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When I travel, I prefer (and enjoy) the same attributes in the accommodations I frequent as I do in an erotic slave . . . I appreciate style and elegance.

Yes, I know, everybody has their own image of what those words might mean.  To my eye, the very picture of the sort of style and elegance I’m talking about are the restored historic hotels we seek out when we need to stay overnight at a destination or way point.  Accommodations of that caliber come with their own history, which can be fascinating.  Each has it’s own unique charm too.  And, the rooms make beautiful backdrops for playing with (and photographing) my slave/wife Serafina.

My favorite rooms usually feature glass showers too.  Like the hotels themselves, some are more elegant than others.  Regardless of their relative levels of attractiveness, I can say without a doubt, every shower looks better with Serafina in it than it does empty.  And  that’s the subject of today’s pictorial, some fun with Serafina in a glass shower at the Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport, Iowa.

As we continue to grow into our Internet home, I’ll undoubtedly talk more about some of the destinations (kinky and not) that Serafina and I enjoy for our play and photography.  Maybe those discussions can even grow into a feature, we’ve been discussing that possibility.  We believe that’s an important topic to explore, as there’s no doubt that mood matters when it comes to erotic play.  Like Timothy Leary used to say, it’s all about “set and setting”.  Leary was talking about LSD, but it applies to BDSM and other kinky explorations as well.

The mindset we are in, and the physical setting around us, has a dramatic effect on the erotic experience.  We’ve found that finding, and using, unique destinations are a rewarding part of exploring the joy of kink.

glass shower surprise

glass shower surprise


The Joy of Kink is joining Molly’s Daily Kiss in posting at least one image every day on our blog for the entire month of February – the February Photo Fest!

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February Photo Fest Glass Shower Surprise
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