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accentuate the positive

I generally focus on the positive.  Oh I have my doubts, my moments of anger, but choosing the positive is my way of coping with all the things that are wrong with the world today.  And, most of the time it’s good to be me, so being positive is easy . . .

I have a wonderful slave.  I’m blessed with a wonderful circle of friends.  Serafina and I get to attend lots of great events.  It’s almost like a fantasy existence . . .

But, every now and then, reality comes up and gives me a real slap.  Serafina calls it a “Hitch in our giddy-up.”

That means I have to admit that I have very real limitations, and I’ve arranged my life around them.  Serafina has more than her share of limitations to.  We can pretend they don’t exist, and we can arrange our lives so they don’t bite us in the ass, but they do exist.  Every now and than that’s forgotten, and like I said, it comes home like a sharp slap across the face.

This is the story I’d not usually tell, the hidden problems that often go unsaid.  This is the story I’d prefer not to tell, it’s the tale of an event where most everything that could go wrong, did go wrong . . .


Storm Clouds on the Horizon – (photo by Serafina Samadhi)

hidden problems

Serafina and I attended Kinky Kollege this last weekend with great expectations.  We love events like KK, they are full of great energy, and even in the most mundane class, there’s usually a tip or two to be picked up.  And, to their credit, the workshops at Kinky Kollege are rarely mundane.  Unfortunately, events conspired to make this particular Kinky Kollege an exercise in things that could go wrong.

The weekend started off in great fashion.  We arrived Friday in time to get our room, get registered, and attend that day’s classes.  I went to a class put on by Robert Dante, who holds 4 world  records in bullwhip cracking.  Serafina saw Dan and Dawn put on a presentation on Loving M/s.  Both classes were outstanding.  I even found myself practicing whip cracking afterwards in our room with my new mini-bullwhip.  Everything was marvelous.

Then our first problem cropped up.  At about 6PM Friday evening, we discovered that our medicine had slipped out of our luggage before we left home.  It had been packed in an outside pocket for ease of access, but the pocket apparently remained unzipped, and our bag of meds fell out in the last stages of packing.  For most folks that wouldn’t be the greatest tragedy, as over the counter medicines are easy to find these days in the age of the 24 hour drug store.

The “hidden problem” for us, however, is that most of our medications are prescriptions, and they are very necessary for our existence.  I probably could survive on on over the counter pain meds for my back, but the lack of a muscle relaxer after 4 hours of driving wasn’t going to be comfortable.  Extended driving does tend to set off the degenerative disc disease symptoms in my lower back.  Going without Allegra-D for my allergies wasn’t a wonderful prospect for me either, but laws surrounding the manufacture of methamphetamine wouldn’t allow me to just go pick up a new pack at the drugstore.  Over the counter meds don’t always mean they are freely available.

Serafina literally cannot sleep without some help from medications.  It’s partly her nature, and partly a result of chronic pain from a lower back injury.  A few years before we met, Serafina took a fall from the top of a high ladder while volunteering to renovate a church.  Her back injury is permanent, but she has adapted so well most folks would never know she’s suffered such an injury.  She certainly doesn’t let it get in the way of providing service.  But, she needs medicine to sleep, or the chronic pain prevents decent rest.

So, my executive decision was to drive home for our medicine.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was really the only option I had.  A slave without sleep is not only a miserable existence for her, it’s not really conducive to getting anything from the classes either.  We headed home, a solid three hour drive, half of it toll roads.

our room sits empty while we sleep at home

By the time we got back home, it was after 9pm.  Sure enough, our medicine was sitting exactly where it fallen out of our luggage.  As I’d been dressing, I exchanged shirts, throwing the t-shirt I’d worn that day on the bed next to our travel bags.  Apparently, my shirt had obscured the bag of meds, contributing to the fiasco.

At that point, I had to decide whether to drive another 3 hours back to Chicago, likely to arrive before the dungeon closed, but with more than nine hours of driving behind me for the day.  In all honesty, our own dungeon bed was beckoning me.  It had already been a long day, the driving had been more than a little tiring.  And, my right leg was getting sore, right where the seats tend to cut across my thigh.  Being aware that long rides can cause deep vein thrombosis (blood clots from constricted circulation) that can become the cause of life threatening stroke or embolism, I took a couple of aspirin, put my feet up, and called it a night.

The first class the next morning was at 9 am.  So our alarm was set for 5 am, allowing us time to shower and grab a bite at a McGreasies1 on the way back.  Three more hours of driving, and we managed to pull into our destination right at 9am.  We ran to our room, grabbed our notebooks and bullwhips, and headed back to the Kinky Kollege Klassrooms.

One good thing came out of our return home, the 6′ bullwhip I’d ordered in hopes of arrival before Kinky Kollege was at the post office.  I had it in hand as I headed down for my second bullwhip class with Robert Dante.  Serafina attended a class on mindfulness led by Dawn (of Dan and Dawn.)  Both classes were excellent, and I manged to show my new bullwhip to Dante before it was all over.

The “Kanga-Beauty” (as it’s called by Adam and Gillian who market it here in the states) is a 6′ 12 plait kangaroo hide bullwhip that’s truly affordable, coming in at just under $200.  Robert Dante was suitably impressed with my purchase, telling me it was a very nice whip before he heard the price I’d paid. I do believe he was sincere, as he’d just finished picking apart the braiding on another guy’s whip, as it was too loose to crack properly.  I can also say, with a certain amount of pride, that the very first time my 6′ bullwhip was cracked, was in the hands of a world record holder.  How many Masters can say that about their toys?

the downward spiral begins

For the next round of classes I attended “How to Beat the Crap out of Someone and have them Come Back for More” while Serafina took in a Fire Play class.  Both classes were good, but my legs and back were really complaining about the 9 hours of driving.  I had to stand for a good part of the body play class I was attending, and left to walk around and peak in on Serafina for the last few minutes of the fire play demo.

When her class finished, I suggested we run up to our room to grab a quick snack and some pain meds.  It was a fateful decision, as our Kinky Kollege experience essentially ended there.

We went back to our room, snacked, swallowed some naproxen and a muscle relaxer, and stretched our legs.  We planned to attend “Chi of Rope – Enhancing your energy play” in the third session of the day, but I found myself absolutely devoid of any energy to play with.  All the driving, not to mention getting up at 5 am, had left me exhausted.  I didn’t feel I’d get anything at all from the class, so we laid down to nap, it was about 1pm.

I woke up at 3pm feeling more rested, but I was also feeling like I was coming down with a bug.  Serafina wasn’t feeling a whole lot better, so we decided to just rest rather than going downstairs for the Tapas event.  I’d wanted to have Serafina try a play piercing, but in the end, the way we were feeling, it seemed like it was just not going to go well.  Our immune systems just felt off, and that’s no time to be piercing skin . . .

So we laid around, munched a bit on some food, read and relaxed. I studied my new autographed book on the art of the bullwhip, while Serafina perused our Kindle.  I hoped to rest enough that we could rejoin the party at 9pm when the dungeon space opened back up.   My interest was in taking Serafina to the “mattress room” for some public sex.  We’ve done a few public scenes, but never had actual sex in public.  The mattress room is specifically for public sex scenes, so I planned to take my slave, and a few bundles of rope to do some ropework, and then screw my bound slave for everything she was worth.

The closer we got to 9pm though, the worse I was feeling.  We were exhausted, the day seemed to be a lost cause, and the best course seemed to be to simply call it a night and try and rest for Sunday’s classes.

night from hell

Serafina fell asleep not long after our decision to call it a night, but by this point I was too miserable to sleep.  My sinuses were raw, and I felt like the chronic sinus infection I’d fought all winter was coming back with a passion.  Leaving my slave to sleep, I spent a half hour in the shower, which did seem to help relieve the sinus pressure a little.  So, I tried to lay down and rest, once more.  As soon as I got into bed the congestion returned, then got progressively worse.

I took an extra dose of benadryl, and returned to the shower.  I got some relief standing in the shower, with warm water beating down on my face, and after another 30 minute shower tried to once again return to bed.  It was like deja vu all over again2, there was no hope for rest.  My head stuffed up, and the pressure was bad enough that the headache I felt prevented any sleep.

I used everything I know to relieve the pressure.  I used Afrin.  No help.  I did some facial pressure point massage I was taught by an acupuncturist.  Still no help.  I took a 2nd Allegra-D, hoping the decongestant might help.  I sure didn’t notice any relief.  I took Mucinex to help thin the mucus that was pouring out of my nose, hoping it might relieve the pressure.

I even took a walk outside, hoping the cold air might help, as sometimes cold will help with sinus swelling.  And it was cold Saturday night, it wasn’t long before I was shivering.  So, I went back to the room, and back to the shower.  When I looked in the mirror, it looked like my eyes were bleeding they were so red.  At that point I actually began to consider that I’d contracted conjunctivitis (aka pink eye).  Not what I needed to be thinking about!

I know I’ve skipped over at least one episode in the shower, this is now my 5th visit, each running about a half hour, or longer.  It was taking longer and longer each time for sinuses to get any relief at all, until by shower #5 even having warm water beat down on my face wasn’t any help.  And, at that point my eyes were really starting to burn too.  I love swimming and have spent hours in pools without my skin reacting, but now I’m starting to notice that I’m breaking out in hives, in addition to all my other afflictions!   It’s not the shower, my body is just unhappy, and my histamine response is out of control.  I took even more benadryl (it had been at least two hours since the previous dose.)

Serafina’s been aware of my discomfort, but trying to rest through my ordeal.  At this point I woke her up, asking if she had any Visine A/C eye drops in her purse.  It felt as though my eyes were swelling shut, and the burn was awful.  The time was 2am.

Needless to say, the next hour brought another trip to the shower, and the final desperate decision.  If I was getting sick, I needed to get home to a doc.  If the problem was allergies, I needed to leave the environment causing the problem.  There simply were no other alternatives to consider.  We packed, called for a baggage cart, and checked out.  I didn’t complain at the front desk at that point, I couldn’t bear the thought of spending even an extra minute or two there for the interaction.  I just wanted out!

I left Serafina with our luggage, fetched my truck, and began the three hour drive home.

By the time we made it to DeKalb, my sinuses were starting to clear.  The night driving was really killing my eyes, they were so sore and dry I was having difficulty focusing.  By the time we made it to Rock Falls, I had to step aside and let Serafina drive the rest of the way home.  That’s a pretty rare occurrence, exceedingly rare.  The last time it happened was Twisted Tryst, when my broken glasses3 didn’t allow me to drive home.  That’s the only other time I remember allowing myself to be a passenger in my own vehicle.

By the time we made it home, I’d watched the sunrise in a rear view mirror.  My skin was still blotchy, but the worst of the hives were gone.  My eyes only looked like I was stoned on cannabis, a huge improvement over the whole bleeding eye look.  And, I could breathe through my nose!


I know this is a long post, I’m at 2400 words and counting, so I’ll try not to make it too much longer . . . I posted at Fetlife today, a condensed version of the story, with a question for my fellow KK attendees.

Did anyone else attending KK have allergy problems due to their room environment?

My slave and I attended a past KK with no issues, but some kind of allergen in our room forced us to depart in the middle of the night before Sunday’s classes.

We didn’t spend Friday night in our room, so only discovered the problem as Saturday night progressed. My allergies were set off so badly Saturday night that no amount of anti-histamines would help me, my eyes were so red that we actually thought I’d contracted pink eye. My slave’s throat got so sore that she thought she was coming down with strep throat. I used every bit of allergy medication in my arsenal, but to no avail, as time progressed the symptoms just got worse and worse.

I started having difficulty breathing before 11pm, and managed to ride it out until 3am, when it was clear that none of my medicine was going to help. So, in desperation, we packed up and left.

A half hour after leaving the hotel (checking out at like 3:30 am) we noticed that the symptoms were lessening By the time we got to DeKalb on the road home, I could breathe again. When we arrived home, most of the redness and swelling was gone from my eyes too . . .

So, we know the problem was with allergens and not a bug . . .

In working to determine the root cause of our severe allergy attacks, we were wondering if any other KK attendees had similar experiences.

BTW – I do want to add that the Kinky Kollege portion of the experience was excellent. We very much enjoyed the classes we were able to attend Friday and Saturday. We want to come back again in the future, but need to work to find the allergen issues so we can avoid having the same problem again in the future.

I discovered that I’m not alone in my extreme discomfort, and that there is a solution.  I’d actually feared that I’d never again be able to attend a Kinky Kollege event.  But thanks to the wonderful Kinky Kollege Kommunity4 I discovered that the hotel does have some special hypo allergenic rooms.

So, I’m soaring from deep depression up to gloom5 today.  I missed out on 4 different classes I’d planned to attend.  I didn’t get to screw Serafina in public.  I didn’t get to midfuck her by laying a dozen condoms by her head and asking her if she was ready to take all cummers . . .

But I have a consolation.  At least I won’t be robbed of any future Kinky Kollege experiences because my body betrayed me and decided to go apeshit over an allergen.

Let the fall Kinky Kollege Kountdown begin!

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  1. Serafina’s name for fast food from McDonald’s
  2. A take on one of my favorite Yogi Berra quotes – “It’s déjà vu all over again.”
  3. I’d love to tell you that I broke my glasses in a wild play scene, but I simply took them off while packing and then set a tent on them – ooops!
  4. I just had to throw in the extra “k” – consider yourself lucky that you aren’t having to read about the Kinky Kabin Kountdown Kalendar too!
  5. it’s not really that bad – but I’ve always wanted to use that line!
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