when BB King sings about eating chicken, he's not thinking Chick-Fil-A

God and the Chicken Sandwich

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A version of this post was published at SpiritualBDSM.com on August 6, 2012.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding Chick-Fil-A‘s?

The company’s primary owners have been giving large contribution to groups working to prevent gay marriage …

Obviously, to my mind, that’s a detestable activity.

Love is love.

Enough said, I hope.

In a case of “turnabout being fair play”, Chick-fil-A is now being inundated with homoerotic Yelp reviews.

The men’s room at this one is single occupancy and has a good lock on the door, FYI. Very discreet.

Carlos R

Chick-Fil-A review by

It’s so very nice to see an issue turned around so beautifully and subversively … 

(Not to mention that the reviews at the bottom of this screenshot are an absolute hoot to read!)

Chick-fil-A says it’s corporate mission is:

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A.


To glorify God through the making of chicken sandwiches?

I guess there’s some logic to that if you are a Lutheran …

The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.

Martin Luther

I’m ok with the belief that making good shoes is a tribute to the almighty.  Heck, I’m even ok with someone believing that crafting a superior chicken sandwich is also a tribute to God.

Me?  I’d argue that good craftsmanship is a credit to the craftsman, not to a higher power.  But, it’s not an argument I’d waste much time espousing.  Life’s too short to debate that sort of issue.

Go ahead and say your sandwich is somehow a credit to God, I don’t really care.  If it tastes good I’ll eat it.

At least I used to eat Chick-fil-A.  Sadly, the company’s intolerant stance towards homosexuality has left a bad taste in my mouth.  Not even the waffle fries taste good anymore …

Yes, I used to like Chick-fil-A.  But I love my LGBT friends more!

This post was originally published on August 22, 2012 – at SpiritualBDSM.com.  It was originally posted under a different title  – when BB King sings about eating chicken, he’s not thinking Chick-Fil-A.  The post has been extensively edited for style and content before re-posting on MichaelSamadhi.com. 

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