

Yes, that’s my long held dream, a summer long pony play parade pageant.  Pretty perverted?  I’d like to think so!  (-takes bow and leaves stage-)

  1.  I’m not implying that my sweet Lexxilicious is a courtesan.  She is not. Lord knows, I’ve threatened to take her out to a local truck stop dressed as a “lot lizard”, but that’s another story entirely.
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